We Bought EVERYTHING On Their Wedding Registry!

Michael Martin

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  1. Wow… nice job of patting yourself on the back… makes your 'gift' look like nothing more than the publicity stunt it is. You people are sick.

  2. I hate it when I get to a registry and there is not much left, your ruined so many guests lives now they need to get creative :p

  3. Our wedding is August 18th. Super excited…So far we have had about 5 gift bought on our Amazon Registry. I think one of the reasons is there are a few items that are little out of the "Needed for Newlywed life lol…Love your videos keep up the good work!

  4. You should somehow get Ryan Reynolds on your show to pretend he's you for the entire episode. You and Ryan Reynolds have such a similar voice, and look just similar enough that it would be kind of funny.

  5. Okay, so can you know buy everything on my baby registry? 😆
    Dont even worry I got one at buybuybaby and one at amazon so you can choose lol 😂 😉🙂

  6. That was the best ~ thanks for sharing ~ congrats to your friends and having friends that buy everything ! Goes to show you never know!!! Hello from Iowa ~

  7. I just love this sweet couple. Are they LDS? If so, what temple are they getting married in? Well, if they choose to get married in one, which one is it?

  8. Hi Dan, I recently became a new 6th grade special education teacher in Wisconsin. I have lots of things on my wish list you can can buy 😝 https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3O19ZVJOU6F6N?ref_=wl_share

  9. Lincoln isnt just a sick at home kid doing a project anymore… he’s a big man who probably has girls lined up for him

  10. What I've learnt from this video and Zack and Cambry's wedding gift video: become friends with Dan before I get married.

  11. Dont make a video with the bals (idk what the name is) a dutch YouTuber did a vid with them and they exploded he nearly got blind (idk if you want to risk that) (btw he did put them on a BBQ) the name of that Chanel is johnquote and the title of the vid is DE DAG DAT IK BIJNA DOOD GING!

  12. Hey man I’m not getting married, but can I send you the link to my amazon wish list and you buy me everything too? 😁

  13. Oh FFS … buying people stuff and then waiting for them to call and say thanks? What kind of video is this ?! Also … stop mentioning the money value of the stuff … it really degrades the entire intent. Be humble f…f…s! I face palmed myself through this entire video …

  14. In bogge balls it’s just water I threw one and somehow landed right on a barbed wire fence which was near and it Pericles it perfectly still have the ball today sitting in my shelf with a whole in 😂

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