Watch live: Trump participates in welcome ceremony for new defense secretary

Michael Martin

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  1. I m glad Trump is draining the swamp by installing a Raytheon lobbyist to lead the pentagon. I’m sure Eisenhower would see nothing wrong with this guy leading the military industrial complex

  2. I thought 2 a days practice for football was hard I cant imagine the training these guys do lol. I feel like id be puking from running so much if I tried to join

  3. In related news… Raytheon appoints Esper to CEO of American Defence. As head of the our Military Industrial Complex we are excited by the prospects of increased ordinance expenditures in branch operations throughout our global business.

    I.M. Chuting
    Emperor of the Board
    Raytheon Corp.

  4. 🇮🇱Who is Jeffrey Epstein?🇮🇱
    He is a recruiter for the Israel Mossad!
    His job is to corrupt politicians and use blackmail video tapes and pictures to benefit the Jewish state and Corporation in the United States when it comes to launching Wars especially in the Middle East and around the state of Israel!
    This has been done to so many United States politicians including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Lindsey  Graham, Chuck Schumer ,Todd Cruz, Marco Rubio, George Bush, Barbara Walter, Henry Kissinger, Bernie Sanders, Hollywood movie stars, billionaires and hundreds more! They are in every industry.
    (Over 63 women were killed or disappeared from planet Earth after they were in contact with Jeffrey Epstein!) Most of those girls being from Europe and poor third world countries!
    The Jewish Lobby has been using this tactic for the last 80 years in the United States, Washington and worldwide!!
    At least now when politicians come out and strongly support Israel you know exactly why!!!
    Such an evil and dangerous minds! The Zionist people continue the injustice to our Humanity!
    Now you know who sends your kids to wars and killed them!!
    Now you know when corrupt politicians say we love Israel it means they have been recruited by the Israel Mossad and Jeffrey Epstein!!
    Those who are recruited are forced to do whatever they tell them to do or they’ll END UP in the sex scandal box, exposing them to the public and they always end up in jail!!
    In addition to the information above,
    This scam includes 1764 politician worldwide from 60 countries. Most of those politicians got recruited when they visited the United Nation headquarters in New York City!!.
    ( Reminder ) John F Kennedy got killed after he exposed the Israel a nuclear program in the 60s!!.

  5. without the gays in the military we would never get to see that kind of cute little dance routine, remember that.

  6. Donald Trump receives DEAR KING letters from dentists like dr Hazzouri🤬he sends them to the veterans Affairs department for our healthcare 😡😡😡😡

  7. When you accept a job, with this Administration, at this late date, with all that has happened, firings and what not, you must have a small amount of trepidation in your thoughts. Something to write about later I guess.

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