Warsaw Christmas Lights 2019/2020 (opening ceremony)

Hello guys! So this is winter in Warsaw. There is no snow but you don’t need any snow to have fun. Every year, around 6th of December, you should take a walk along Krakowskie Przedmieście. Today City is going to turn on Christmas lights. You know what! There’s 100 Santa clauses
behind me! Look at this. Okay so the orchestra of Santa Clauses
is preparing to March Ok, so, there are young Santa Clauses… but behind them there are real Santa Clauses! You thought there is only one? No, there’s plenty of them! I want to have a picture with Santa Claus! And there, there’s choir! They are going to sing! These people love reading books. They
are crazy about books. You know what, I think I’m getting older
because I want to cry when I see something like this. It’s a fireplace! So cool! I want to sit there! I want to be a small kid I want to be a baby again… Okay, now I will show you a place with a
cool view of Warsaw. Right now we are on the bell tower of St. Anne’s church. You should get here and see the beautiful view of Warsaw. So you are asking where is the center of
Warsaw, where is Krakowskie Przedmieście. There! Are you ready for Christmas fair? Let’s
check it out Where are you from? I’m from Romania. From Romania also. This is your first time in Warsaw? This is my second time. My first time. How do you like Warsaw during the
Christmas time? It’s really nice nice. Very beautiful. It’s cold, colder than Romania. Really? Because for us right now it’s very warm. Have good holidays, Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! This is the heart of the Old Town, the
Old Town Market Square. Look at this! Where are you from? Well I’m from Portugal and I’m here
studying medicine. And I’m also having my Christmas vacations and I’m
just enjoying the Christmas in Warsaw. okay and you’re going to stay here for Christmas time? Yes. How do you feel here in Warsaw? Amazing, it’s really amazing. It’s very cold! But right now it’s quite warm actually 🙂 We heard that too, we are from Portugal so there’s much more heat there. And how do you like the lights? It’s pretty beautiful. Thank you so much! Enjoy your stay! Where are you from? I’m from Japan, Tokyo. how do you like these Christmas lights? This is wonderful. They look like traditional projection mapping on the wall, it’s pretty fantastic. Did you eat some Polish food? Yeah. What did you eat? I forget the name what was that? The Pierogi! And did you like them? Well, for me… You don’t have to say “yes”, we will understand 😉 It’s same kind of food we have in China and Japan So have a good
time, it’s quite warm right now 🙂 yes that’s right, the weather is pretty good. We are pretty happy. Where are you from? I’m from Mexico, Mexico City. What are your plans for tonight? For tonight maybe just stay a bit longer here. About two hours more. Did you ice skate? No, because I’m poor at skating 🙂 so it’s not the best option maybe just keep eating, which I love. I love Polish cuisine. Ok, so what do you like? I really don’t know the names because… it’s very very difficult to pronunciate 🙂 Bu I like all the food. How do you like the Christmas lights? yeah I think it’s very colourful, a lot of light. I think it’s very well designed. So I’m enjoying the city and this atmosphere. Have a good night and evening! Bye, thank you! So this is Christmas… so this is a new
town, so new and so modern. But actually, this is my favorite part of old town and
it’s much more quiet. So look at this. This is Multimedia Fountain Park.
In winter it looks much different than during the summertime but still you can
take a walk around here or just go for a date. It’s like from a romantic movie. Where is Tom Hanks? oh I love the show, I love all all
Christmas songs I heard today. Dancing Santa Clauses, the lights. I’m very happy
after this afternoon. I wish you have the same feelings and the same experience during the winter in Warsaw.

Michael Martin

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