Warner Brothers – Endless Events Case Study

– Today we are in New York City in lower Manhattan, SoHo, producing an event with Warner Brothers called the Get Animated Invasion. Get animated, well I’ll get animated. – The Get Animated Invasion
Popup is a celebration of all things Looney Toons, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Flintstones,
Jetsons, and all our favorite childhood cartoon characters, and we have brought
their worlds to life here at this popup, where you
can really immerse yourself and feel what it’s like to kind of be inside a cartoon. – Endless was recommended to us by a few different people. Our producer, who we love and trust, was like, “You have to work with Endless,” and so naturally, we went
with her recommendation and it has been a beautiful partnership. – Yeah, Endless has
been an amazing partner. I think that it was
really great to see how our sketches and our paintings and things like that really came to life with Endless’ support. – It’s really hard when
you’re working in productions to find a partner that
says yes to everything, but also gives you a
really, really professional point of view on everything,
that wants to make everything better, instead of just exactly what was agreed upon, you know. There was the above and beyond factor like I have never seen before, and that was really, really helpful. – I think the reason why
Andrew and David have done so well taking care of the clients is that they’ve always found a way to say yes and make it happen, but
also at the same time, challenge our clients to do things better, and bigger, and more
precisely, and you know, more accurately, and more beautifully, and so it allows basically
the best possible event. – Our press is blowing up,
our attendees are maxed out, our tickets are all sold out, so yeah, of course I’d recommend Endless, because it’s magical. – They really made this place pop. I think we built a cool space, and then when we put in the light and sound, it really brought it all to life. We’ll be working with Endless
quite a bit in the future, and this was a huge success. – Woo, all right. We’re out of here. Thank you, everybody, Warner Brothers, Get Animated Invasion, Endless out.

Michael Martin

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