War On Boys: saving life of a boy

hi guys, as the boy suicide rate is
rapidly increasing worldwide the governments around the world are
determined not to help the boys to find their place in this world. The opposite is
happening – public education system is more and more tuned to serve the needs
of the girls and to put boys down The public education system employs more and more of feminists who are increasingly hostile to boys, those feminists hate men
and they are too weak and too stupid to fight men openly, therefore they spit the
anger on children, on boys How to destroy boys motivation? How to kill a boy’s natural curiosity and his hunger for knowledge? How to take away boys will to live? The public education system uses multiple tools to achieve this. But the worst of those tools are the lies, the indoctrination and false stories, which
have been pushed into young minds every day. Those lies are slowly but surely
poisoning the minds of millions of boys. Those false narratives slowly destroy
boys motivation to find the meaning of his life and push him to the edge of suicide. Especially the narrative “men are bad, women are good” repeated every day by advertisements, by mass media, by films, by teachers, even by single mothers – poison the minds of young boys especially those who lost their father. On strong father can protect the boy against this feminist madness, but those same feminists made sure that majority of the boys in the Western society are deprived
of their father Majority of women influenced by feminists and encouraged
by government, initiated divorce, push fathers out of the family and abuse
their sons by not letting them communicate with their fathers. In many cases those single mothers lie about the divorce and repeat a twisted feminist
narrative “father is bad mother is good” to poison boy’s mind even more until
the pain for such a boy becomes unbearable and he decides to end it all. Men have always been disposable sex, for thousands of years they were killed by millions during the wars, during the fight for
survival, during the conquering of the cruel world nature. The man went to die, because of their love to their children and wives, because of the understanding,
that they were giving their lives for something which was bigger than
themselves. The men had always been the backbone of any society and a tribe, the men had always been content to serve the people, while accepting a small
payment of respect and honour for what they did for their children and for their tribe. This had changed after modern men decided to make women equal, after men had decided to share the responsibility of protecting their tribe, their country. Feminists had betrayed the society by corrupting many female minds. They have taken away the only currency the society had paid men, so the men lost their interest in defending the society, so the boys lost their will to defend the
civilization with their lives, with their honor. More and more men wake up to see
this betrayal and they choose to go away from corrupt females and the society,
leaving them to their own devices, to their own meaningless existence. As we see now, the majority of those corrupted females are becoming depressed, they are getting angry about their own lies exposing their own misery. As men are joining the MGTOW mindset, the feminists double down on attacking boys. The children were the last protected social group, which men thought, would
never be touched, would never be mocked and humiliated, would never be attacked
by their own tribe. But men have miscalculated by large. The dirty secret, never revealed to the public, is that females only love their own children and
they have an in-group preference, meaning, they do not hate girls or other females. The boys had never been protected by neither other females, nor males. Boys had never had any other protection except for protection of the strong
father and the love of their mother. Fatherless boys throughout the history
were constantly sacrificed for the good of their tribe, as the love of their
mothers could not save them from being sacrificed. In many cases the boys were
killed by their own mother who went to service of the new leader. The men have forgotten about the sad fate of their boys. They were wiped clean of their guns
to protect their own children. This is why men’s suicide rate is skyrocketing and this is why so many boys die the same way as their lost fathers. Is there a way to save the boys? Is there any chance to fight feminists and other social Marxists who do not bother to run experiments on society, which was created by the blood of our fathers? I believe, there is a chance to save the boys. I believe there is a way to show the path for the boys to become even stronger and even more resilient against those stupid idiots, who now hold the power, which they
received through deception and lies. This channel is devoted to saving lives of
the boys, by returning the motivation to live. If the life of one boy is saved by
this channel I will consider my life meaningful.

Michael Martin

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  1. Hi, good people, I have set up this channel to help boys survive their adolescence. I myself am not a native English speaker, so a bit of ashamed to hear my voice with an accent and with those spelling mistakes I can not edit out 🙂 I am looking for some younger and more confident voice, who could read motivational texts for this channel (plan some 50 texts of ~5 minutes each). If interested, drop a line to voice4boys(a)gmail to negotiate. Thx!

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