it’s the night time and we’re on our-
Luna can you please be quiet for a second all right
we’re on our way to meet up with Sumi we’re going to see Sumi right yeah we’re
going to see Sumi right now it’s night time it’s after 10 p.m.
we’re going with Sumi to his house to spend the night with his family because
tomorrow morning we’re going to Besakih temple it’s really late we’re gonna stay at
Sumi and Putu’s house because they live much closer to the temple and look these are
their wedding photos that I found that’s Sumi and there’s Putu – how great did they like look
in their Balinese wedding garb yeah you’re killer at play-doh breakfast oh you’re
gonna sit there and have your pan playing play-doh Balinese coffee Chapin
style are you excited Luna we’re going to the
Besakih temple today Putu lent us both clothing from her daughter Claudia and
for me this beautiful ceremony – we’re getting a photo taken ah-ha you guys look great look at you you you guys look
amazing okay so today is the day that we’re
going to Besakih Temple with Sumi and it’s wife Putu and these two back here
Claudia and Luna Tuna of course so what temple are we going to first
first we are going to Batur temple for Mt. Batur – and it’s the temple to – for Vishnu Vishnu yeah then after we’re going to Besakih
temple to the mother temple one of the biggest temple that we have Bali
and that one is to Shiva Shiva and so when they saw the god the Hindu god that what do you call get united yeah the united becomes Shiva being
attacked by a monkey while interviewing wait what’s the word from monkey again
Mono? Monien – it’s mono in Spanish or you can call Kra ha Kra that’s
like crazy monkey that’s good so what is the festival you said to me before that it’s
like only happens every five years yeah we call Pancha Wali Krama Pancha means five
Wali means ritual and Krama means people so this is to make it how to have
harmony between the people with people and with people with the nature and then
people with the God how come it only happens every five years because they
are based on the this is based on the Balinese calendar so they already
returned was returned by our priest long long time ago we as a generation we just keep continuing what he have right now here Are you excited yeah here we go first
Temple Mount Batur Batur temple to Vishnu but what’s in
the offering food flower and the rice also did you make it yesterday yeah last night last
night yup Mommy and Luna the dream team so we’re inside the temple now and okay that’s it we did it we both got
blessed with holy water now we’re on our way out and we’re going
to the second temple we also got our bracelets for good luck so you
get one once a year you wear it until it falls off and we’ll be putting them on
in the car most likely with these little terrors there it is Mt.Batur we’ve been driving for about an
hour and now we’re about to go into the Besakih temple which is the mother temple
it’s the first temple that they built when Hinduism first came to Bali in the
ninth century and it’s the big deal one and it’s a temple dedicated to Shiva and
Luna’s sleeping and Claudia is sleeping we’re in fine form also
a total madhouse here like everybody’s here this celebration goes on for one
month and it’s packed every day every day – insane we’re here and it’s a madhouse like a
madhouse Sumi – where’s Sumi Sumi’s in front of us look how
beautiful it is though right right I never met a better combination than
long sleeve lace and tropical heat man it’s a lot it’s really hot out here
we’re walking up a lot of stairs but worth it just like a tight throng of people
like like a football a final or Super Bowl or something or when you go to the
Ex something where there’s a lot of people and it’s hella tightt somehow we
made it these guys are doing the heavy work
though getting offerings and stuff together we’re just here to support and learn that’s the big offering Wow Putu how long did it take uh last night very long how long maybe one hour to put this together yeah I put
together this quick only the process very long yeah cooking everything took her
more than an hour too but that was just that one together last night
third one that we put out today the dedication to God and gratitude and the
earth is just I’m like tearing up how much work people put into it here hey we’re at the restaurant LA everybody
is a very ready to eat that’s how she stopped crying she touched her bat are you
touching bats buddy – no yeah okay so that’s the end of our video
we are back at Sumi and Putu’s house we have all changed
there’s Luna in the background Claudia I think is coming yeah changed Putu – is
still wearing her dress from the this from the ceremony but Sumi has
changed too and these guys are gonna drop me off in Ubud before they go and
visit Putu’s parents and that’s it man we had a blast it took a lot out of
everybody I think these guys the most because they they were up the night
before like just making Putu – especially making so much stuff and you
know I just this is such an absolutely incredible incredible island and an
incredible culture here and I just really hope that it’s preserved because
you know when I think about what Canggu was like when I lived here in 2013 just
rice fields and what it’s like now like a mini hipster Australia you know I get
scared that this place is going to be erased by us by tourists
and we are just so happy right Luna that yes we’re so happy that these guys
invited us and we got to you know see a little bit about how they kick it here
that was like super bowl insane like crowds and it what Sumi told me it
wasn’t even that busy I can’t even imagine what it’s like on a Sunday there
but anyway we’re back and thank you guys so much for helping me make this video
and inviting us

Michael Martin

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