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hi adrian solomon here ted talked a
little bit about a breakthrough that i’ve been having so i have been an event planner for a
long time but my own company for about a year but i have been only doing local events
it seems and everything consider doing anything
outside of my uh… local area because most of the event site works on from inception through execution however i had decided about six months ago that
i was working on aid uh… lower-cost item to have a lot of
people who want to you like my services they can’t afford it so i was working on
a products that i could market to that because i do want to be able to help more people however when working through this and try and figure
out how to market my new products i realized that my reach can be a lot bigger uh… i can market my services worldwide i have a
lot of experience doing international events.
I can be your virtual event planner
doing virtual event planning the market that i’m and doesn’t really warrant someone to do that at the world dies and so utilizing internet and video and building relationships in this
manner i’d feel like i really have ability and opportunity to become it worldwide event planner hopefully world’s known virtual
event planner by low but i do and pretty good at what
i do so why not share with the entire world
and not just my small little corner of the world’s so i’m working on this now not quite
sure how i’m going to get their but i’m loving the journey.
aspiring to be the world’s best virtual event planner and virtual wedding planner
doing virtual event planning and virtual wedding planning have a great day i’m a little side note it is much easier
to have breakthroughs when u appreciate things uh… the big bangs of course but
appreciate the little things and i was sitting here appreciating that my bruises are missing rose bushes here match my scarf and i’d love it and that just so i just wanted to share
my backyard this is the view that i get to have when i’m sitting on my porch or even
from uh… my dining room table where i work
a lot so that i have the cm and i hope you are enjoying things today and
appreciating your life
virtual event planning virtual event planner
virtual wedding planning virtual wedding planner

Michael Martin

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