Virgo – June Mid Month “Love & Relationships”

Dober go grab a mic here gonna play some tarot cards with you today thank you for tuning in one more time I appreciate your time also appreciate you reaching out touching that like button while you're thinking about it and write on that of the size that all subscribe button thanks for mashing those for me appreciate it definitely I want to give a shout out and gret gratitude for all my virgos at a blessed me with donations I appreciate them all large and small thank you my friends for it if you have blessed me with a donation thank you and of course all my burgers that reach out to me for private readings so I always a blessing to get to know you on a more personal level thank you for all of that my friends a couple of announcements real quick next Sunday Funday is gonna be June 23rd 5 p.m. Eastern Time thank you for all your support with that as well come and join us so replacement cars live and while I'm talking about Sunday Funday putting together a meet-and-greet in Daytona Beach this is where I live that 802 Beach area meet and greet we're looking at September 8th that's a Sunday and we will have a live broadcast and a little finger food a little wine a little champagne and all that good stuff gonna give you more information about that I just want to let you know that things are coming together for all that right now and you know plan on impending if you can all right let's play some cards these readings will be for Virgo Sun moon rising Venus for the month of June 2019 mid month as we head into July these readings will be for loving relationships relationships of all kinds homework family all that good stuff right there I myself I may be focusing on well I love to read we all know there's no way this is gonna be for every burger on the planet huh so if this general reading resonates with you run with it and have fun with it and if it doesn't have fun throwing it out come across watches I love you guys you know you're welcome here when a reminder even though I'd be saying Virgo a lot this could very well play out from your perspective probably will its source they have a way of putting these videos together for who's ever looking at them huh let's fire up all our intuition psychic abilities all that fun stuff because they can play out by subversive everything else as we play with this fun as a Turk world of Carol today virgo been chopping your cards here for a minute let's go with this right here there we go man the other ready to talk I'm gonna turn in a tear I love teen virgos here to play with us today let's tell them what they need to know most for the highest good I want to thank you for clarity and accuracy on my part I may see help me speak what I need how virgos seeing hear what they need out of this reading today let's take all these amazing pictures put together a nice clear accurate story for virgos highest good thank you so very much of that love team I cannot do this without you I appreciate you my guides here we go over go cutting the deck Virgo first card out right here is three of cups now we're gonna go with the books three of cups talks about happy happy joy joy bliss shows these three young ladies all with their cups raised to the divine celebrating life they're on this level of cornucopia with at Algoma not a that's the deck I'm playing with that's cornucopia level right here and stairwell going up raising their vibration coming up to another load of cornucopia right up here three of cups can definitely talk about a reunion hmm three of cups can also talk about meeting new and exciting people being invited to social events and everything else and we all know that this is a three let's see where this goes right here frost over by the moon card yeah mm-hmm Matt oh three right there and talk very much about the old third party situation but we'll see where the spread goes let's keep her vibration high no matter what huh at the moon card crossing over top of it this is a major arcana this is Pisces you can talk of with me about cancer as well it'll Smoak and Meers card right here fog on the road you know talks about following somebody or something that's intriguing to you many times down that old smoke-filled trail right there you know why would we go down that trail well because on the town loominatee on the flip side of the Moon the sun's shining over there maybe my virgos may have gone down the smoky road for a minute right here and found that there's three cups maybe some parties that you haven't been invited to mmm let's see where this goes and once again this is a lot of water here coming out here for my burgos cancer pisces scorpio sun moon rising with three of cups that covered over by the moon now we got a night of pinnacles at the base of the spread still it can talk it was about a reunion for many of you like I said that old smoky road right there why would we go down that road because the sun shining on the other side of the moon you know the moon also talks about the cycles of the moon we're definitely coming up in a that full moon of Sagittarius is coming up soon and very soon and also we're definitely heading into Eclipse season next month and feel the energies of those already those can eclipse people in and out of our lives very fast it's an interesting opening right here and why I went that way is because at the base of the spread I have my knight of Pentacles this is earth energy Capricorn Taurus Virgo Sun Moon rising it can very well talk about Virgo being on this very long journey with somebody right here hmm yeah my own knight of Pentacles he is the only night that crosses the finish line none of the other Knights cross the finish line the old knight of Wands he don't cross the finish line Knight of swords they don't cross no finish line and the old the old lover Knight of cups he don't cross the finish line but this guy he crosses the finish line that's why he's got gold and everything all over his horse because he's steadily moving towards what he wants to manifest one step at a time even if it is down that old smoke they'll trail right there let's see where this threads going many of my Burgos been on a journey for a minute right here maybe some kind of reunion with somebody let's see where the spreads going there it is right there recent recent past is nine of Pentacles I'm loving it for you over go this is my independent self-assured confident businessperson right here lover man knight of Pentacles it's Minor Arcana empress energy to me she knows her worth high-flying vibration right here yeah maybe you've met some new people right here with three of cups huh not sure where it's gonna go but take them one step at a time going down that road my old independent self-assured confident businessperson this is a she's a falconeer that's why she has a falcon huh not everybody on the planet to Falcon but those that do they come to her for her Falcons her giftings her talents they lay out these beautiful golden coins they go back to her beautiful house right there in her beautiful garden with her beautiful Sookie this is somebody that's generally single because they choose to be single hmm yeah it choose to be single because well they're waiting on something special and they heading down a road right here heading down a road right here maybe they've been following somebody that's intriguing to them and possibly leaving to some kind of reunion right here because this is somebody that's their single because they choose to be there waiting on somebody special somebody that flies at a high vibration like they do let's see where this goes Virgo I like it for you so far crowning the spread two of Wands the old crossroads here you know it shows my spice merchants right there he's sent his ships out to sea you know those are gonna come back to him and when they come back they're gonna be filled up with all kinds of spices and good stuff that's gonna change his life forever staring at his world right here it's a new world for him I see it right here maybe some new people and everything else is coming in for my virgos could be after this full moon in Sagittarius here two of Wands I'm seeing it you know coming behind this knight of Pentacles this is somebody that's looking at a brand new world brand new world out in front of them huh setting their intentions about what they want to manifest they want to manifest a brand new world that worlds up on top of that one right there this is fire energy Aries Leo Sagittarius Sun moon rising but you may be out of crossroads about the decision you know with the moon card right there little indecision you know three of cups this is interesting right here – a wands crowning you it's crowning you're spread right there sent your ships out to sea you expecting them to come back knowing they're not gonna come back tomorrow but when they do it's gonna change your world forever this is a Virgo I'm looking at right here it's heading into a whole new world maybe new people new new places new things going on taking it one step at a time maybe you met somebody that's intriguing to you right here seven of wands coming out more fire energy you know this is my heroes car this is somebody's chosen to do what's best for them chosen the path that they're going to go down hmm they've chosen the road they're going down they don't care who likes it who don't like it one thing's for sure there's a new sheriff in town with Virgo anymore my readings for virile lately have been very interesting about them you know pulling out all these swords out just Clearinghouse lately and this is that new sheriff in town right here setting up boundaries doing what's best for you healthy selfishness all of that energy right here with the seven of wands seven of wands fire energy Aries Leo Sagittarius four of Wands showing up right here a lot of my spreads recently talked that many of my virgos may have moved this is for blondes it's definitely the card of home and hearth maybe my virgos right here have met that old for blondes this is the 11:11 card huh shows the loving couple celebrating life with the four wands of passion around them those old Garland's up above them singing and dancing enjoying life huh it's about you know the Spy's not the day of small beginnings this is that card of setting your intentions about what you want to manifest choosing the path that you're going to go down right there huh let you know letting something you know then it's a little smoky trail right here I don't see a whole hell of a lot of red flags though definitely got that old for blondes and this can be a smoky trail to go down how many of you know that I love this for you right here many of my virgos may have met somebody very very special you know these these relationships can take a minute to come together can't they mm-hmm three ones right our three cups some kind of reunion I love it I mean you know you're worth nine of Pentacles right there you've set your intentions about what you wanted to go what you want to manifest believe them for your ships to come in and gonna be doing what's best for you any of you just maybe celebrating life a little bit at this particular point in time on this journey that you've been on here definitely know your worth of nine of Pentacles look at this more Pentacles in the house right here three of Pentacles showing up this is the books talk about this is uh working on a foundation of something that's important to you as somebody else this is interesting right here it's pinnacles working on a new foundation of something that's important to you with somebody else two of Wands setting your intentions about where you wanted to go what do you want to do you want to manifest form one's home and hearth stability and waiting for somebody very very special setting your intentions and going down the path that's working best for you on the slow journey right here the three of pinnacles it is the second three that have showed up right here but you can talk about you know that the block because you know many times two of Wands there's that little block right there um you know you may have met somebody or had a reunion with somebody but yeah I got threes here I got two threes out of just a handful of cards so and the moon card so could be somebody that's blocking this situation for you right here and all of that let's see what the spread goes but you know you've set your intentions on what you wanted to manifest right here and that's how we manifest what we want we have no ace of Pentacles when I talk about no quitting sense coming out here in the hopes position right here and another pinnacle you know my knight of Pentacles and the three of Pentacles an ace showing up and this is well for me it's the first pinnacle in the Tana pinnacles you know the quintessential universal dream the little white picket fence and the big pink house the loving couple baby's bliss money in the bank all of that yeah there's been some seeds that have been sown here it's the same pinnacle that's in that Knights hand right there definitely been some seed sown right here from a virgos seeds that have taken root and Virgo just loving life and enjoying themselves raising their vibration on the stairwell going up to another level of cornucopia right here ya know moving forward one step at a time the only problem with the Saints of coins is you know it's good of taking a hell of a long time for this to begin to manifest right it could be because well damn it there's somebody else in the picture right here but you know I do see with the two of Wands right here somebody is letting go another one right there you know there let night go they're focused on their world what they want to manifest to all Virgo somebody's letting something go right let's see what the outcome is here oh it's the lover if the lover coming prancing in this is my knight of cups huh this is the one that makes a heart go boom Diddy boom Diddy boom boom boom there is right there coming prancing into virgos world huh mmm love him the old knight in shining armor right there comes prancing in on his white steed hmm has his cup in his hand i Virgo here's my cup right there can be that little non-committal energy but it is definitely a love card for one's Virgo being nine of Pentacles manifesting high vibration world wanting to work on a foundation of something that's important to them ace of pinnacles seeds have been sown they've taken root here on this very long journey heading towards four of Wands you know despise not the day of small beginnings because the Taj Mahal is behind those people right there and the sun is shining on their head yeah you know so I see this lover right here this is non-committal energy we don't know that but it is romance and it is love yeah and then somebody letting go of that other wand you know something's happening here Virgo something's happening man something good let's see what's on the bottom of the deck three wands this is Virgo using law of attraction to the best of their ability to get these ships to dock up going from the two of Wands to the 3 of Wands can anybody see it here's four of Wands right here all let it begin let it begin that's what three of Wands is about you know it's like card of Law of Attraction for me using it to the best of your ability to get to school and coin to manifest for you and here comes that lover come prancing in you know why because you're flying at a very high vibration right here Virgo but let's continue to play the game for you to win seven of wands right there huh such a boundaries up you know if you want a commitment from this person yeah I don't know let them know let's see where we go around here three wands definitely talks with me about putting all of your heart soul and strength into a situation to get your ships to dock up right there and you know we can't use law of attraction without the divine being involved in it so this tells me that all your ancestors are with you in this situations for Wands right here all the divine is here working with you my Virgo friends this is resonating with you your angelic host all of that helping you to get your ships to dock up right here here the calm man prancing in right here you know that's an outcome so probably more towards the end of the month as we going to July right here and and and what are we manifesting right here I'm happy for you there it is there's that ten of Pentacles right here I love your thought process you know man these seeds have been sown these seeds have been sown right here and Virgo has worked on themselves right here huh all that high vibrational work right there tender Pentacles coming out there it is on the quintessential universal dream the little white picket fence huh using law of attraction to manifest this into your life right here here they come here they come Joey man these unions are they're coming together peeps you know it's true many have you been on that old smoky road right there and this thing may really begin to break after this Sagittarius full moon because these seeds have been sown ten of Pentacles I'm happy six of Pentacles coming out after that huh reciprocity equal give-and-take lord have mercy yes so get any happier than that huh one step at a time she's law of attraction around here let's see this lover coming in the way that you want them to come in huh if you want a commitment out of this person right here I see a reunion possibly after the full moon right here I'm attorney for many of my virgos that they've been on for a while with this knight of Wands and that ace like this knight of Pentacles in this ace of Pentacles but virgo has been focused on themselves loving themselves right here setting their intentions about what they want to manifest setting their boundaries up in life because they know where they're going they want to work on a foundation of something that's important to them with somebody else right here three of Pentacles and here comes the lover come prancing and that's because my virgos been using law of attraction to the best of their ability to manifest home and hearth ten of Pentacles with equal give and take reciprocity oh it has begun my friends right here absolutely has begun this is a very nice spread my friends if you've been believing for this it's floating down right out of the heavenlies right on my table right here if this is this is your dream that you've been manifesting I see it manifesting straight out of the 5b into the 3d right here on my table Virgo right here using law of attraction there's your lover right there however go here's my cup I see it man continuing to work at the situation because you're going to manifest your tender Pentacles right there because who sees them in stone and not just you ten of Pentacles but equal reciprocity equal give-and-take seven of wands because you're gonna set up your boundaries with this person right here I'm loving this man this is manifestation but you are Virgo you are the magician love cards on this for Virgo please thank you love team appreciate it love cards for Virgo attraction lovetraction right here using it to the best of your ability attraction definitely talks about not focusing on the past you know and definitely talks about not focusing too much on the future not be like well source it means to come together like ABCD efg no no if you're in one of these relationships right here this is this is higher slopes job to put this together there the manifest or huh you're the dreamer you see it the way you wanted to be they give us what we think feel and believe you know it's right here ace pinnacles from resume with you know that this is the one right here you know that it is for wands ace of pinnacles and attraction says be in the moment be in the now huh smell the roses enjoy live don't don't don't put the pressure on it certainly looks like it's unfolding the way that you wanted to unfold more please for Virgo some nice spread Virgo wow we got that old misprint card right here huh this could be the one you've already met the romantic partner that you seek three of cups in the middle of the spread could be a reunion could be somebody knew three of cups you know can talk about new and exciting people and all of that so this could be the one you've already met the romantic partner that you see come how could that be this could be the one you've already met them when you see what no this is the one you've already met the romantic partner that you seek for many of you right here hmm one more I'm loving it man these are nice cards for your Virgo it's all coming together forgiving and learning the old moon card right in the middle of this spread forgiving and learning as you release and heal the past you experience more love in the present moment attraction be in the now don't be pulling those old low vibrations into now let them be there if you're gonna reach back with an old memory cuz that's all they are it's vibration anyway right let's bring high vibration into our world those sweet sweet memories huh yeah bring it in man ground it in from the 5d into the 3d right here be in the moment be in the now we'll go with this this could be the one you've already met the romantic partner that you see this Virgo right here that it's the Pentacles they know who this lover is right here this is love romance love all of that right there however go here's my cup its water energy cancer Pisces scorpio sun moon rising we see the majors that I have on the spread are just Pisces cancer is that the only major that we have is the moon card right there and that interesting huh and outcome right here is my knight of cups can surprise two Scorpios sunrise and got pinnacles all over ten of pinnacles six of pinnacles nine of pinnacles this is Virgo manifesting what you want this is a powerful spread man using law of attraction 3 of Wands you know who you want you've set your intentions with two of Wands right there and lots of forgiving and learning huh powerful stuff man powerful powerful stuff you know these four ones right here these are these are generally past life levers lots of karma to clear with them lots of karma to clear looks to me like Burgos doing that right here happy for you Berger let's do a major on this from Virgo please love team thank you very much this is very amazing spread these are this is Virgo manifesting for blondes it has begun my friend to won three awards for Wands right here man it's a beautiful story all right major major for Virgo please judgment judgment came out Virgo love and it's about second chances third chances phoenix from the ashes forgiving and learning this could be the one hmm attraction being the now being the moment seeing yourself you know as a golden angelic being manifesting what you want how phoenix from the ashes right here this card judgment always says to me realize the fact on that you're creating that what you think feeling believe it's right here well yeah what do you believe before the golden coin and thank you Mike on the ring the house the whole thing is right here house begun Virgo it has begun bottom of the deck is temperance showing up imagine that huh yeah you know this is Gabriel flying around blowing the horn causing somebody to have an awakened in all the old lover right there and this is Temperance this is Michael flying around man you know he works with these divine relationships up here alchemy the blending of fire and water all that wonderful stuff it's about being a meditative being in the now right their attraction seeing things the way you want them to be letting higher self put this together for you right here cuz you're the dreamer they're the doer right here who talks about all the cooperative components coming together for you being at the right place at the right time seeing things the way that you want them to be it is that card of patience definitely talks you know I'm 95 percent manifested right here a little bit a little bit it's absolutely beautiful looks to me like somebody's gonna be dancing in the Sun here soon and very soon my friend loved it Virgo hope you got something out of this beautiful spread almost a loving life my friends talk to you soon

Michael Martin

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  1. Wow, your on Mike!! You certainly know your Virgo's!! Lol 😂😂 Stumping out a jealous evil force, flying High my friend!! Hi Virgo, Here's my cup 💕😂 whoooo!😥😍

  2. Hi Mike, luv your readings. Straight to the point. Yip, been manifesting for a while now, know there's something big coming in. Arms are open to receiving. Thank you, so much love & blessing sent to you xx🙏🙏🙏💞💞💞

  3. *Hi Mike * I absolutely love your readings. You make me chuckle and lift my spirits. You are unique! 😉 IBeen on this LONG journey for 6 years. A lot of my top readers are saying the same, just when we were about to give up. I sincerely hope ArchAngel Michael is bringing in our manifestation of reunion as i know i have worked incredibly hard on this TF soul journey whilst in separation. I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life and i am not young.Created my healthy boundaries. I'm an intuitive and whilst growing and becoming the "Falcon lady" i have been praying & manifesting for my DM to ascend x

  4. Thanks Mike interesting. Fire energy keeps following me for some reason. Ex was Aries. Open to meeting someone new. I saw someone today I liked there was a bit of chemistry hope he comes back,?

  5. Winner Winner Chicken 🐔 Dinner!❤❤❤ love you !! Yep, Saggie best friend closest person too me for 45 years yes I'm manifesting a different kind of relationship I'm imagining it and the universe will make it happen. Putting my order in ❤ like an order of fries covered in sugar. Sweet memories since we were 8 years old😊

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