Virat Kohli Post Match Press Conference After New Zealand beat India by 18 runs to enter final #CWC

Michael Martin

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  1. It's always weired to see Indian media, critics saying the things could have been different if dhoni comes at 4, why 3 wk, and virat saying that format of game should be changed as in ipl. Excuses and excuses only. World cup is won by the host country due to pitch since 2011 World cup.

  2. No worries…it just matter of badluck in the start of our inning and later on dhoni and jadeja tried best but we have showed throughout the tournament why we are best 🙂
    Well a bit thing we all hoping that pant and hardiya should take responsibility as well because both are good player!

  3. This Captain Virat Kohli can never get us World cup .. even in other lifetime ..he got 1000 crores just by doing adds ..he is minting his money. .nd in arrogance he is not capable to accept his flaws and Wrong decisions !!!!! SHAME 🇮🇳

  4. No one can be bigger than Team ..Virat Kohli has an arrogance problem's high time ..Captain should be changed .. Remove this idiotic Captain. . 😠😠😠😠

  5. Shastri seems to have told tjd team that just a mere 45 minutes changed the game but India is still the best team. Thats pulling the wool over ones eyes. The best team is that team on that day and who wins the cup. Very graciously accecpted by kholi

  6. Kohli is not a big knock out match player..specially chasing. I expected a good score in must needed game. In CT17 final..he was out twice in two consecutive balls. Very disappointment from a no1 player. He cant handle pressure.

  7. We need Rohit Sharma as new Captain …Virat is not a Good Captain. …he cannot be. He is just ganging up with Shastri nd bcci Bakchod team to out Good players like Raidu , Manish pandey

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