Vince Wedlock-Ward MBE visits Solent University

my career has started off in from electrician to building construction manager to later in life giving a qualified qualification degree qualifications to MCI OB which I'm really proud of my career spanned over the decades from all the reconstruction to renewables which is my passion so I'm really interested in helping people use their homes and be rid of fuel poverty and living at home that sort of fit for purpose came to Solon today to talk to the construction management students about sustainability in the built environment I think it's important that they understand that during their studies there are things they can do where they're gonna make a change so I wanted to talk about fuel poverty which is very close to my heart and there's because people 10% of their salary just to heat their houses you know so it's just something that it can make a difference so if I can put over some of the knowledge I've gained over the years of retrofitting the retrofitting is one of the biggest jobs are gonna have we can all new houses are quite easy but when you have to read furbish of property groups heating ventilation and insulation and so I'm glad that I can impart some knowledge I've gained over the years with students I was awarded at MBE in 2012 I was really proud of that something I didn't expect again and it was just I fought for doing my job my job was to retrofit and look into possibilities of helping people out fuel poverty fuel poverty is 10 percent of the person's income it's been over ten percent spent on just heating a house and you would be surprised the amount of people who can't do that can't afford them and I figured our role to help people just live in their property yep they keep their properties affordably and live in a decent thermal comfort so went in 2012 as a warden embe I was really surprised and really proud of getting that knowing that maybe I've done something good if a student wants to get into a construction project management I think they should realize more than it's just a study of the theory about fabrics and buildings and all the calculations need to do not the hard work that's needed there I think they should realize that they actually can make a serious change they are the people who will be saying let's use this product let's use that product let's use something that maybe it's better for the environment and maybe make that house fit for purpose we're losing so many skill sets where people don't think outside the box thinking about the better ventilation cheaper heating better fabric and insulation rather than maybe a more sustainable fabric why don't use sheep's wool for insulation is far better quality better for the environment internal environment let alone the environment as a whole so I think students realize they're more than just a construction project manager or building surveyor they can actually make a big difference 2017 are formed few trilobite a Community Interest Company is something I've been wanting to do for years I've also involved in other charities to look into fuel poverty and retrofit in heating hot water systems that's affordable for people so i formed future isle of wight to sort do exactly that what it says on the tin be part of a community help communities on the island you

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