Victoria | Press Conference Highlights | Berlinale 2015

this implant what did you improvise if you LaPlante something how do you do that well we had this fun amount for self confidence huge amount of self-confidence and we just believe the images and when we then realized that we were going towards catastrophe business opening up for we had some holes in front of us opening up we still carried on we rehearsed the scenes before the one take obviously and we talked with with him I talked a lot about Victoria about all the background on all the stuff and I think I was feeling free and I was feeling safe because I'm he's a director but he's also an actor and I could feel the difference between this concrete thing because he trusts actors so I I think when you feel free and saved and he was like you can do whatever you want because we have worked so hard so it's gonna be fine that kind of magic moments can happen I'd like to Austin I mean the question weren't you at some point afraid that you know that day might not be your best day all of it what about the last night that was so really really good and that when you realize okay now it's really working but work is sometime in between a little bit afraid thinking now it's going to be good but maybe I could sponsor final mentor voice roughly sure I had to two moments where was certainly really afraid what we were hoping upon one whom was before we actually started rehearsing we had a casting situation I noticed that these are quite real guys making at the end I really have lived in the world we're talking about and I thought about what my experience was in those times in that you know I was learning Latin when fathers are my father's a doctor if Lana knew here and there by Devika so it was quite a long way and then after the first casting I thought that's never going to work out but then we talked over the phone and then we said okay let's try it nevertheless or maybe let's go for it now because of that and the second thing that was where I was a bit was frightened was after the second one take day I had the feeling yeah you're allowed to tell the story well not everyone aboard like my brother button at me well let's say that's my simple Italian life told me that my performance was not quite so adequately yet and that there wasn't enough pressure there and then for about two days I wasn't allowed able to sleep until the last one taken but to answer your question once you get started with romantic then we rely on each other and I think that's the strength of this team and we're hoping you then don't think of anything else and this is part of this film one thing we talked about this one take all the time but it's also very important that we didn't have this just one cake of these and other days like a bet playing around this is not the one take I mean okay it dominates the film at the center of the film but at the same time it's completely unimportant in being what is important is what can happen between the people of Inuyasha's one feeling and Shawn the kind of concentration when I come on yeah Amit meant the actors need that's what it's about we said okay we're creating something women it's not just about managing somehow but we're trying to have these new mistakes being made the things which could go wrong something which is not as perfect I often have the feelings that cinema always seats six for the perfect but we don't want to see the perfect we want to see closeness in so disaster and maybe compulsiveness low-pressure aggression even or that is also part of cinema and sometimes I have the feeling that cinema is some kind of a circus animal or something which go and stroke and it is not wild anymore they want to live through this the idea of danger and that's why we go to the cinema and that's why to get it all in one take

Michael Martin

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  1. The story too., is surprising… I love it and I think this is one of the best movies I've seen those last years..; It's What we call TALENT…

  2. Ich glaub einer der großen Unterschiede zu anderen Filmen ist hier das die Schauspieler die Handlung quasi wirklich "miterlebt" haben, daher kommt diese authentische, echte Atmosphäre zustande.

  3. UGLY and VERY BAD Movie, too DARK and minus lighting from begining till the end 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

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