Uzbek wedding in NYC part 1/2

so we're here in Bora park we have to get the groom out of his apartment into the bride's house push if you just even holidays in the room but because it is what it's like to lose a number Oh sister go bye-bye here's the groom today getting married holy 0.3 so we're heading to the bride's place and Forest Hills Queens from Brooklyn to Queens okay and then the wedding is happening in Queens you get a little bit yeah Oh well gamble concludes on exam after Yannick I'm gonna do okay so everything looks good things are good goo-goo-goo Costigan optimistic of a dinner we got the limo here Gracie books you wanna have some drinks room capital Wynette no thank you so want to have some drinks ah I'm looking good you want y'all fan nice moans what's up guys so here's the limo we're in the limo with the front to vote results right now are we gonna sit here or we're gonna go out because Rob no no I'm gonna I'm gonna go just go and do so agree money good yeah yeah dog there is nothing yes there we go whether you know that we're just gonna do it obviously [Laughter] here is the what whispers honest question Alaska progressiva you know catching your cable just never enough oh my goodness Oh what happened ah yeah I'm in a French car right now but what happened was with the traditional work first we have to go to a little bit of tradition which is going to bride's house eat some food they see it as really well you know so we get full stomach up until the evening party and we just go out and take pictures take videos and then rave at night basically happening we say my mother Jessica I don't get it you couples so long the universe is captivated I turn from my selfish thing big homo salute on the night of September 6th Oh Papa dear Papa do not do extinguish me reporting division as an imbecile Paloma on it only to serve this amazing mothers are hot oven we needed army nigga this is directly to magazine B but not so right now we're at Grand Central Station to take some pictures and 30 min showing all three of us laughing

Michael Martin

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