Unveiling the wonders of miracle marriage

in the name of Jesus Christ and the book of Genesis we saw the first miracle ad accretion of man it was a miracle marriage then came the new testament established upon the velocity covenant the first miracle Jesus performed was at the marriage in Cana of Galilee that means marriage is established on the platform of the supernatural we saw Abraham go to while for a son by miracle why his servant yet strictest ward Rebecca sugar you are the next miracle every declared day to mark our destinies coming for this morning whatever grief we must have shot in your marital destiny that grave is opening this morning we are going to done before him I am saying thank you Jesus thank you Jehovah thank you now everybody's saying thank you Jesus thank you thank you Lord amen your wit does your lazaros out of the grave you weigh down your mother's grave open your multi destiny will be sealed for delivery right now we make it personal I am saying thank you Jesus tan jihad everybody says thank you he does thank you I thank you everybody took off you I am saying he's a man you know social phone I am saying thank you I am come on up Jesus I think I am say is thank you brother I am did you are I am hi I'm JJ thank you thank you thank you everybody thank you come on Dan you think you Baba day I am tell you thank you thank you I give you what us just as we probably talked to I updated thank you son thank you thank you I am days thank you I am say thank you I okay they're just uh connect you to know us thank you for you I am I am I am thank you I am say thank you I updated thank you Jesus in Jesus precious name the lost sentry ward in the Jacob I need to reposition them forever the world is our dental change your position and establish you in a Savannah general holy marriage comes away this morning [Applause] under lord visited sara has said and the Lord did on the Sailaja spoken for Sara conceived and bare Abram a Salina OD at the set time of with the Lord spoken God has spoken your marriage for this year and so shall we be established in the name of Jesus give the Lord a behind a phrase you may please defeat it [Applause] let me very welcome every one of us to these prophetic service that is full of catching of moments moments that deliver your own present a package into your hands you're not means your own catch of moment this moment you see if you see me when I'm caught up then you get it you don't end with another time or you get in today you will get it today you will get it today you must get it today it must happen this morning the siege over your marital life must be over this money the siege over your Marisa destiny was the over this morning [Applause] every apostolic ministry has his territory Adela Nations delicious 280e that is mighty we had wrought effectually in Peter to the Apostleship of the circumcision the same was mighty in me toward the Gentiles apostles our kingdom principalities set over defined territories God walks mightily through them to deliver the mandate is given to them and the mandate given me towards you is that whatever is know so from the beginning must not remain because man make creatively them that is gos original purpose I know within the eternity God has assigned to me wherever you may be in the world that the hour has come to leverage the world from all oppression of the devil whatever item of American destiny is all seated this morning somebody believe the let me hear you loud [Applause] so I'll be speaking to you this money prophetically of unveiling the wonders of miracle marriage unveiling the wonders of miracle marriage I mentioned earlier on why in worship that we saw marriage as a miracle from the beginning there was no help me farm for ADA among all the animals and so God stepped in to create a help meet for him next of creation it was a false miracle recorded in scriptures Genesis chapter 2 we read in verse 20 and Adam gave names to all cattle and all the power of the air and to every beast of the field before Adam there was not fun and have made for him God was bent on giving him fulfillment so he caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept and God took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead arrow and the rib which the Lord God had taken from man made he a woman am brought her unto the man and said I am the Lord I change now so God is in the business of miracle marriages today and as the Lord liveth yours is settled and delivered yours is settled and delivered and Adam said this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh the false miracles of creation was marriage miracle Malachi chapter 3 and verse 6 I am the Lord I change not that's why you see dr. Conoley men in Chains I am the lord I chain nose I performed a miracle marriage in Genesis 2 I'm still the business of perform a miracle marriages and performing years today somebody Belinda let me allow that amen let me hear you loud as a male God is still in the business of performing miracle marriages today because the Lord and it changes not so yours is settled as the next miracle yours is settled after next miracle yours is settled of the next miracle but God has his instruments for miracles on the earth and in some 91 some 71 Amber's name to 12 we see not a sign that idea anymore a prophet and no one among those seems to know for how long this will remain how long Lord shall die the enemy's reproach forever how long some 70 Fobus names we see not our signs and there is no more any prophet neither is there any among us that knoweth how long oh god our lawns are the Advisory reproaches shut the enemy blaspheme the name forever why would hold us how they harm it would ever have blocked them out of their bosom for God is my king of all walking salvation in the midst of the earth so God has prophetic instruments for walking a science among men we see not a size that is there anymore a prophet God's right hand 40 are insane in Luke chapter 7 and verse 16 after Jesus broaden the widow's son from the dead therefore goodbye God saying that a great prophet as hidden among us and God has visited his people so prophets are instruments through which God visits his people and God has sent me for the visitation we've never had any metal Aries without somebody touching something that means everybody has the opportunity catch it but someone was sensitive enough to catch it may you be that someone today we see not our size and there is no more and a profit that is any among goes any dust let alone Oh God how long shot the bastard approached and shot the enemy bluff my men forever why with hoarders now they have set off your prophet even development center in my way we want to see our science again that's why God sent me to you that somebody must come out today that everybody on that the sound of my voice is ordained to come out today for by a prophet the law brought Israel out of Egypt by signs and wonders and diverse miracles by fresh harm it terminated 430 as Oh bandages no matter how generational the order of the bandage maybe they are coming out today who sir chapter 12 and verse 13 and by if prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt and by a prophet was he preserved and with the Prophet I shall we know the Wonder goddess and if any prophet speaks a word and that word comes not to pass he has spoken presumptuously we shall not be afraid of it so to know a prophet because the property is God mouthpiece this a custodian of divine agenda so if you find a man a woman that fits into the future and the things begin to come to pass one after the other then be afraid of him he may be one of such instruments and that's where your father stands today even this ground on which was city borders was in Canaan land is in fulfillment of prophecy spoken back in 1882 land identified in 1886 built in one year in 1889 God is up to something concerning you this morning when the ministry had no typewriter of its own go was speaking about aircraft flying the eye air and they are flying today when we had no identity languor speaking about across the nations of the earth and it signals the other day whatever God has spoken to look on sunny this year most come to pass this yeah so your mileage is that – this year your marriage is the two-digit your marriage is that wooded here please understand the miracles are manifestations of the confirmation of his world that to believe God was walking with him confirming the word with signs following mark chapter 16 verse 20 and when prophets shoulder most of the times essentially they show you what to do so as to receive what God has prepared to show you what to do Mary Saturday whatever he says he to do what you do do it so prophets are not magicians they are simply divine instructors God tells them what to tell the people and as they do it they commit go to perform wonders in their lives join chapter 2 verse 16 the men Aquatica know Galilee they had no wine everything was up John to fight a medicine to them whatever I tell you to do do is whatsoever he saith unto you to it whatever is said unto you to it people should understand that miracles do not answer to prayers the answer to compliance with instruction prophetic instruction that is instructed you prophetically to do let's go back to Ministry of prophets in the Old Testament you find out every intervention is provoked by alignment with instructions Elijah whether into the woman's house by the woman's life they call her the widow Zarafa and said read for Memphis for those are the law the crews of a shallow field and the plot pot of flour will never become empty until they didn't lost in the rain upon the earth today an AVS I'm not shitty I have a cell phone and I got the word of the Lord the pot of flour did not become empty the crews of way did not feel after she had done it and I hear even so every cycle and lasting miracle is traceable to certain regulations and instructions received and comply with mm-hmm so this money will be receiving divinely inspired instructions unless you are lying with them your helpers will open as to align with the EM your helpers will open then the cordon Elijah a woman came crying my husband a prophet was in tempted here sighs it took artisans ask Allah Tala for is that and Elijah say what is done in the house they're not a okay go oh except a crucifix a year you are now talking now get as many pots as you can get and drops only two of this oil into each port and shut the door against yourself and then what to ago with you and then all the pots were filled with oil and the to do to the market sewed all the oil got all the money needed to pay off all the debt and if they live on the remaining American took place in compliance with instructions people need to horn for instructions what shall I do that I made any le decade of a god what am I to do to get what I'm desirable and be receiving that this morning so in second Kings chapter 4 verse 1 to 10 we saw that we do lamp retail and her destiny decorated in the same way God is decorating your marital destiny today [Applause] that is always what to do to commit code to intervene in our fears that is always what we must do for go to intervene in our own affairs that is always what to do to see God in action that is always what to do to see God in action very importantly you must believe in the possibility of your desire every miracle is regard and delivered by faith if thou canst believe all things are possible to him that believeth believe that with God dad Tim is possible for with him all face a possible what you don't believe you are never empowered to become it is not to lock onto your crying and your tears and your morning and everything solely to you it is to do according to your faith Matthew chapter 9 and verse 29 it is to every man according to his faith it is to use it according to your faith be it unto you so it is to every man according to his faith not according to his tears not according to his whipping it is to every man according to his rain for with God nothing shall be impossible it's a 3/4 faith and we're talking about believe in the God of all possibilities Luke chapter 1 number 37 believe in the God of all possibilities for with God nothing shall be impossible number to believe is prophet because they are God's right hand instruments for the rest q of God's people we live the law your goals are established belief also is profits and so shall ye prosper second chronicles chapter 20 verse 20 and in Matthew 10 41 either receives a profit in the name of a prophet I shall receive a Prophet's reward it would take delivery of water profit carries you receive a profit you believe a profit to tap into what it carries for you number three believe in this war the garden is yuan hao it is a God believe that it is your redemptive right to be married come on out believe that it is your redemptive right to be married believe that it is your redemptive right to be married believe that it is Yuri death if you are saved it is your Edel hip right to be married revelation 5 verse 12 he was leaning to the sea for us riches wisdom says hoorah glory and blessings and if you look at the word blessed it's all inclusive it includes your marriage and I'll show you in a moment every child of God is ordained to live on that blesses or dental work and someone 27 let's look at what some 128 it's a blessed set is every man that feareth the Lord and walk it in his ways for dasha is a level of their hands happy Shaddaa be and shall be well with thee now I went on thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by thy side by the sides of the house thy children like only plans round the table behold that does the man be blessed that feareth the Lord the Lord bless thee out of Zion and thou shalt see the good of Jerusalem oddities of the my G – I see natural children I'm peace upon Israel I see every man that fear the Lord every man that has come to Jesus is ordained to be blessed with a flourishing home that means your marriage is a foregone conclusion you can have a wife without marriage is that thy wife shall be like a newly plant your children run about a table you will see your children children means your Marita is you is a foregone conclusions so your blessings includes marriage includes fruitfulness and in the name of Jesus that right will be established to you today believe that it is your redemptive right to be married think of this in second current conditions of the 531 the word says that he had made them to be sin for us who knew no sin that we might be made the righteousness of God in him so when you are saved you are the righteousness of Christ can I know your image and that is ratified when you have become a do our preciousness like God a second or through or this month and when that happens the Bible says in Psalm 5 verse 12 down Oh Lord we bless the righteous with favor with us compassion about us with a shield so every righteous man and woman is entitled to favor and in proverbs 18:22 either find that a wife and a good thing and as of them what favor from the Lord so marriage is a manifestation of God favor an expression of God's favor toward us I'm a candidate for favor by Redemption that means you're deemed to be married and in the name of Jesus Christ who's I am a whom I saw that favor will be made manifest in your life this year also we have read from scriptures that the Young Lions may serve I want a younger but did they seek the laws are not like any good in some 34 verse 10 some touchy 4 verse 10 are not like any good thing and again in proverbs 18:22 he defined the wife and that is good day so everyone truly seeking the Lord is not permitted to lock marriage therefore you multi destiny setter I said you're married time matter is set to today every God's seeker is not permitted to lack marriage so Joseph ettor today their first long as you begin to walk in his righteousness I began to seek the good of his kingdom it becomes natural and is delivered supernaturally and so shall your own being let me hear you loud as amen let me hear you loud as a male let me hear your audience even stay connected stay committed it is impossible to remain Sunday Stefan next set oh Jesus take committed to him and you will discover it is impossible to be saddened when you stay connected and stay committed to God and to the cause of the cannot it is impossible to be stranded it's impossible to remain in captivity if you stay connected and stay committed to go under the cause of the scandal you cannot walk in the truth and remain trapped 2nd Corinthians 2:14 thanks be to God who always causes also trials and Christ and make it known by us this server of his knowledge in every place when we are walking by the revelation of the truth you will always side on

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