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President of the University of Florida
has apologized for a graduation ceremony in which graduating students,
predominantly black, were aggressively pushed offstage. Hey, you’re watching
What’s Trending. I’m Kale Hills. Subscribe for more trending and social
media news every day. Several of the students were performing choreographed
dances popular in their fraternities and sororities. In general, I don’t think I’ve ever been
handled in that manner, not even by my parents. It’s kind of embarrassing, kind of degrading. The
students reportedly being rushed off the stage for taking too long, but the
university now facing backlash accused of targeting only black students at the
ceremony. The faculty member on stage is called a “platform marshall” and his job,
according to the university, was to “monitor the flow” of graduates. It seems
like he thinks monitoring the flow of graduates means aggressively moving them
out of the way. It’s easy to see that he takes his job very seriously. And in case
you think it’s selective editing or camera placement, the view isn’t much
better from the stands where the faculty member is audibly booed. One of the students, Nafeesah Attah, said she
was hurt that her planned celebration was interrupted. I kind of planned what I
wanted to do on the stage to celebrate my story and all the hard work I’ve done
at the University of Florida, but I was instantly like blocked by one of the
officials on stage. The university’s president W. Kent Fuchs took to Twitter to
apologize. He wrote: “During one of this weekend’s
commencement ceremonies, we were inappropriately aggressive in rushing
students across the stage. I personally apologize, and am reaching out to the
students involved. The practice has been halted for all future ceremonies, and we
will work to make sure all graduating students know we are proud of their
achievements and celebrate with them their graduation.” Oliver Telusma, one of the more aggressively-handled students at the ceremony, said he
received a voice mail from Mr. Fox, but has not yet called back. The unidentified
faculty member in the video has been placed on paid administrative leave.
President Fuchs also posted a video to YouTube further apologizing for the
incident. And I’m communicating with all of you to apologize personally, and
secondly to apologize on behalf of the University. To apologize for the fact
that we didn’t provide a commencement in which all students felt that they were…
had the opportunity to to be honored and to celebrate. He says he’s asked the
university’s vice president and student body president to form a task force
looking at ways to improve the commencement ceremonies. Ah, of course. The
best way to handle any problem. Bureaucracy. I don’t know if we really
need to create a task force to address this situation. I think the simplest
solution is just to not push people off the stage. Am I the president now? There’s
a bit of debate online about whether or not the incidents were racially
motivated. Was it just a coincidence that the students who were most aggressively
handled were students of color? The UF Black Student Union released a statement
that says: “Although students of multiple identities experienced this aggression
during a milestone accomplishment for themselves, we urge everyone to
acknowledge the hostile environment created for black
students who rightly showed excitement.” And the university itself has admitted
as much. They said: “These actions disproportionately affected students of
color and are not in line with UF’s stated institutional values.” But apology or no,
Oliver Telusma must said the memory of what happened won’t fade for him or his
family. And other students are also not forgetting the incident. Chris Garcia-Wilde, a student who walked amidst others who were aggressively-handled, tweeted: “We
want him fired. He’s racist and violent, and shouldn’t be around students.” There
are also concerns that what happened at the ceremony are just symptoms of larger
racial issues on UF’s campus. Just in the last few years, a noose was found in a
classroom, a student had Black History Month decorations torn down, and a man
rode a bike around campus with a swastika on his arm. So, President Fuch’s
message, though conciliatory and respectful, may not address the overall
problem in a way students of color will appreciate. A bit of a tangent here, but
President Fuchs has previously made some very concerted efforts to show UF
students that he gets them. Here he is in a promotional video called: “Memes Look
Fun”. I gave Snapchat a try. Maybe I could give Vine a try. Maybe not. Memes look fun.
Okay. The whole thing? Maybe cinnamon isn’t your thing. That
video also features Fuchs recreating “I Like Turtles” kid as well as Salt Bae.
Does the Memes Look Fun video have anything at all to do with the
commencement controversy? No. Is it dumb and hilarious? Yes.
Will the president re-enacting Charlie Bit My Finger help allay fears of a
hostile environment for students of color? Probably not. What do you guys
think? Is the school actually doing enough to address the incident? Let us
know in the comments and for more stories like this head over to

Michael Martin

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  1. That is a travesty, highly disrespectful and abusive behavior of that "Platform Marshall" & he needs to be fired!

  2. I'm guessing most of these students are paying students? If so, they should be able to harmlessly celebrate their achievements however they choose within their allocated time slot. That said, was the staff member really being racist?? Can you show us videos of dancing white people not being forced off the stage?? Maybe black people were "disproportionately targetted" because most the graduates dancing were black?

  3. D-D-D-D-DOUCHEBAGGGGGGGGGG! Kinda funny that no one else sitting down, or in the area actually did something to stop him. That guy needs to be fired.

  4. I want to see the whole graduation. Because if they are the only ones who did something like that that to me that says that it's not a race thing. I'm not saying it was a good thing I'm just saying I'm almost positive it's not a race thing.

  5. "I had this big thing planned out and I was blocked", yeah, and there are also 1000 students after you that need to get across that stage. so stop your whining and follow the rules.

  6. Erm…
    That is not how one behaves at college graduation. It is a formal occasion. Have some class.
    But racist issue??
    Not sure.
    Just don't behave like an unprofessional kid when you are at a prestigious educational faculty event.

  7. So they act very ghetto and call racism for being handled. Yes, there's white privilege, but there's also black privilege in which they get to call racism on whatever the hell they want after being disrespectful to the ceremony.

  8. I watch the whole video it's not racist the guy just want to get the program going it's not racist even the white girl gets drag away f**king sjw and pc always destroying simple things in life

  9. What the fuck is this shit? Aren’t they ashamed of themselves to be acting like that in 2018 when everyone should be equal? I feel like even now they are racists in universities and well.. everywhere. There is really no need for that aggressive bullshit they just had fun.

  10. This is a sad state of affair when a student, whether black or white, can't do a little dance while walking across a stage to receive the highest degree of honour in their young life, after many years of hard work and dedication – please, just let a person be happy for 2 minutes

  11. What these students are doing would not be aloud in a British university. British students walk on shake hands and continue walking, it would take to long.

  12. This is. So. Stupid. Celebrate on your own time somewhere else. These things have a time limit.. Just walk gracefully on stage, like the rest of the world. This is not racist, it was to stopping dancing. Its a place of education, have some respect. These people are going into the real world soon and haven't learned nothing on how to behave in public.

  13. Oh what, I watched the first few seconds of this last night while muted, I thought they were just memeing all together.
    But they're actually pulling the students off-stage because they disagree with what they're doing what the fuck.

  14. “Kind of embarrassing, kind of degrading” bruh you where dancing like a idiot on stage you are already doing tha

  15. The president apologized for the actions in general and NEVER mentioned racism. The title of this is VERY misleading to the point that the author should be sued.

  16. 10 secs let each student do their thing for 10 secs then wave them off or fine them $500 if they take longer…no one will want to pay that so they'll stick to the 10 sec rule

  17. To think I decline an offer from Harvard to go to this stupid school. My parents could've chosen anywhere to live, yet they chose Florida. This school is crap.

  18. I guess no one understands how a graduation ceremony works. Names are called and diplomas are handed out. That’s it. Since thousands of students may be graduating at one time, the event can last several hours. By the time you receive your diploma, another name is already called and cued up for their time. What you’re doing when you dance instead of keeping the line moving is robbing someone else of their time, effectively contesting the rest of the graduates and keeping the audience sitting on a wooden bench even longer. I’m sure no one would care if just one person did it but if every graduate doubled their time by hogging the stage, the ceremony would last 8 hours instead of 4.
    Dancing when you’re asked not to is simply a complete disregard of everyone else’s time.

  19. To what I have seen the guy ushered both black and white in the same manner who danced on stage. After looking at the ceremony I'm actually surprised the president of the school apologized. Nothing racist here. Big up to the girl with the Jamaican flag 🇯🇲

  20. It is about selective editing, you stupid shit — go watch "Student BACKFLIPS on stage at University of Florida 2018 Graduation. Crowd goes CRAZY!" and see for yourself.

    And after that, stop using black people for your political gain like you did during slavery, Democrats… they don't belong to you anymore.

  21. Hey, I just watched your video on Youtube while listening some of my inspirational songs. I am also being discriminated against by the University of Florida, I am an individual who is disabled. Furthermore, UF's discrimination has been ongoing for decades. The discrimination is more about ignorance coupled with educated prejudices from the trangeraational views of the leadership and with a closed-minded administration, a bunch of proverbial "Uncle Tom's" in place in various high-level parts of the administration. Also, their discrimination is a procedural ploy which is used as a guise for the Administration's "Uncle Tom-nees" instead of action as well as ignorance which makes the leadership afraid to be more open-minded —; It's about Civil Rights of adult's, young adults,who are treating as children who must conform to closed-minded, money-centered image of UF to recruit students and capture Federal Research Dollars mostly to fund industrial-like engineering posing as real science often for so professors have to continue o publish or perish. Public Universities like UF are research-institution-businesses of our National universities system that really just puts much more data than science as its outputs and a marketing product, Ths Public University Institution are less for graduate studies and more to keep a machine of publications going for Federal Funds. And, there is much more. But, basically it appears to be time to DRAIN THE SWAMP! (a.k.a.: make changes in leadership at UF). Note. the University of Florida in Gainesville in the '60's and '70's was a campus known for its open-mindedness like UC-Berkeley CO and U.Colorado – Boulder, CO. Even in the '80's and '90's local people known as the Rainbow People (not to be confused with the rainbow symbol of people whom fought for their Civil Rights) in the middle of campus and Hare Krishnas handing out free found in the University's Center . This Tom Petty country! You can even visit Micanopy close by. Time for change!

  22. So jacking off a dick hand movements is a celebration of your college achievement lol NIGGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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