UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS | Inanna Sarkis, Lele Pons, Destorm Power & Hannah Stocking

you know what mission what are you talking about I'm gonna kill him what happened they starve you know I told me he's cheating on me your boyfriend's cheating on ya he's literally cheese I love him so much my god hey it's so wrong about him he's not like that hey record 6 you know what you're right I'm wrong about him completely wrong about you you were so right about him oh I was right okay obviously I'm right what's up who is this girl I don't know what's some like stupid buying superstar luck was a Viner anyway losers idiots like who actually does finds some fun I'm the binder yeah but she's pretty okay lately she's actually really fucking pretty I'm kind of hot too oh oh yeah grandma get off the road I can't believe you made me do this Shh how do you know she's here because she's at work she was in at school she wasn't at home I checked that two hours ago shifts are usually eight hours which means we have to stake out for at least another four and a half hours or someone she's here some she's there look it's pretty shit let's go run run yeah Oh hi you guys are following me what's the problem put it down No what what's going on who are you guys we weren't following you were just um getting your phone but seriously I see the binoculars right there so my read this is and my kids those are those are not ours you know it's nobody I'm confused what's going on well we are okay I'm I'm day storms girlfriend I've heard so many great things yeah sure beautiful thank you know what I've been such a good friend to me I am sure you going through this breakup and he's just been there for me it's not like that though oh it's not like that um well how you guys do like adult sleepover since I know it's not it's not even like that he's such a good friend to me know where he should double date I don't know I know what you never want to go on double dates well you know whoa okay Lou what a relief I thought he was cheating on me with you like what a dummy I am he's such a good guy he would never do that to you at all he's amazing it's a great guy you shouldn't let him go why such a great guy yeah Drive told me twice you

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