UNHAPPY Bride Would RATHER Walk Down Aisle in JEANS Than Wear Her Dress! | Don't Tell the Bride

every eyesore that's exactly what I thought Tom oh my god okay I'll try on and it might look lovely on each one of these dresses some things you have to see on you before you can officially Taylor it's just extremely plain very plain I'm sure they look much nicer I think it well I do think it's thinking about it I'm trying not to do that today yeah well I know that like how much my mum wanted to be hearing I'm seeing this moment and I've got that privilege in her place yeah it's just extremely playing them now all the shape I'm pushed in and I don't like straps cuz I be restricted my just feel like I just want to get em off I know you're doing that in China don't fall off but you don't have to ten minutes I want to get it off I'm gonna get off me cuz I'm not straitjacket I do think it looks sewing I just think it is – this dress does you just did for maybe that's the popular maybe I am too bloody traffic maybe I never know when I should wear something more classy as a maybe that's the problem with her hair tied up the girls tried to see what can be done anything else because I involves bling he was just thinking I don't like the fact she wears – Montez I'm not getting her – Montez that's what Tom was thinking okay well Jenny money would you like to wear a tiara I could tell I'd rather have a different dress auntie Lisa thinks that a sparkly necklace will turn Lottie around but is it going to be enough I just I would just choose not to wear it's uncomfortable it's restrictive I don't like it it's plain it's boring I'm gonna walk down the only people who go oh she's in a white dress this is where things you said you weren't gonna do if you didn't like the dress I'm just thinking how Orangina and bloody t-shirt and I just go I'm sorry mate but anyway anything can be put on Nick if we complete the things for sec but nothing can be altered without tom's approval okay you should say them it's way too plain sunshine okay way too plain those that words it's basically playing sometimes yeah laura has to break the news to Tom Thomson what will he make of the proposal and just not very happy that it's really playing right so that sounds really classy she is gonna be adding some sort of motifs and bling and stuff on it hey Tim can we do that or you know would have been mostly move away from like you know the less classy sort of side of things with like my mom is in everything else going over it but if she wants to put a chav like bling and tights on it point fine that's fine you

Michael Martin

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  1. “If she wants to put her chav bling on it, that’s fine.”

    Ouch. If she’s not classy enough for you and you see your fiancé as a ‘chav’, maybe you shouldn’t be marrying her, don’t try and change her.

  2. You can have a classy dress with some bling on it, I think he just chose it because it was the plainest thing he could find. He needs to respect the fact that she would like at least a little bit of sparkle on HER wedding dress, she’s the one wearing it not him

  3. She is such a moaner that I’m surprised she found a fiancé. He liked the dress and so she should accept it and appreciate it. He needs to get a better lady.

  4. Chav does not = bling unless she looks like she fell in a vat of glue then fell through a rhinestone bin.

  5. Lol what a charmer he is! I wouldn’t personally go in for a ton of bling myself but she likes it and he’s marrying her, so accept her for herself or go find a girl who is willing to be controlled!

  6. Was the guy her fiance? That dress is an accident waiting to happen with those weird droopy sleeve straps just waiting to slide off and cause a wardrobe malfunction. I dislike it as much as she does. And since when does the man get to choose the dress? That's just plain odd.. I hope she got something she actually liked.

  7. I felt it was a classy dress, however it did not fit in the shoulder/arms. But it was a free dress and she could buy one. Everything else was free.

  8. Lot of worse dresses on the show 😂 but I guess its her wedding…then again, she signed up to let her husband-to-be to do it 🤣

  9. that couple will argue more than communicate. the dress was fine. it just was not her. neither person is wrong based on their pov, but neither is right because he'd rather put her down and she'd rather pout than treat the experience as a game and adventure between friends and life partners..

  10. I don't see this marriage lasting if he cares so little for her desire to look the way she wants on their special day.
    I could tell how uncomfortable she looked. I don't blame her, when it doesn't feel right you just want it off.

  11. It was a lovely dress she just hates it because it's not her way. You know what you are getting when going on shows like this 🙊

  12. It doesn’t look that great on her it’s a fine dress just not for her. It’s the arms that are bad

  13. Good Grief…they aren't listening to the bride at all…bad omen ….for her future!…she hates the restrictive straps!!..can't u hear her?

  14. Girl please. She looks beautiful. I know we all like different things but again,she agreed to let HIM plan the entire wedding. She doesn't even know how to take a compliment. Her entourage would have told her if the dress was hideous or just didn't look good on her. 😒

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