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susannah Matina going live in NZ joyce twisted only ten years dress Gabriella Truffaut yearsI Gabriella Truffaut years this is s much for four years Shawanda Stevie Melvin is gray Gracia will be a leaf also 13 years she's cutting the motto is examining the list of girls in our area who are going back to school grace doubly a retro for years II they stopped going to school because they were married and they are now going back to school because chief cara de moto has an of those marriages she's leading the campaign in her district to in early child marriages and to prohibit marriage to anyone under the age of 18 when I come here I see a lot of girls about 12 13 14 15 having two children when I asked who is he who is this you are baby said oh yes I have got two two babies you oh yes so that's why I did angry because she is too young and she have two girls at the 14 or 50 so that's why I said you know this is a trauma come after do something so that is also seen how the consequences of early marriage can be deadly when girls become pregnant at an early age and for that you I have some examples there are three children who died because of when she go to the hospital the I think I caught you better get ordered imagine it Oh Tara's bloke the chief butter coalition to make sure there was wide support for a campaign which I do care that there's no more girls child marriages in my area and because of the endorsee gypsy church leaders II we sit down and we are greedy that all of us we must do our campaign so we tried our best that's why I make 330 children to go back to school as the most senior chief and des des she is the authority to enforce rules it was any violation by parents and also local chiefs if Edmond arouse that girl to be married I dismiss him completely because I tell him that this is our BIOS then you didn't do what we are we have agreed so from today onwards you you are not a village headman anymore so everything is working have you done that already yes I have done that already fried fie fie fie village headman the campaign is working but the challenge is to overcome tradition poverty and pregnancy and you know school Mandira I'm banging this school for neither enmity do and then didn't is a homogeneous monogamous way gara super over Monongalia Ptolemy I saw some ugliness I'm moving around the hallways banned me know you think I'm gonna wanna hang out with you guys little man no come on c'mon Bo buddies Devon came a-swinging walking around kind of like a few songs under there tomorrow wanna look at the major bus he filled up we done with you don't wanna I know music you know and I'm a master cuckoo blondie Danny and debunk I do think the minute I knew Mike are doing Zeus Iike you know one Katrina Monday – oh my fruit Zola didn't turn around even come on guys I mean I got attend Easter Mass preservative a downward angle yeah chief catching the moat to rely on a network of women called the mothers group to identify early child marriages for the chief to annul cheerio criminally my friend Owain senator Anna Pavlova tsukuru more attendees and animal wallow my Foom dear Macarena monka Orakei tremana et me Kyra poyo gala mahkumaat o MN Dharana query know who low ammo Michio man cardio fossa I mean analogous guru Panozzo Amman a Adrien Jemima aluminum bar I mean a Linda wanna say uber alles cool reward Lovano develop any your service ever Anna Anna I mean a dinner together put your goon Porter worried I would be obvious it's a way so but success for the campaign would depend on cooperation from the parents yes some some parity first they are girls to be mad because of all they have nothing at their home so they think this girl can bring something at their home so that's why they do they do that they are maybe they have no money no na God or a chicken they just think if we see this girl get married then I will have whatever I have it got in my house yes I go around and we talk to the parents together we sit down and discuss about he forcing the girl to be married I tried to convince them that if you do which great you again you will have everything in the future it will depend on changing any parents attitudes for the importance of school government and democracy no Sienna I'm Peter with yogurt on my wall of an animal wallow in ominous amitabha vita green when i you I see and I never colored wedding I mean badly but school when I Medina would if I'm sitting at home and I said well aware that I would swoon and I don't guess her yawning my knowing and also changing attitudes amongst girls towards pregnant same age going back to school is a big challenge for victims of early child marriage as getting an education in Malawi is already very difficult and sometimes when they go back to school we also face challenges like II some Leena's do laugh at them and then we do advise the teachers to advise was the at Elena's not enough hardly those who have come back to school and again we have got some challenges whereby teachers are enduring large classes for example one teacher could handle about maybe 120 160 Lina's instead of handling sixth Elena's RC which is the community in Malawi ending early child marriages can also mean the ending of violence at home for many of the girls they can also be victims of gender-based violence so how goes it was um we know Emily we need cinnamon this rooster mama Dominguez who having no way don't poke with this and I would color I'm gonna want to go to Peter then the Kendall I went yeah penny when I'm at Old Dominion parameter second anyone smoke eliminated city with johann van contributor one New Zealand benefit charity gala with China Madame menya Benjamin amore my Munna Gandhi Siva como Mandy she opened a ago say Vanessa Minnesota Serena vino mango Carlo come and M&Ms was over before ameno Zola Posner mango container are nervous isn't it ELISA with the support of view and woman in Malawi senior Chiefs are now meeting and acting to harmonize their customary laws nationally on early child marriage and to also work with local bylaws throughout the country Malawi a fool Banga Banga no quieren Amanda that I would see clearly we know you for funda Welkin cover thou fool who were now unable to form over evening as chief Casa de moto continues her campaign to end early child marriage and to send girls back to school she also has other goals we are trying to do if we can have hostels for girls because there are many they walk around distance from home up to school so if they stay there I think it will be good for us for these girls have ended their marriage they have now made new choices in their lives in anybody I mean abandon them as Medina I'm adding my ban Jana mumoru I know my sauce woman animal who's already tuned to our on how can you I'm in another universe who wouldn't give us we didn't Amelie the school and I didn't suck any something as Minnesotan Jenny when she chief catcher D'Amato sees the girls in des des as girls that are free of early child marriage who can go back to school and has the girls of Malawi who can choose their own future

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  1. A very good assesment, analysis and true picture portrayal of phenomenal achievements of Joyce banda Govt. Ma'am took many innovative steps in all area of governance right from social sector to infrastructure to foreign affairs and security.

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