ULTIMATE POLYGAMY MOD – Skyrim Mods Remastered – #5

Boyos, we’ve made it to Episode 5 of Skyrim Mods Remastered. Legendary Edition arrives in over a month ripperonis PS4 users. It’s okay, your time will come. But probably not. I’m really sorry, but you’re welcome to watch me mod my game. I’m sorry if I’m not helping but we do have some amazing mods prepared for this episode, that you will probably never play. I’m probably just making it worse at this point, roll the intro. There are not many things in this world that are uglier than vanilla water So today, we are going to choose the perfect water mod, for your perfect game. Today we’re comparing two of the big boys Realistic Waters Two and Pure Waters So first of all, vanilla water kind of looks like it’s not water, it could be some other viscous substance, It could be a fucking pond, and it’ll still look like it’s streaming at a faster rate than your girlfriend’s… sink… last night I’d say realistic and pure both do equally well at making the water look and behave like water So both mods do a better job at controlling the rate at which water flows depending on location of where the water is. Now of course you know both mods had different teams of immersion scientists and thus had differing opinions on the velocity that water should be at. In general, realistic waters always moved a bit faster. Now the second thing you’re gonna notice is the color I believe vanilla water was the same color everywhere you went, but these mods try to change the hue depending on location. For example, oceans will always be bluer than marshes. But in general, pure waters has a lot more of greenish hue to it. And finally the last criteria is glossiness. How glossy do you like your water? If the answer is really really glossy, Realistic waters is your man, or mod. That shit’s so glossy, it’s practically a mirror for whatever’s across from you, and that’s super goddamn aesthetic. Is it realistic? Probably not. Have I ever gave a shit about that? Not exactly. Pure Waters has decreased the glossiness on purpose. *gasps* Because they don’t think that water should look like nail polish. Now Realistic Waters also has textures for ENBs to enable Parallax and so that creates a 3D effect in which the water sticks out almost as if there were actual waves. Pure Waters is kind of flat. Now I’m not trying to shit on Pure Waters, but Pure Waters is complete shit. I’m just kidding. It looks good for certain games, the ones that are less fruity and fantasy than mine. Also keep in mind I’ve not included Water Redux, Which is the water mod I used to use for the longest time It’s been hidden for a new release with more features for the remastered version of Skyrim… I mean the Legendary Edition Disregard everything you know about house mods. Forget about size, amenities, features, and all that shit that obviously nobody cares about because I’m about to feature the home mod that I’ve spent the most time inside out of any other home, besides your mom’s house, that I’ve ever been in. That’s right, look at any of the episodes pre 100. Chances are the armor mod might have been shot at this home. This is Dragon Falls Manor, one of the first home mods that have ever been made for Skyrim, and the first to capture my heart. You can say he stole my vir… My innocence. Now this house wasn’t exactly special by any means, it wasn’t revolutionary. You know, not even revolutionary for its time or anything like that. Actually didn’t even get any endorsements I don’t even know why I reviewed it, but then it became popular after I reviewed it Not saying it was me or anything But it was like probably me. Sure, it may look like any old Solitude building you’ve ever seen in the vanilla game But it’s all about the subtleties, the addition of waterfalls everywhere to make it seem upscale and classy Even though the water’s not really coming from anywhere The oh so subtle addition of flora and plants And you know what, a fucking thank-you note. This man is old-fashioned. What happened to chivalry, guys? What… what- *dies laughing* That shit used to be common back in the day. Something as simple as a note, handwritten by the modder, can make the biggest difference. And then you just find like random pieces of gold laying around everywhere in the most random place Honestly, I was actually slightly offended alright. Alexstrasz is pretty Ballin. I don’t need your pity gold Maybe back in 2012 she woulda took it, but nah son you better be rainin’ hundred-dollar septums Wait a minute. A balcony of the gods. Never has a balcony been so expertly crafted in Skyrim Many mods were showcased in this balcony. It’s not navmesh, so followers can’t come up here and fuck your space up Now this mod may not have many features or anything special But it does have a pink tree in the middle Because of this tree’s existence any screenshot or video you take around this area is instantly colorfully beautiful Doesn’t matter where you are, sit on the bench. Boom, beautiful scene. Look at Lydia, boom beautiful scene. And honestly, location, guys. Location is everything. Sandwiched between waterfalls This is arguably the best location you can have and a giant statue when I first learned to use TCL and walk up there where I shot more armor mods It didn’t matter where you stood, as long as you’re in the general vicinity of Dragon Falls Manor, your game was beautiful. And that’s all that fucking matters sometimes. But it’s just got that special oomph to it That special something that you just can’t tell what’s.. what’s so amazing about it But it is. And it will always have a place in my heart. God I’m such a fucking loser. So this week, I checked out a marriage mod and so I was just, you know, looking for wedding dresses like normal guys do. And so I thought why not just make it the armor mod showcase for this episode This is a special wedding dress potential edition of armor mod showcase. So the first one we have is from the mod Triss’ Dress Could it work as a wedding dress? I don’t know. I don’t know what qualifies as a wedding dress, but it’s a dress and it’s white, good enough for me. God, I’m really straight and I can appreciate a good dress mod dress mod. Dress mods really do have the best textures though, like they’re absolutely incredible. And I’m like super straight too, so… Then we have the wedding dress from the mod Elven Dresses. I remember this is actually the dress that Alex wore in the romance mod, like a while back ago. I actually secretly like really really liked it and like I was.. I was so straight too. The addition of the beads and, you know, the white just goes really well with the collar, the necklace, and the circlet, and it’s just the perfect fancy wedding dress bro. Then we have something more on the slutty side Did you think we were not going to have any slutty in this armor mod showcase? Boy, you wrong! Do you not know Skyrim Mods? I searched up wedding dresses, this shit came up. Why the fuck not? It’s white, it’s a dress… kind of. Fuck it man, go wed somebody with this on. Are you ready for the greatest polyamorous adventure you’ve ever had? Not like you’ve probably had many polyamorous adventures, I hope not. There’s so many beautiful women in Skyrim though, and dozens and dozens being added every single day How can you resist the temptation of virtually cheating on your wife? I’m fucking sick and tired of you Lydia. I want Sophia instead. She wears a bikini around all the time Why don’t you? *dies of laughter* That’s why you need the marriage mod. So if you married somebody in the vanilla game, you were stuck with them for the rest of your life. In real life, 50% of all marriages end in divorce, just saying. Now with this mod on, if your wife were to meet an untimely fate, you’ll receive a letter informing you of their unfortunate demise And you’ll be able to marry a new spouse! Of course, if you don’t want to murder your wife, you’d also just simply ask her for a divorce but first you need to remove the ring from her inventory. Finally free of Lydia, I proceeded to marry my dream girl You saw that, she said yes. And didn’t question Lydia’s untimely demise. Then we headed to the temple of Mara And I couldn’t believe it, an actual wedding was taking place and not that bullshit they throw in the vanilla game where it’s basically the same temple of Mara and nobody even shows up That’s right, depending on what quests you have completed, certain decorations and people will show up to your wedding. For example, if you completed the bard’s college, a bard will show up as well as a chef and all of his food. If you’ve made progress in certain guilds, some of their members will show up. If you’ve helped Taarie of the Radiant Raiment you will get a message from the courier telling you that there’s a dress underneath the temple of Mara for you to wear during the wedding Don’t wear it. Download the dresses that I just showed you a minute ago. But just in general, more people show up It’s like people actually virtually care about you. So, once we were married, it was time It was time for Cicero as per tradition to give me my lap dance I just let it happen. Once you’ve grinded on Cicero, it’s time to take a seat next to your spouse. You’ll look bored, but regal as fuck at the same time This is your day, sit down and enjoy it. Instead of the vanilla game, where after your marriage, everybody just leaves. Like it was nothing. So after our wedding, I decided to finally exercise the right given to you after marriage, and that is to change your spouse’s outfit You have a huge variety to choose from, for every single occasion you can possibly think of, except for BDSM You don’t have a BDSM outfit. But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, that’s only the beginning of our polyamorous adventures I headed back to the temple of Mara and asked Mara if she would give me the right to marry another and a midget blue ghost appeared out of nowhere and granted my wish For only 10,000 septums, cuz Mara’s a bitch. And so it begun, the greatest wifening of Skyrim Skyrim has ever seen. She was a chick and Jessica Alba was straight But it didn’t matter when she showed her her satchel of gold. That’s right, all these hoes are gold diggers. Once you’ve reached ten spouses, you actually get a polygamy perk But MxR, what does the polygamy perk do? I don’t know, I didn’t marry ten bitches. What do you take me for? Some sort of Skyrim Waifu Harem congregater? What are you talking about? I’m a loyal spouse to just Ysolda and Camilla and Resurrected Lydia and maybe Jessica Alba and Jessica Alba v2, Elinda a khajiit wench and this girl I don’t.. I don’t know who… Who the fuck is…? and Batman. And Pino! But he’s just a mushroom, man. I’m not a ho, what are you talking about? I don’t have a problem. And that is it for this episode of Skyrim Mods Remastered Thank you guys so much for watching, hit that subscribe button for more of the best Skyrim mods of all time And I’ll see you guys in the next one, peace.

Michael Martin

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  1. Dragon Manor: My current character has well over 350,000 GS on hand at any given time. I STILL pick up EVERY single piece of gold I see!!! Call me greedy but IT'S GOLD!!! If Donald F'ing Trump was walking down the street and saw a gold coin un-owned do you think he'd walk past? HELL NO!!! IT'S GOLD!!! (rant over…)

  2. Dude!! I'd have to say that marrying a DRUG DEALER like Ysolda is a big mistake but if you're going to marry her…. BUY HER A DRESS TOO!!! Why is she still wearing that ugly patchwork denim POS dress from the vanilla game? I'm willing to bet you gave 1,000 drag queens a hissy fit heart attack! LMAO!

  3. You pc master race people are good with your mods and plz would spare a coin for a PlayStation peasant

  4. im curious, what combat mod are you using here? like when u pound that chars face or when u get those special/critical kills that look AWESOME

  5. I wish the marriage mod was on xbox 1 cept i want a bunch of husbands irl i am faithful and loyal but in a game i want s male harem dammit

  6. A little late on this, but fuck you and your PC!!!! 😂😂 seriously though, your videos make me want to get a PC just for these mods lol

  7. I recently have been going on a super Skyrim kick and I must admit… Your Skyrim videos have helped SO MUCH. Thanks!

  8. I have the m'rissi and the Mirai mod so I can just marry both of them and then marry someone the normal way(usually Serana).

  9. Marriage Mod – To Have And To Hold. Can you customize the default clothing pre-sets: formal wedding, nighttime, daytime, light armor, heavy armor…? Or, if your desired clothing is different from presets, do you have to manually choose other clothes each time?

    What does the polygamy perk do?

  10. Are you ever feature the mods in the Skyrim Special Edition. They've Got some really good mods that you should feature.

  11. Ive never played skyrim and have no idea why one of your videos showed up in my suggestion feeds. But now i can't stop watching your hilarious.

  12. What mod does he have to make the female character like that? Also does it make the npc females look like that too?

  13. I thought you were going to add a comment about the wedding dresses like “the texture is beautiful, and the beads go well with my heterosexuality”. Lol. I waited for it, but it never happened….

  14. Ok. That was fucking hilarious and very entertaining to watch. XD

    Yes, you're straight. Very, very straight. Let's go with that. 😉 XD

    On a more serious note, for those of you who care enough to judge, polygamy and polyamoury are a) two different things and b) have nothing to do with adultery/cheating. Polygamy is when you marry more than one person (in progressive countries, this would likely involve more than just a man marrying a bunch of women in all scenarios; it would also be 100% consensual and everyone would be consenting age and capability). Polyamoury is where you are in multiple relationships with people of consenting age and capability, who consent to being in a relationship with someone they know is also seeing someone else. Or multiple someone elses, as the case may be.
    There are also many many ways to be polyamorous.

    Look it up if you want to learn more. 🙂

  15. Dragon falls manor is sick but I'll never use any house but elsium estate, that house is just toooooo fucking sexy, display for all the unique items, not a maaaassive open space like a lot of the player homes, its cozy and in a perfect spot on the plains

  16. It's been years and I still lowkey really want to know who tf that big tiddy mechanical gf is. Someone satiate my 'curiousity'.
    Edit, Time 10:28

  17. Got Bijin everything (even Seranaholic) and 0Sex, and suddenly my Dragonborn had the urge to bang every woman in sight. And then this appeared in my suggestions.

    Thank you, lord of immersion! Give my regards to pino and Potastic!

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