UFC 127 pan versus Fitch Saturday February 26 check your local listings things in the build-up to this fight and you've been character uncharacteristically very quiet do you think he's overstepped the mark in in the smack talk in the lead up to this point for me you know I mean I've got a big flat to prepare for I'm fighting in the premier fighting organization in the world and I'm trying to behave accordingly I'm a professional fighter I'm not an idiot in the schoolyard making up silly Rhymes and jokes and making stupid videos you know this is a this is a press conference by the way her hair this is what you do I know she first time involved in something like this welcome to the big leagues after this you'll be back to the undercard believe me I'm looking forward to the fight looking forward to correcting him and a few of his opinions I believe he's massively underestimated me and I'm looking forward to making a fool out of him on the night Jorge Jorge just was to respond to what Michael had said there was the intention of these videos that have been making the rounds on YouTube and web sites was that to get with it inside Michael's head and to psych him out or was it more just strictly for fun what what was your intention behind it it was fun in some ways to get in his head and you see how he reacts on what's going on and in any way inclined to tell to respond and kind at all now well I'm talking now but I want to do most of my talking on the night I'm gonna do my talking women fist kicks knees elbows Jiu Jitsu wrestling half of that stuff he doesn't know what it is oh hey a relic he's a throwback to oh dear the beginning of mixed martial arts I'm a complete mixed martial artist and I'll be showing him that on the night and I'll do most of my talking then I look forward to that and so do i and Michael and Jorge just to go back to what you're saying just now Michael you is saying that's Jorge seems to speak from a script you think all those things he was saying to you were from a script and well scripted look at the last video I can't imagine it was scripted that is something the manual son would come up with so if it was scooped it I do feel very sorry for them yeah UFC 127 pan vs. Fitch Saturday February 26 check your local listings

Michael Martin

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  1. Not to be rude but the white guy needs to find a damn life. Clearly, the guy doesn't know what face cream is with his stupid British accent.

  2. 149th thumbs up for two reaswons, one the vvvviddddooeoe e deservessss it and tqowo cuz stuf and three cuz soenmone else ll get to be the one fiftieth thumbs up now

  3. How is this ugly?? This was pretty ok for Bispings level, he truly started to show his real face when he spit at the opponent he just had beat, what about mentioning that?

  4. this is mere penny insults compared to the drunken slanderous threats Ken Shamrock and James Toney during the IFC press conference

  5. this is an ugly press conference? You guys should watch the Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah fight press conference

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