Turning My Husband into a Bride !!

Michael Martin

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  1. Funny thing about this video is the male wasin't fighting back to stop them from turning him into a female. Is like he was wishing to become a beautiful female.

  2. All I want to be is to be a girl. But I am a god damn man. I want to be everything. For example clothing :As men you could wear a hoodie or a t-shirt with a pair of jeans and normal shoes.
    As woman you can show up in a dress, a hoodie, a t-shirt or everything you want to wear. We life in a very sexistic humanity. I wanna to be a girl so nobody laughs at me when I wear a dress.

  3. When you’re 22 and haven’t had a girlfriend or sex in over 5 years since ur ex left you for another guy and every single girl since has rejected you for other guys so you start watching cuckold porn and wearing panties and have suicidal thoughts and depression lmao life is so beautiful

  4. Several of our friends who changed their Husbands into beautiful ladies. They celabrating a second wedding with him being the bride. She wore the tux. But she did it with full breast showing and in heels. Oh the bride did have bigger breast and showing.

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