Tumblr Marketing Videos – 6 Steps To More Engagement

a guy’s Justin Bryant hear from
self-made success dot com and tumblr is growing more and more as a marketing a tool for businesses and brands everywhere and I
one to talk a little bit about videos and how
to use tumblr marketing videos to really drive a big engagement get more
traffic to your site to your Facebook page and get you some more sales ultimately and sell I got six steps to increasing engagement and this is using
tumblr marketing videos because videos do really well on
tumblr and as you know they do really well on
other sites like YouTube Pinterest Instagram Vine so let’s go ahead and get
on with that first step a first of 20 keep your video short on
tumbler doing keep it under one minute and time where people just don’t like a long
videos a you know if you make ten to twenty
minute videos there’s a good chance it won’t do near
as well as a short video it straight to the point so keep your video short keep them under a minute you can expect the people to share it more and engage with it more
and be more likely to come visit your site
in fact taking creature engagement by 40 percent
and in this case where talking about engagement as far as
watching the entire video people at sid very short attention spans
in today’s society hand you want then to watch the entire video because
usually my have a call to action or something at the end to get them to get your site to become
the lead said rec center but you can increase as
much as 40 percent just by shortening and maybe dividing up long
videos and short videos text you want to not use celebrities in videos now i nil a librarians can afford to use celebrities but even smaller time
celebrities even just on people they may recognize from
other brands you wanna stay away from people like
that because they may see it as a pitch they may see
it as are they just hire this person the China get my attention you know I just wanna know what they are what
they want and why they won but celebrities being used
in your brand videos hurt your Facebook page I engagement from tumblr videos an visits from tumblr videos to your
blog or Facebook page and videos without them have a 12 percent increase visits to
your brand’s you can expect a lot more traffic and people being a little more
interested in knowing what you’re doing by using videos at a straight to the
point that use people that don’t make then sank you’re
just trying to get their attention and avoiding people that have somewhat of a celebrity
status don’t have to be a big-time one either even internet celebrities or celebrities
from other companies that may be very recognizable maybe have
a big brand keep tonight your body its next make them mobile optimized you know the
whole Google mobile-optimized a update is coming out soon and as as I’m making this video and
obviously that’s mostly for web sites and things like that search rankings by the more as time goes on more more people will be using mobile
internet inning at counts for a very large chunk of traffic to your
sites now is no different for videos so you should make sure that your videos
our mobile optimized and actually adjust to mobile phones if you watch any internet
otherwise it might be the wrong size and he will have a hard time watching it say use YouTube Vimeo are even
dailymotion places like that to you host your videos
and of course you can do it for free and this way you can just in bed those
videos or share the night tumblr usually do with them but day will be in
the right format all time the user does and you can just use the URL and pasted in tumblr and post at and you can also test your video to make
sure it’s gonna look at it first before you post it on which is never a bad idea to deal
obviously and then eight-percent increase in
click-through rates can add results from actually making a
mobile-optimized and cell up you know people tend to watch videos on their phones could and tumblr is one
of those social media sites where people discuss
go through it and see what who’s posting what may make the post themselves but you know it people are bored a lot of
them go on tumblr and so they’re on their phones all the
time even at work or at school and as long as your videos
optimized you can expect more traffic even from mobile tumblr views as opposed to a desktop tumblr views next you want to
create obviously I said create short videos but
i wanna stressed this even more because you can
have even more short videos posted instead of one long video cell is also accounts for the quantity a videos get four percent more clicks we
have multiple videos that are less than 15 seconds long as
post a video that is 31 to 60 seconds okay so by in type
videos think it does very short the right to the point
they’re fine either caning are they they tell you something the only have a few seconds to do it you
can do that have multiple videos like dat expect four percent more clicks from
tumblr dan if you just had one longer video
where people had it can wait to read like I said people have short attention
span so account for that also show some humor people like to be
entertained on social media tumblrs no different brand is its increase by 2 percent wanna funny videos
watched as opposed to a serious one okay serious ones obviously where you
when you doing brand videos for business are going to
be easier to do it might be hard to show
said she send more humor and your videos but look at commercials these commercials are thirtieth sixty
seconds long on television it played eBay hundreds thousands and
millions dollars even to get these slots on national
television and a lot of them do well by
entertaining you might have seen like a the to rio’s
commercial or a you know there’s there’s countless different
commercials that that rely more on humor evening guy go and at DirecTV so learn a little from them try to find a
way to add some humor into your business videos and you can expect 2 percent increase in gauge last but not
least follow competing brands you need to know what’s working and the
easiest thing to do is not try and read reinvent the wheel on
tumblr it’s just like anything else see which videos you’re competing brands insights similar two years in the same
niche are using and check for that. notes: okay notes are in the bottom left corner when you look at a time or post and
it’ll tell you how many knows a guy you get this actually click on that and see to who
engaged with notes our total engagements it’s not
just shares it likes or whatever notes are totally engagements and a more notes you have the more people
liked it that’s what you want you want it to go
viral as much as possible US me eyeballs on your tumblr videos as
possible so check and see you know follows some the competing brands jet you’ll have to like a you may be
competing with them by just do it as a means to figure out
what’s working seeking model what works for your own brain okay so those are my six steps to increasing
engagement I show you all kinds of ways to
dramatically increase your tumblr video success for your marketing purposes love your
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seeing the next video this is Justin Bryant and I hope you have a great day

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