Tulip Flower Arrangements : Tulip Arrangement Filler Flowers

Okay, a nice filler flower to compliment the
tulips is babies breath. It’s like a classic combination. Nice and springy. Just take the
babies breath. Break it off into little pieces like this so it’s got just enough length to
be sticking out beneath the heads of the tulips. And then what you want to do is cut each stem
so you have a little point on it again and just slip it in between the tulips like that.
Make sure you’re getting it in the water. Again you always want to make sure you’re
cutting the stems just before you put them into water because they start sucking air
and if you put them immediately into water they start sucking water and that’s the best
thing for fresh flowers and for keeping them fresh. So again you’re just going to take
your babies breath and you’re going to go in between the babies breath like this and
just sometimes you have to wiggle it through, it doesn’t go in as easily. But you cut your
stems and tuck them in and just keep going around like that until you get… You can
add as much as you want. Sometimes it looks pretty with a lot of babies breath. Just depending
on the flower but this is tulips so it’s nice and springy looking. And we’re just going
to keep going and filling in between the blooms and give it a nice fresh springy look. And
that’s how you accessorize your tulips with a filler flower. Just like that.

Michael Martin

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