trying to DIY my wedding cake… yes i am crazy

hey you guys welcome back to my channel today we're going to be di wine my wedding cake I know I sound freaking insane but I just want to try it other people are telling me not to do it but I have a whole year I read that you can use box cake mix and add a couple ingredients and swap some out to make it taste like homemade cake or a bakery type cake so that is what we're gonna be testing out today I've already actually made the cakes I don't know if you can see them oh yeah you can kind of see behind me but I needed to make the intro afterwards because I didn't have the camera you guys will see in a second I use my phone to make the cakes anyway so my idea for our wedding if you don't know me and Steven are engaged we're getting married and probably about a year we want to not spend a thousand dollars on a wedding cake that some people might not even want to eat and we want to make just like a small cake for the traditional cake cutting and then have a dessert bar for people to choose what they want to have because what if someone doesn't like cake they can choose a cookie over hey you know what I mean so I think that's what we're gonna end up doing things might change who knows but today we were just gonna be messing around with cake basically so far it's going great first part we are going to preheat the oven to 350 so the first cake we are going to be making is this triple chocolate and I'm going to be doing this one the hack way instead of using vegetable oil we are going to be using two sticks of melted butter and then the original recipe calls for three eggs but we're going to be doing four eggs three four and then lastly instead of using water we are actually going to be using milk and we are going to be doing it instead of the 3/4 cup of water we're doing 1 in 1/4 cup of milk it's just Hans's the flavors apparently okay then I'm gonna bring this over here and I'm going to use this mixer that I've never used before that's like the lowest setting that you can do how do you get the lumps I hope I don't think you really need to I'm gonna do one chocolate cake and then one white cake on top and then this sinner is gonna be a swirl of the leftover batter of both I have leftover batter so this thing you're probably asking what is this this is for the cakes to bake evenly so I don't have to slice to talk science behind all this but oh I probably should have hands and flour it for it to come out of the pan easily we're gonna dust some in here like this yeah you just lightly coat the pan with some butter and flour and I should have done the other pan the time I'll put it on the other piece but we're just gonna cuz then you don't have to waste this flour is that bad no one's gonna eat this though whoa is that chocolate chips oh that's chocolate chips Madeline is an actual chocolate chip uh that's from Kosar so we're gonna set this aside I'm gonna go ahead and make the white cake I have to make it the normal way without the butter because then I will have butter left over for the buttercream frosting so we're just gonna make this regular and we're gonna take we're gonna look at the difference I mean I know they're not the same flavor and they might have different textures anyway but whatever we're rolling with it so I'm gonna go make that and we'll be back all right so we started thinking well my mom told me that I'm stupid I did not say that this is gonna be wet cheese thing I probably should have been like a six inch sorry this is disgusting but why is this one so thick it's gonna be like that somehow swirly yo this is an experiment oh I think I filled it too high poor that when it was a little bit right here alright if I make this cake for my wedding I'll just put it in for about like 23 minutes and then we'll check so I had to get the cakes out because this one was really about to overflow so first finish you've only been in the oven how long I don't know five minutes me all right now they're going back in the oven all right so this one looks pretty much done so I went ahead and took it out yeah it's done so I believe the cakes of June yep awesome let's see this one this one might be like a little funky I'm gonna let these cool off and then I'm going to go ahead and start making the buttercream also look how even they baked isn't that so cool this one's like really good and of course that's all and I didn't add all this extra stuff to what we were gonna first start off doing is beating all of this room temperature butter so I've left them out the whole time that the cake was baking all right I'm gonna use three and a half cups of powdered sugar but I'm only gonna put one and a half in right now it's like two cups in right now because it's easier to mix in in batches go ahead and put some more powdered sugar believe three tablespoons but we'll just do one at first and make sure brick is this what I seem supposed to look like okay let's try it ooh okay that tastes really good you don't mind who you're not eating him hmm does any more vanilla the frosting is done I might make a second batch but the cakes still have to cool off before I can even start using the frosting what I'm gonna do is clean off all of these piping bags and everything that I have for the decorating part I am starting my second thing of frosting I went ahead and put some of the frosting that for the first batch in a petal something so I could make the flowers and then I also have the leftover frosting and we're still waiting on the cakes to cool I decided I probably should have taken the cakes out of the pan a long time ago for them to cool off faster her see if these pop out I think it is ripped mom that's when you piece it together okay so that means all these are probably gonna be dad is a bad I need to act eight piece them together but I don't feel like oh like they would pull it cool faster if we took them out of the hot paintin that's it what do you do know are you doing I'm doing a fault line cake oh okay I'm not doing it in a tiered time no doing a fault line cage puppets are not doing them and now you're different oh that's why you're here because left oh this one probably should have gone on top since it's on par you probably should glue it with icing maybe you should I get here to take this time yeah that's good Danny wait I'm trying to make it worked a little bit smaller said the same size because they're here hosted me I'm gonna insert in a picture right here of what I wanted to do but now I guess we have to do a traditional three-way tiered cake I didn't even show you guys the difference so this cake is more springy this cake is more firm Fitness we use the butter hey see this is worse than she thought okay guys this is what we're practicing a year in advance oh no okay we're gonna turn this around this side really doesn't look back okay we got to do a big crumb coat the chocolate ones not very crummy so I think changing the type of like ingredients actually did you'll see that actually helps okay yo I'm not even you know the white cake is falling apart see it's the white cake it's because I didn't get to use all the butter and the milk like what you what I did for the chocolate cuz look the chocolate ones not falling apart on me this one isn't falling apart on me it's because I use the actual cake mix recipe so that's the only reason why I take that one out and then okay I got this get rid of this middle part and think you're gonna be okay just throw it on the of the table off he didn't help Steve not too much icing oh look at the Madeleine do you want to take this lovely nothing all right love you bye okay so we have a two-tier cake now house love you body alright so we're just icing this I have a flower tip on it so that's why it looks like this because I thought I would just go ahead and crumb coat it but she can tell that's not working out very much so yeah no we're not even gonna I'm not even gonna try guys this is a big fail you've all told me not to make my wedding cake and you shoulda listened rich gonna act like this never happened I do have some leftover frosting that I could color okay we're just gonna have fun with it so I'm gonna color the leftover frosting I have these cool Russian I think they're called the Russian piping tips gross why am I wearing a white shirt and Bakey I don't know so we're gonna use this one I think this is supposed to be a flowery looking thing there's cake literally everywhere yes I'm a baker can you tell makes it easier to put the frosting in the bag I cannot believe I just wasted all my time wasting all this butter for no reason I wish I would have known it was gonna fall apart before I made this whole second batch of buttercream frosting so as you can probably guess I've never used one of these before let's see what happens oh okay this is cool oh it stopped working okay the first ones look cool what okay guys what happened y'all can tell me in the comments these are the first two and then as I kept going they just turn into dollops oh that one kind of worked oh that one worked I don't know what I did different do I not lift up to lift up though oh yeah oh you just don't put oh oh the faster you go what that is so freaking cool I don't know if I just got that probably not we're doing this thing it'd probably be easier if it didn't have like this crazy Oh just realized I have a turning table for a reason no I just went off right there look at that okay some of them suck like majorly but some of them are really good you know see that okay we're kind of saving it saving it just a little we need something right here we're gonna stock over ahead y'all okay why am i proud of this but the flowers did help the flowers did health moral of this video is I know not to make my own wedding okay unless I practice more and maybe if I'm not on camera I won't feel so scared and nervous but the flowers helped like freak you I'm gonna leave it out I'm not gonna I'm gonna let my parents see it I guess I should eat I'm gonna try one kid this is the road that's really good so right here kind of sucks as you can see one didn't stick so I'm gonna try that piece I do want to try the chocolate cake I'm gonna try it it's really not bad oh I can just piece it back in can't even tell it's really not bad we already know the frosting is good yeah I don't think people would want this on my wedding you know I had to try it that is what we have learned here today that cake is good I normally don't like cake either sorry for like the weird angles and not being professionally filmed but it's me so whatever thank you guys so much for watching I hope you all enjoyed I'm super excited so I have a lot of videos that I have planned for Bridal videos you guys will be meeting my bridesmaids probably in the next video and then I also want to film me getting my dress but that'll be a couple months from now and what other type of wedding stuff would you guys like to see it please let me know if you guys are new here please do not free to subscribe and make sure to get the video a like and hope you guys are having a great day or night we're never watching this and I hope to see you guys my next video bye guys

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  1. I think the issue was that you over cooked the cake. Cake should be checked 2 inches away from the edge. (It should still be slightly sticky in the middle because cake keeps cooking when you take it out of the oven.

  2. I love how your mom tries to say positive things and make the best out of a bad situation🥺
    You still have a year left and if you really want to you can do it. In my honesty opinion😊 if you don’t mind I can give you some tips😊
    1. Butter EVERY EVERY inch of your pan even in the edges. Yeah get in there pretty good. No need for flour either. And make sure they are FULLY baked.
    2. Make sure they cool down a pretty good amount in the pan.
    3. Level off the bread if there’s a bump on top.
    4. Make the icing thicker than usual so your cakes won’t be moving once you’re frosting them.
    It looks like you have all the equipment to do a cake. ALL you need is practice. Ohhh and the cake boxes are perfectly fine with the ingredients on the box☺️ no need to add nothing extra or take off. Please trust me. The white cake you made is supposed to be fluffy and soft😊 that’s what a white cake is😊
    Maybe if you do practice you can make a updated video of how better you got☺️ I think we’d all love an update!

  3. Go to eBay and look for an old Easy Bake Oven. Make sure the light bulb works (or it won't bake). Mix cake. Bake. Celebrate!

  4. Now that you’ve tried it out, You can try and make that cake another time and learn from your mistakes ❤️ and make a video of it

  5. Madeline !!! can you Please buy sponge cakes from the shop and do the same thing all you have to do is decorate and it still tastes good XX

  6. Your mom is always so sweet in these videos. I love how when you mess up she doesn’t panic and reassures you 💜

  7. Hey Madeline ! My names E mma and I really need your help 😂. I have a extremely similar story to you meeting Steven. There’s this really really attractive guy at my local fish n chip shop and I want to know how you got to know Steven, as I’m the WORST with guys. I can’t talk, look or even make eye contact with them. BTW I’m almost 16 years old . I know you’ll never see this, but I really need your help / approach to getting to know him , ahhhhhh he’s perfect for me. Xx loved this and can’t wait for more wedding videos

  8. Look up “Chelsweets” she specializes in making wedding cakes in particular. They’re so beautiful and I’ve watched a few tutorials she has posted. You should watch! It’s very time consuming. But a lot of people end up very pleased and so glad they made their own. Keep practicing if it’s something you really wanna do. I have faith in you Madeline! 💗

  9. I blame Betty Crocker and Pillsbury and gravity. The reason all the roses didn't work out is because you need to squeeze the icing out to the right amount then stop squeezing the bag completely before you lift it up and lift up quickly.

  10. lol madeline please make more baking videos 😂 baking isn’t easy and its a fucking battle man!!! wish that was a joke 😂

  11. Picking out bridesmaids dresses would be a good one too. Or prank your bridesmaids with ugly dress

  12. Okay this is the saddest thing I've ever seen 😭😭😂 Madeline what did u dooo hahah 😭 why didn't you do the crumb coat and just left the white buttercream like that? I hope u didn't throw away the broken cake, that would have been a good cake pop base 🙈

  13. Give it another try i wanted to make myself a birthday cake one year and it turned out awful but then i watched this video and then i realized i didn’t know anything!! Watch it and try it again please make a part 2

  14. y'all should do a day in the life of an engagded couple but on a day you're doing the most wedding planning

  15. Kids, whenever you make a cake,under any circumstances, never, EVER, try to remove the cakes from the pan before they have cooled. It may help them cool faster, but they will just crumble so what’s the point. I know from experience.

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