Trust Your Ancestors – Bring Back Ancient Rituals And Ceremonies

hey guys I hope that you guys are doing amazing wherever you are on the world my name as always is bloom Chaka and I welcome you to my channel I'm so grateful that you guys are spending time with me on this channel subscribing and commenting and putting your energy here I really appreciate all of that in this video I want to speak to you guys about ceremonies and rituals I've been thinking a lot about this specific topic over the last few weeks because I've been noticing that there has been an influx of a lot of different kind of rituals into my life as if the universe is trying to poke me you know put me on the shoulder or tap me on the shoulder and say here here this is something that you should be doing that you're not doing okay and so I can want to give you a little bit of a background on you know as humanity or as people what we are doing and our history with regards to ceremonies and rituals so obviously when we were when we were pagans or we believed in animal spirits or we believed and when we were like Native Americans where we had this idea that the world around us is alive you know the trees are alive the rocks are alive the Sun is alive and we prayed things like prayed to things like that so we weren't really praying to deities or Jesus Christ or things like that we were actually praying to then wireman around us nature's the Sun the moon and all of those things at that point there were a lot of rituals and ceremonies that we followed in order to give in order to give homage how much homage to the our to pay homage to the the beings around us right to the Sun to the moon to the trees to the lakes to the rivers to everything around us that sustained us that was that was life-giving right the rivers around us were not just sources of water or they weren't just sources of dumping you know it wasn't just about dumping garbage into it it was about giving water if you did not have that River at that point in time you would not be able to drink water they didn't have water bottles they didn't have Nestle they didn't have like plastic bottles that they could by from the supermarket and they could drink water that way they had to get their water from the river sources the rivers the lakes etc and so they were all life-giving the same thing with the trees and the plants and the herbs and those spices and everything around them that's how they got their food it wasn't that you know they just kind of went to the supermarket and bought their food it was that their food was achieved by cutting down a tree or going to a shrub and and getting some berries or or digging into the soil and getting some root vegetables things like that right of course that meant that there was a lot of connection a deep connection between the human humanity or the human beings and these sources of life around them so it wasn't just that they were disconnected from all of it it wasn't just that it was just a tree it was that they would get be able to get their their their housing from it you know their leaves were used for things their barks were used for things their SAP was used for things and so everything around them was used had a specific use had a specific item that they could get from it that helped them live their life right and so birch water you know they drank with water from the birch and that was that's how they got a lot of their nutrients the herbs and spices they needed that in order to cure ailments it wasn't that they just popped a pill they needed the herbs and spices that came from the trees and plants around them in order to make them feel better in order in order to cure illnesses in order to to be healthy right so everything around them had a purpose had a meaning a much deeper meaning than what we have right now right you know right now we might pass by a tree and it's just a tree it's there it provides a little bit of shade and it maybe provides a little bit of oxygen if you think about that but that's it you're not thinking about anything else with regards to that tree just tree the same thing with a plant and you might pass by and so I obviously been trying really hard to learn more about plants and there is this one particular plan that I passed by it's called the butterfly pea flower and this beautiful little purple flower and it's really good for you it helps with depression anxiety and mood swings and a host of other benefits and so they're very popular here they're everywhere they just grew on the side of the street and so whenever I pass by it you know I think the tree I trying to plan and I'll pick a couple of flowers and I'll just munch on it while I'm walking around and it's just it's one of those things that I've started doing that I never used to do before I would never think about picking a flower and eating it but because I know more about it I'm able to do that and that's how the our ancestors used to live it wasn't that they were disconnected from their world is that they were extremely connected to everything that was going on around them they were really connected to everything the river is the lakes the oceans the trees the plants animals you know it wasn't just that animals were there around them because they were a nuisance or the very source of food it was that they were a source of life and that's the difference it was if they didn't have all of these things around them they would not be alive anymore if they didn't have the river if the river was dry one year because there was no rain they would die you know there was no other there was no plan B there there was no plan that you could just go to the supermarket and buy anything there was no government that would be like all right cool we're gonna transport water from here to there so you can have water there wasn't anything like that and so of course as I said this caused them to have a lot of rituals and ceremonies in order to connect themselves further with these life sources but also to thank them right because it wasn't just that okay I'm just gonna keep on taking and taking and taking from my environment it was that I have to return back to my environment as well I have to thank her him it for what it has done for me what it has given me right and so they have all these rituals and in my culture I'm originally from India there's a lot of ritual still there's a lot of rituals still that are performed with regards to water great with regards to the rivers around us we consider our rivers to be holy and life-giving sources without the rivers a lot of India would be dead because there would be no other source of water for them and the governments are not that great at their infrastructure so unfortunately or fortunately they have a lot of rituals still with regards to water and I've noticed that they're very careful and very and they try as much as possible to be careful about their water sources I remember being in India maybe eight or nine years ago and I was right next to the Ganga which is our very holy river it's one of the longest rivers and it is extremely holy because it comes down from the Himalayas from the gods basically right and so it's treated preciously it's treated like a deity it is a goddess our rivers are goddesses to us right and so there was this person this Indian man who went in and they take showers and they take baths in the rivers they're not very clean anymore unfortunately but they do still use them as a source of water as a source of you know cleaning and water to make food etc not healthy but still that's the way it is and this man went in and he started using soap to clean himself in the in the water and there was this priest that came out of nowhere and yelled at him so hard and started beating him up because he was polluting the goddess he was polluting Ganga river by using soap it's not allowed anymore I mean of course there's industries that dump water there dump that sewage into the river and so I don't want to talk about all the logistics of it but there is this one scene that I noticed where this person was basically beaten up for polluting the river polluting the goddess that is Ganga river right and so there is this deep connection that's still present obviously among those people but that we as modern civilized I guess human beings in the developed countries have lost you don't have those rituals anymore behind these ceremonies that we follow we don't do any of that stuff we're not related or connected to anything and I think that's one of the reasons why we feel so alone in this technology field filled world it's not because of the technology necessarily it's because we've lost all that connection to the source we've lost the connection to our water to our food to the trees and the plants and the beans around us we don't consider even rocks to be anything anymore we just break them down we you know we use explosives and B mine through them and so nothing holds any value to us anymore except money right we don't have any connection to anything except money and so we're feeling isolated because of that whereas ancestors our ancestors were connected to everything everything had life the rocks around them had life the earth around them have life you know every insect about everything had life around them you know trees plants rivers mountains Sun Moon all the planets all the constellations every single thing around them had meaning to them had some sorts of life to them you know had had had a deity around connected to them or had a goddess or God connected to them you know there was always this connection to everything and because of that they were never alone because they could be walking by themselves in the middle of nowhere in the desert and they would still feel connected to the source because there's a Sun right there or there's a sand there which is also which also has life there's a cactus there which has life there is the the shrubs and the bushes there which has life there's a snakes who are goddesses and gods as well there are the bugs that are filled with life you know there was they were almost surrounded by life they were always surrounded by by gods goddesses deities and and powerful beings like that they were never alone whereas now in our concrete jungles we are extremely alone we have nothing that connects us to the source and so I'm gonna obviously talk a lot more about this in the future because I'm obviously learning about it but of course the the main idea our tent behind this video is that we need to learn a little bit from our ancestors and learn that we need to try at least to see the this life everywhere around us again it's harder in a concrete jungle because you know you're looking at the asphalt and you're like moon doesn't have life I don't know about that but if you have any trees around you or any plant around you when you're walking past a beautiful tree remember that it is a source of life it's a source of oxygen if you don't have that you would die right and so try as much as possible to notice this life this these sources of life these gods goddesses deities around you as you walk through the world right and in a future video I'll speak a lot more about rituals and ceremonies and how you can try to bring interesting rituals into your life that connects you to the source over and over again rather than you feeling alone because you're by yourself on this planet but you're not which you're not you're always surrounded by your guardian angels you're surrounded by spirits and and beings and there's always something around you you're not you're never alone I'll let me feel or we've kind of learned or we think that bear alone we're not okay all right I hope doesn't make sense I really I hope that I was able to explain myself to you it's so important this this I think this lesson is so important to learn because we are not alone and we don't have to feel lonely because we're always surrounded by beautiful powerful beings they're there just to help us and protect us and take care of us you guys have any questions about this video or any other video at all please message me by emailing me I'll only take questions by email my email address is in the description below and I will see you guys in the next video bye for now

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  2. Turn your ghosts into ancestors.
    I'm an Eclectic Wiccan & Seven Arrows Shaman.

    –An INFJt-Empath 🌌💫🔭

  3. Good morning boom. I was reading the comments below and some people seem irritated at the fact you don't just stay focused on infj personalities. Well I'd like to say to them there's a lot more to life than a personality class. I hope they can open their eyes and see the life around them. Have a great day. Thank you

  4. The polka is still very much alive in my family lol. We LOVE our Polish heritage. Kiss on the lips….still very much alive. Pocałuj mnie, Kocham Cię, and Zamknij się, dupku are the only Polish I learned. 3rd generation so language gets diminished a tad due to great grandparents saying you need to learn English! Lol.

  5. Modern day society forgot what it's like to be human and people don't respect nature . that's their downfall so sad

  6. There's a lot of reasons why we don't do these anymore. Rivers in India became a major health issue, killing millions, because of so many people putting their dead in it and going to the bathroom and bathing in it. If people only live off the land, it leads to Tragedy of the Commons and to mass starvation. I could go on for weeks….

  7. Organized religion began as a path to spirituality but became warped over the centuries into a subversive system of power & control to the point where we had to separate Church & State. In the US we have Freedom of Religion. That DOES NOT mean that religion = freedom. it only means you are free to choose your own. Once you begin down the path of organized religion people rarely associate religious rules with freedom however people always associate nature with freedom. That says more than enough. Beautiful thought provoking topic as usual.

  8. I do Like some of the Old Ways. Like the Blood Eagle Ceremony for Hated Enemies, or using the boiled skull of an enemy for a Beer Mug. Stoning for Adulterous spouses. And the Unmaking Ceremony for the Hunt. This shows Appreciation , Respect, and Thanks for the killed animal, and for the Life its' death gives. Death By Torture for Treason. Some Others I can't Rip off the Top of my Head right now..

  9. The majority of this channel is dedicated to the MBTI INFJ personality, you decide to take a sharp left turn into ancient rituals and possibly starting to reach into spirituality, my questions are these:-
    1:- What connection are you relating between INFJ personality and ancient rituals?
    2:- Has the topic of INFJ come to a stand-still? if so, is the information you impart from here going to be from your own experience? I have found that the best way to share knowledge is to gleam from personal experience, what I have not put in my video's could be classed as controversial and limited (one time experience), so if anyone was to find out then they would need to contact me via email and I will give them the truth.

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