Trump Sits & Talks Through Military Flag-Lowering Ceremony

the right likes to say that they have a claim on patriotism they have the monopoly on respect for the military they support the troops often by supporting whatever mission the president wants to send them on if it's a Republican or by putting a yellow ribbon on their car the right decides what is disrespectful and they've decided it's disrespectful to peacefully protest at a football game by kneeling during the national anthem and Donald Trump has been all over this it's disrespectful to the flag to kneel at a football game it's disrespectful to the military donald trump has now disrespected the flag by his own standards Trump was at a Pennsylvania Air National Guard base being interviewed by Fox News's Sean Hannity and during the interview retreat started playing which happens when there is an American flag lowering ceremony this is a time when you're supposed to according to US flag code stand and cover your heart and look towards the flag and what did Trump do he sat there talking to Sean Hannity notices the song is playing in jokes maybe it's being played for him or if it's being played for Sean Hannity's great ratings on Fox News if you're watching this clip you'll notice that as soon as the song starts people in the background all stand and start saluting the flag but not Trump very disrespectful isn't it take a look and GDP now I have to tell you for the last quarter three letters Reaper sent three two and actually three two they adjusted it upward what a nice sound that is are they playing that for you or for me they're playing that in honor of his ratings did you see how good is he's beating everyone I think they'll be higher tonight I'm just guessing so the fact is that we really were really rocking we have 3.2 now this yes kneeling is disrespecting the flag it's disrespecting our military and Trump's it's during the flag lowering ceremony as everybody else stands and it goes further if you believe in the concept of Flag respect when retreat is played for a flag lowering ceremony you're actually supposed to stand if you understand the level of hypocrisy I'm actually going to show you the flag code called conductor and hoisting lowering or passing a flag which says very clearly during the ceremony of hoisting or lowering the flag or when the flag is passing in a parade or in review all persons present in uniform should render the military salute members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute all other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over their hearts that is very very clear and Donald Trump says that sons of bitches should be fired from the NFL because they kneel even though there's no actual code for what NFL players were supposed to do during the national anthem and then Trump himself ignores the actual flag code I could not actually care less about this nonsense but it is by these people's own standards that they do everything they accuse others of doing wrong Hillary's emails they're all using private email drain the swamp Trump is filling the swamp so much that it's overflowing kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectful to the flag they sit during an actual moment when the flag code tells us what to do and of course the bigger issue is that the NFL players did it in protest Trump is just ignorant there was no message behind what he said are they playing retreat for me or for your ratings Shawn there was no message there other than I'm a moron being silent and not moving in the world of Trump is more disrespectful than joking about the music being played during a flag lowering ceremony but remember that time when Obama saluted a service member while holding a cup of coffee in his hand that's really what's disrespectful they've decided let's take a break david slash read it discuss any or all of these topics with us we'll be back after this

Michael Martin

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  2. Why is this Monster still in power..what is wrong with the American people? Me thinks it is..dirty cows always look for other dirty cows.,like for like..birds of a feather. 😧 So sad to see this man who rose from the sewer.,dragging half the American population with him. There are none so blind as those who see. 👀

  3. Anyone who has been in the Military,, knows that you are suppose to stop, and salute towards the sound of where the music is coming from. Why in the hell would they play taps for suck ass Hannity? He never serve our country.

  4. I've read everyone's response to this. Is there no one that will defend Donald Trump's actions? Come on Trump supporters say something. The idiot didn't even know what the song was he thought it was a nice tune LOL. He has no place in the White House and he is not my president!

  5. I remember the flag lowering on our base. My father would stop our car
    get out and salute and we would get out and cover our hearts even though we might have to pee. Trump is a disgrace to our country and our men and women in uniform!!!!

  6. Disrespect is a matter of decision. Because we're not showing respect or giving respect is not mean we are automatically showing disrespect.
    More people publicly bashing their own president.

  7. The people clapping and cheering Trump during the ceremony were also disrespectful (I assume they must have been Trump supporters). And I didn't see one hand over a heart, did you?

  8. the most disgusting thing that I have ever seen. hannity and trump at the flag lowering. unbelievable. good god

  9. Trump’s lack of empathy for our military is obvious in his demand for a military parade to stoke his ego. Our troops are understaffed and underfunded, so why add to their workload?

  10. Being raised in a military family that goes back as far as can be recalled on either side, both parents were in the navy and grandparents served as well. Grandma actually served in WWII. I have also known many and lost many friends and that flag means a lot as does the anthem. At least respect the people who have given their lives for it. Doesn't cost you a thing but a moment of silence to honor those who have been lost. As for trump this is yet another perfect example of military service should be a prerequisite for the presidency. If you are not willing to give your live in defense of your country you sure as hell are not fit to run and lead it.

  11. B-b-but Trump said he knows all about the military, he said he knows more than the Generals…was it all a lie? sniffle

  12. I saw the standing but no hand over the heart, with a lot of laughing. wtf? This guy went to military school and didn't know what to do?

  13. Trump-tards will rationalize it all away like our fleeting democracy fading into obscurity as the oligarchy comes into focus. When one day soon, they wake up to corporate law and no freedoms, they will blame everyone but themselves.

  14. We all know to be a Trump is to be a hypocrite. That’s a good case for scientific research on genetics or rearing. So PLEASE! Lock them up in a room and study them.

  15. He only cared about his image on TV!! If his his heart were truly a patriot, he would have stood!! No brainer. Trumpers, SEE HIM FOR WHAT HE IS!!!! QUIT DENYING THE OBVIOUS!!! I'm an ARMY VETERAN. I KNOW leadership!!! HE knows NONE!

  16. You can't blame someone with a child's mentality for messing up simple things. Children are still learning how to operate in the world.

  17. He's not worried because he is not the mark he is the con man, the muppets take notice of him he doesn't take any notice of the muppets, it's about time Americans woke up, everyone in the world can see what's happening in the US except the gullible American religious crazies. If a democrat president did what Trump is doing he would be dead by now.

  18. I think he forgot what that song is. It's probably not played around him very much and since he's a draft dodger he never got to hear of it in the military. 🙂 Songs

  19. He is the commander in chief, and the president. He doesn't have to follow rules…he just makes them up to suit himself. How many rules about finances has he broken? This just goes to show, he really isn't fit to be president.

  20. he's such a mf'er ah…and on top of it, to think it's for him hahahahahahahaha but what is almost as bad, or maybe as, is the people who cheered him when he looked out to the crowd and said it must be in honor of Hannity's ratings……..the ignorant, man-child only sinks lower and lower

  21. I'll bet you that Trump thinks his shit doesn't stink. Listen to the moron:

  22. To me the talking is a bigger issue! Part of the reason for standing is to show your focus on the flag. To talk over it like that is incredibly disrespectful imo! It is something you see done a bit (especially from the right) people will go through the motions of standing, but then continue talking, while those around them in wheelchairs or otherwise unable to stand will sit stationary, looking to the flag & showing clear respect for it. Those kneeling do the same, they show far more respect that trump could have been said to have been, even if he had been standing but continuing his other actions during this episode

    I wonder what would happen if the NFL players started standing, but with their back to the flag/anthem singer/point of focus & chatting & laughing & joking during it (actually I don't wonder, I know obviously)

  23. I really don't think he realized or understood what was happening. He did not serve in the military and his staff should have informed him of the protocol before he appeared at the venue. I would be the first to call foul if I felt that this was a situation wherein he was being hypocritical but I really am not seeing that in this particular incident.

  24. He had no idea what it was.. it's called Taps.. maybe if he actually cared about our troops as he so deligently speaks for patriotism than maybe he will look into what that lovely sound is playing for.. arrogant ass "they playing that for me"??? No chump we play Taps at flag ceremonies, lowing the flag at dusk and at a fallen soldiers funeral..

  25. 01:32 – 01:44 wow right wingers are complete morons,how is that stupid comment something you should applaud and cheer

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