Traditional voodoo ceremony in Haiti – no comment

Michael Martin

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  1. Accept the fact that Islam and Christianity think that African religion are satanic and African savage.
    BUT people still praying for this god who don’t like black people

  2. This is why Haiti stay's in poverty. The earthquake didn't make many repent, the voodoo isn't working & their government doesn't care. Repent, seek the gospel & humble yourselves unto Him. He is coming soon!

  3. I am Haitian so yall shouldn't be judging how my country is it hurts me feelings Edit: if you guys were a true Haitian yall wouldn't be saying these types of things some people there can't even afford anything,this is how we celebrate in God's name Haiti is a beautiful county were many children starve but now I moved to newyork I really wish I could go back there

  4. Voodoo. Is nasty , dirtiest culture in the world. Vodoo makes people miserable . ugly nasty..but those people need to accept Jesus..

  5. crazy shit! boogah boogah. the mexicans and their santaria is the same crazy shit. coo coo as cocopuffs!

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