Touhou Arranged ~ FELT ~ Flower Flag (English subs)

Waiting for the coming of spring, in her eyes Cherry blossoms were dancing as they fell Slipping through her hands and chasing after the wind Disappearing across the sky Her loss of her future is carved deep within this tree Setting it aflower, turning the world to spring as she waited for death The released flower petals dance strongly as the wind Knowing her loss, expiring, forgetting even regret Tracing lines and motions in the end they show fragments of memories As they disappear portraying a faint happiness left within them She laid to rest and many years passed her by Under this tree that no longer would blossom When you suddenly appeared, in those eyes Shone a gate leading unto spring In that strong gaze, I think of you locked away Carefully gathering fragments one by one to bring spring to you Those lost memories in that moment my heart was swept away Boiled up inside me and in that moment I was entranced, overflowing with tears Ever since that day I swore I would save you, I gathered spring I took back fate, calling you in your eternal sleep Now the sky has started to blossom in profusion, cherry blossoms dancing like butterflies I cannot stop thse tears from overflowing, or myself from trembling The instant I cried out I faintly felt something, and then You disappeared again right away The opened flowers, strong like the dancing wind And as I am gently embraced I overflow with smiles The feeling I felt that day when I touched you will never go away Though I will never see you, I will wait for you in full bloom

Michael Martin

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  1. This SERIOUSLY reminds me of All This Time. They're both so upbeat, yet so sad. Gosh, they're both beautiful songs XD

  2. This song is incredibly beautiful. It's upbeat tones mixed with it's sorrowful voice and lyrics create a contrast in itself, resulting in a magnificent melody. Thank you for uploading this, Madam.

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