Top 5 Mail Order Bride Facts

money can't buy you love but technically it can find you a wife welcome to facts in today's installment we're counting down the top 5 facts about mail-order brides there was no intimation between us before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more great content come along as we explore the realities of this distinct marriage service as it exists in our modern world number 5 Eastern European and Southeast Asia are the biggest markets ever consider that you're technically Asian round-eyed Asian with blond hair I'm Ukrainian making a joke though mail-order brides have often been referred to as Russian brides that colloquial name is a bit of a misnomer nowadays in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union the women signing up for such services were indeed overwhelmingly of Eastern European origin but in recent years it seems that Southeast Asian countries have caught up if not surpassed Eastern Europe it all has to do with the socio-economic situations in the countries of origin as well as the gender distribution countries in which there are disproportionate number of men to women or where the opportunities for women are limited are more likely to see a booming mail-order bride industry I don't want to get married to the men in my village because the married couples always have money problems in a min always get drunk and mistreat their wives number four there are two kinds of services once the two people come to an agreement the bride's medical check-up is done one more time just to make sure then a simple wedding ceremony is held after the ceremony the groom comes back to Korea and it's our time to get busy because we need to prepare the immigration paperwork the thing about the term mail-order bride is that it's rather misleading you can't just browse a website pick a woman and have her delivered that would be considered human trafficking in the legal world two distinct kinds of mail-order bride service exist the first is little more than an international dating site intended to connect men with women from certain areas of the world such services are relatively affordable but aren't necessarily going to result in speedy nuptials the other option is to go with an international marriage broker where the goal is really finding a match ASAP it doesn't come cheap though estimated expenses can easily get into the tens of thousands number three it's got a long history in America dear Bo as for all those questions of yours yes I can swim yes I can be at a hook men in America have been looking long distances for women for centuries but back in the day they weren't seeking a bride of a specific ethnicity or chasing some antiquity patriarchal fantasy they just weren't many women around when the western frontier was first settled men who had established themselves would take out ads in papers back home in hopes of attracting a bride to join them if a woman was interested she would correspond with her Western suitor by mail and if all went well a proposal and marriage would follow it was considered a chance to start fresh and embark on an adventure and quite frankly was a necessary reality of the tines what's your interest in all this was to Rory unless she stole $10,000 from me and I want it back there's a rewarded who's willing help me bring her in number two it's risky I need some help prices I made a huge mistake sorry we should clarify yes for men seeking a mail-order bride comes with the risk of disappointment and financial loss should your wife be using you as a quick ticket to a better life and leave you shortly afterwards however the risks faced by women signing up for such services are much more serious though almost all marriage brokers insist on having the husband and wife to be meet beforehand a bride doesn't really know her husband until she comes to his home where with no contacts and sometimes little knowledge of the local language she can easily be victimized by her new husband there have even been multiple documented cases of men killing their brides yikes today was the first full day of testimony in the case of Thomas Lane accused of killing his overseas bride he met online number one it's often results in mismatched expectations or was they gonna lose one of the biggest issues with the concept of ordering a bride in the modern day is the disconnect between the men and women who sign up oftentimes such men are reportedly seeking more of an old-fashioned dynamic between man and wife this might work for some brides who are happy to play the role in exchange for a better financial situation and more comfortable life but not all brides according to a 2005 study from the Knox college many mail-order brides are specifically looking to get away from a male-dominated society in favor of a country with more progressive views of equality and gender roles making them ironically ill suited for the aforementioned source of suitor do you agree with our picks check out these other 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    $15000 for a wife…….

    That sounds like a good deal…

    Has anyone ever used these sites before?

    Can you actually get a mail order bride for $10,000…
    Are there other costs associated with it?

    For example does the $10,000 cover the entire costs of the mail order bride…

    or is it assumed that you just have more money than the $10,000

    I ask because currently I am homeless….

    The best job I am likely to get will make me only $2000 a month….

    I was gonna save up 1-2 months worth full time and save up for a mini van to move into

    but at a bargain deal of $10,000 per wife

    I was thinking of just spending the 5 or 6 months as a homeless person working full time
    save up the money

    use a temporary local address for shipping purposes
    so the
    ups guy or fed ex guy or amazon delivery guy knows were to drop her off

    then once i have the mail order bride

    move her to my hobo tent camp

    then we could form a team together to save up for an apartment or mini van to live out of

    is this a viable option if you can get wives for as cheap as $15,000


    if i cant get a permanent address for the shipping guys to drop her off at

    can i just pick her up at the package delivery head office instead of coordinating delivery

  2. I was thinking about doing this but pass. It these sucks because going to be 30 years old soon most girls my age have 1,2 or more kids and they are looking for someone to take care of her kids aka another guys kids and not willing to have kids with me. Now there are guys willing to do that but I am not that person. Then the other thing is SOME MANY girls have a crazy debt in there name do to school, credit cards, and cars that if I get married to them then its on me to to pay that back. Now with me owning everything i have and having a good deal of money invested I am these losing out A LOT. Take care of another guys kids. Pay off her debt. An be at risk of a diovore because she charged her mind again about what she is looking for in life. Sadly I stay single =(

  3. Some people simply want to believe a lie and fantasy and then complain and put the fault on the Barbie .

  4. There is no way these women needs to find love on here. Lol it’s definitely to use you for your money.

  5. I ordered one from a war torn country. She arrived with no legs or arms, and in fact was deceased in a coffin. We love each other but she doesnt talk much.

  6. If you're old, or old and fat, she doesn't love you, she's trying to escape her country and get to yours, so she can find a real man she wants to be with.  Do not believe her, and do not go over there, save your money.  Women are the same there, as they are here.  They all have standards, they want exactly what an American woman or any woman, for that matter wants.  They want a younger, athletic guy who stays in shape, is good looking, and a nice job with money, so that he can take care of her.  That sounds exactly what an American woman wants doesn't it?  Those matchmaking trips are expensive, just save your money, it's not worth the trip, most of those people are preying on those loser men.

  7. So absurd. I just turned 46 a couple of days ago. As tempting as it is for me, to go on one of those Russian websites and find me a young Russian wife, it would be a complete waste of time and money. It's just plain stupid. Really childish, infantile. Men in their late 40s, 50s, even in their 60s, looking for a wife in her 20s. Really? Why even look for a wife, if you're that vain and immature? You're still not ready to get married. What type of relationship is a man my age, going to have with a 23 year old. A woman half his age? It's a dead end street.

    There are so many beautiful, sexy women, in their late 30s, in their 40s, 50s, that to me, it just doesn't make any sense, to pursue women in their 20s. It's a complete waste of time and energy. A silly fantasy.I would get a Russian wife in her 40s, not her 20s, if I was looking to get married with a Russian woman. She would be around my own age.

  8. Honestly in 7 years I am considering this as an option because American women are kind of not what I am looking for. Some good ones out there but the juice isint worth the squeeze. I plan to find a woman my age tho and not some 20 year old bombshell. Dosnt have to be a beauty queen, just someone I can get along with and start a family with.

  9. Just stick to the fat American women. You won't have to worry about going broke and you'll get good home cooked meals.

  10. There's nothing like going out of your way to buy your own cold shouldering gold digger. No sex, no real love, cater to all your demands, and pay for everything – where do I sign-up?

  11. 10k?!!!!!!!! I'll stick to madame palm and her five ugly sisters… Fucking hate email anyway 😂

  12. Old, overweight, ugly, and has never met her, but is shocked she married him for his money. Lol…

  13. It's about having common goals ,interests and being with somebody who will love in return not so much which country she is from. JUst watch out for the gold diggers, found a few of those myself and don't need to import anymore of them either.

  14. People warned me against mine and I responded that every risk they warned me against was realized in my american ex wife.

  15. I knew this plumber (laidback/good guy) that was an overseas contractor for an American firm. He met this Russian woman and married her. He brought her back to the U.S. and she started college. She got her RN degree and promptly left him. Two years later they got back together and have been together this time for 9 years and counting. It seems she learned what she was missing.

  16. It's so sad that most of these guys are thinking "maybe if she gets to know me she'll love me!" Nope! Sorry dude!

  17. I simply want to order a Russian one just so I can ask her "are you my queen?" Depending on her answer one of the two following replies would insue… "do you know de way?" Or begin spitting on her rapidly while driving her back to the airport repeating "I spit on de false queen"

  18. If you’re a fat, dull, homely man and can’t get a date here, you aren’t any different to a mail order bride

  19. According to the US Census data, divorce rates of international marriages are around 20% while the US domestic marriage divorce rates are 57% . One in 2 children will be raised in a divorced domestic home in USA.. I'd say about 98% of the commenters need to look up the facts.. International marriages are 3 times more likely to succeed than domestic US marriages. Google the facts not what the drama media wants to feed you..

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