Top 5 Biggest Music Festivals

what's going on guys my name is Mike and this it's a viral video we're going to be taking a look at five insane large music events around the world and as a guy in his 20s it's no surprise I'm a huge fan of these types of music festivals so let's go ahead and jump right in it number five exit exit is an award winning summer music event held in the city of Novi Sad over in Serbia it's widely renowned as the best major european festival it was actually started as a student movement to fight for democracy and freedom in Serbia because of this social responsibility is a major theme throughout the entire festival aside from rock electronic hip hop and punk music that is always played there this event had 200,000 attendees last year with 120 acts number for Tomorrowland as one of the largest annual electronic music festivals in the world it's no surprise at the festival that spin-offs of Brazil and less recently tomorrowworld in the United States voted the best music event by the International Dance Music Awards and yes that exists in 2012 13 and 14 as well as the best festival by the redbull electro pedia Awards in 2011 2012 and 2013 this event is held in Belgium every year with 400,000 attendees in over 400 acts number three Coachella this event has a special place in my heart Coachella is a music festival and art festival actually held in the beautiful state of California United States of America it features a campgrounds which turn the three-day event in the more like a five-day party as well as all-day all-night music art showcases craft beers and lines as well as fantastic food from food trucks and other vendors with over 700,000 attendees and 190 apps this is one of the most insane festival in the world if you're in California during the month of April this number to Summerfest held at a 75 acre park in Wisconsin this 11 Day Festival is made up of 11 stages and performances from artists of all sorts alternative bluegrass folk funk metal hip hop indie jazz pop and rock if 11 days of insane action like that is not enough for you apparently on the first day they call it the big bang but they have a huge opening fireworks act that's like pretty insane this event has about 800,000 to a million attendees a year with over 800 a piece that's just out of this world number one though not some best if I pronounced that anywhere close I'd be happy but as the largest open-air event requiring 1500 volunteer assistance and police presence this is one of the most secure festivals as well with its size comes some pretty big insane lineups and activities as well as big rules to maintain a fun environment for everyone with 3.2 million attendees things can get out of hand pretty quickly but thanks to the food kiosks that serve various types of food including Tide Greek Italian Indian Turkish and vegetarian an Austrian it's pretty hard to get rowdy when you're so busy trying to choose what you want to eat this event is so large that it accounts for 40 million euros per year of Vienna's economy again this event takes place in Austria 3.2 million attendees per year and over 2,000 acts to choose from but if that wasn't enough for you you should go to these events I highly suggest it time your life if you have gone to event let me know in the comments down below of curious to kind of start a discussion about the different types of events and you know what happens in each of them so you just you don't give it a like if you want to see more subscribe and as always it's been Mike Ridolfi for it's all viral thanks for watching

Michael Martin

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  1. Это самый популярный фестиваль в 2014 году! Более 3 миллионов человек
    Фестиваль в Дунае в Вене

  2. Even tho Coachella has fewer visitors than some European festivals their visitors take up more space. Should be considered a pre-slaughter-pig-party.

  3. Austin City limits is the best in my opinion. 142 music acts in 3 days. They don't go by popular. They have a perfect balance of everything. It's the music capital of America and has overtaken Nashville. It's focus is not look how cool I am . The focus is 100% the music. This year Paul McCartney, Hoiser, The Nationals, Chvrches, Childish Gambino, Travis Scott, Metallica, Travis Scott , Lily Allen, Brandie Callie, Father Misty ,shaky Graves, Shawn Mendez, St Vincent and more. Austin City limits is the best and should be number 2 at least.

  4. Nowhere near as big as these, but Rainbow Serpent Festival, outside Melbourne, Australia, is pretty awesome.

  5. Actually the list is good. Exit is biggest fest in Europe and that is fact and has all genres not just one

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  7. Milwaukee's "Summerfest" is an awesome festival. It is located right on the coast of Lake Michigan……awesome music….Tons of great looking people…..Tons of great music and tons of awesome food.,….

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