Top 15 Weird Things That Happen Only In India

15 Strange Things That Happen Only In India India is one of the most interesting countries
in the world without a doubt. Even if you don’t know much about this Asian
country, you have probably heard about how diverse it is and that is enough to spark
some interest! Names like Swami Vivekananda, Aryabhatta and
CV Raman can be associated with India, so now you probably have an idea about the country. So shall we point out 15 things that happen
only in this strange and diverse country? Number 1. World’s largest family
Alright people, here’s a task for you- Google a man named Ziona Chana. He is the head of the world’s largest family
who is ‘blessed’ to have 39 wives! Yea, you heard that right, he really has 39
wives! Chana also has 94 children, 14-daughters-in-law
and 33 grandchildren. They live in a 100-room, four storey house
set amidst the hills of Baktwang village in the Indian state of Mizoram, where the wives
sleep in giant communal dormitories. 181 members in a family- can you beat that? Oh but Ziona isn’t done yet, he is looking
for more wives to expand his family to new limits! Number 2. Cops get paid to grow moustaches
Now this one is pretty bizarre! Officials in Madhya Pradesh believe that men
with mustaches are seen as more respectful and hence cops in this Indian state are given
a slight pay upgrade for having a moustache. Though it may be only 30Rs, it adds up over
time, right? Maybe we should check the demand for hair
supplements in the state! Number 3. Cows have ID cards
While the rest of the world is used to the idea of carrying their ID cards for a lot
many reasons, we wonder how many countries have thought about providing their animals
with such a card! Cows in West Bengal have their photo IDs to
make sure they are not smuggled to Bangladesh that touches border with this Indian state. That’s a smart thought but it doesn’t
stop here! Indian Prime Minister has initiated a plan
to assign unique 12-digit identification numbers to 88 million cattle in India to ensure they
are vaccinated on time and their breeding cycles can be monitored and improved. India is teaching us how our identity is rooted
in our cattle’s! Number 4. Highest rate of vegetarianism
India has one of the lowest rates of meat consumption in the world. With 38% Indians being vegetarians, the country
has the highest rate of vegetarianism. We can relate this to the religious mindedness
of the people in India because some religions emphasize on respect and non-violence to all
forms of life. Seems like it is time PETA moves its base
from Virginia! Number 5. Spice bowl
If you have ever tasted Indian food then the first thing you noticed was the amount and
variety of spices they use, right? Now when we tell you that India is the world’s
largest producer of spices, you’d probably take this news without a pinch of salt. Alright bad joke but come on, you’d agree
that Indian spices are to die for! Out of 109 spices listed by ISO, India produces
around 75 spices and accounts for about half the global spice trade. Aren’t you craving a spicy Indian snack
now? Number 6. Second largest English speaking country
125 million people in India speak English and that brings them on the 2nd spot of largest
English speaking countries! And you thought this list would see US, Australia,
Canada and UK on the top spots! Though US does make it to the first spot,
India follows it bypassing the other countries. But this isn’t the big news here. The real thing is that this huge number of
English speakers in the country make for only 10% of their population, like seriously! Number 7. Low divorce rate
About 50% marriages in the US end in a divorce, you already know that so what is new? Nothing new about US, that was just a point
of reference here- it’ll help you understand the contrast when we say that only 13 marriages
out of 1000 in India ever end with the D word! This proves that India has one of the lowest
divorce rates in the world. What’s the secret to their marital stability? Well, marriage in India is not just an official
agreement but is seen as a holy union and is thus not insulted in court! Number 8. World’s major religions
Many people mistake India for a Hindu nation, but it can’t be farther from truth! Though 80% Indians follow Hinduism, you would
find people from various religions residing together with affection and respect. The rest 20% comprise of people practicing
Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity and various others! Where else do you find such diversity in religion
and cultures? Number 9. Golden ladies
Would you believe us if we told you that Indian housewives own 11% of world’s gold? That might sound bizarre but people, every
bit of it is true! 11% guys, that’s more than the combined
stocks of the USA, Switzerland, Germany, and the International Monetary Fund. And you know what? Indian women consider gold as perceived wealth
and won’t sell it off until a huge monetary crisis hits. The country is home to the Golden temple in
the city of Amritsar which is coated with layers of gold! We just figured our next vacation destination! Number 10. Doors without locks
In the Indian town of Shani Shignapur, you will know how religious people are and how
much they trust God to punish the culprits themselves. The houses and shops in the town have no doors
or locks on them because people have faith in God and believe that even if a robbery
occurs, God Shani himself will punish him by turning him blind. Religiousness taken to the next level! Number 11. Love Commandos
What image comes to your mind when you hear the words Love Commandos? Yes, people who are protecting love and lovers! Now why does India need such people? Well, many of the Indian families are against
the idea of love marriages and especially the inter-caste ones. So such couples run away from their families
but end up getting killed by them. We really said that! Now do you understand why Indians need this
non-profit force- yes, to save the youth in love! Number 12. Most expensive house
Ever heard about Mukesh Ambani? He is the chairman of Reliance Industries
but that’s not why we brought him up. He is the owner of Antilia- a private home
in South Mumbai and is valued over $1 million! The 27 storey building is deemed to be the
world’s most expensive residential property, after Buckingham Palace, which is designated
as a crown property and is thus the world’s most expensive private residential property! And you thought Indians were poor? Number 13. Avoiding civilization
The Sentinel Islands in the Bay of Bengal is one of the last places on the planet that
remain untouched by modern civilization. The Sentinels are hunters by profession and
hate any unwanted contact from the outside world, making these islands one of the hardest
places to visit. Anyone that has tried to visit this place
has been killed, rendering this place unchanged for hundreds of years. We are scared! Number 14. Wedding detectives
Arranged marriages are very prevalent in the country, so much so that love marriages are
even a taboo in some cultures! Since parents look for a spouse for their
children, they leave no stone un-turned to get the best deal and they go to the extent
of hiring private detectives in the process! Yes, people shell out money to get an insight
into their prospective groom or bride’s bad habits and past relationships. Concern or creepy, what would you call it? Number 15. Innovative India
India is a land of innovation and pioneers. The world owes India for the introduction
to the game of chess. The Indian name of this game is Chaturanga,
which literally means four divisions of an army, namely elephants, cavalry, chariots
and infantry. Indian inventors are also responsible for
other great inventions like cataract surgery, wireless communication, fiber optics metallurgy,
cotton cultivation and everyday items such as buttons rulers, weight scales & the flush. That’s one long list! What are your experiences and stories about
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