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Top 10 Unusual Statistics About Life in Modern
America 10. Over 145 Million Americans are Poor Based on 2011 estimates, nearly half of the
American population is currently either considered to be low income or simply living in poverty.
If you have $10 in your pocket right now and no debts, you’re wealthier than 78 million
Americans. In 1950, only two in 10 men in the United
States were without jobs. It’s since gone up to about four in 10 men. Two out of 10
adults work at jobs that pay poverty level wages, and more than five in 10 Americans
can’t afford the house that they’re living in right now. One in four kids live on food
stamps. About 25 million adult Americans live with their parents, and some other 20 million
live in mobile homes. We’re not talking about poorly educated
Americans only. There are 320,000 restaurant servers, 115,000 janitors, and 80,000 bartenders
with Bachelor degrees. And over 33,000 PhD graduates are receiving public aid. 9. 32 Million American Adults Can’t Read
this Line An April 2013 study by the US Department of
Education and the National Institute of Literacy revealed that 32 million adults in the United
States can’t read. That’s about three Americans in any room of 20. It’s a figure
that hasn’t changed much since the 1980s. This means you can’t read the hazard warnings
on a bottle of pesticide. You can’t write your sweetheart a love letter, an email or
even a text message. You can’t use the Internet or social media. You can’t read street signs,
and if you got lost you can’t use a map. You find yourself living in a society that
runs on facts and figures and unable to participate. Most problems in the United States directly
correlate with illiteracy levels. More than six in 10 prison inmates, and nearly nine
in 10 juveniles who show up in the courts, can’t read. Interestingly, there are actually
more public libraries in the US than McDonald’s. But then there are also more prisons in US
than degree granting colleges. Speaking of literacy, 27% of US Army enlistees can’t
read training manuals written at the seventh grade level. 8. Religious Beliefs Are Eroding The 21st Century seems to be ushering in the
fall of religion in the USA. Studies from Berkeley and Duke University, as well as a
Pew Research survey, reveal that more and more people are leaving religion behind. In
1972, about five in 100 people said they had no religion. In 1990 that number was up to
eight in 100. And then the numbers start rising a lot faster — in 2010 it was 18 in 100,
and in 2010 it became 20. Surprisingly, half of those born in non-religious homes eventually
turned religious, although that’s just four in 100. But many more people are leaving religion
alone. Men tend to hold the lead in having the No Religion status, as for every three
non-religious men you have two non-religious women. New England — Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont – was founded by devout Puritans. Today, these same
states now hold some of the largest non-religious populations in the USA. 7. Apple Is Making More Than the US Government Apple has twice as much money as the US Government,
and Microsoft is also wealthier than Uncle Sam. It helps that some of America’s big
corporations know their way around Uncle Sam’s laws — in 2010, General Electric made over
$14 billion in profits but paid no taxes in the US. As for what the US is raking in, America held
the world’s number one GDP per capita in the 1950s, but now ranks 13th. The 2011 fiscal
year saw the US trade deficit with China at more than 49,000 times what it was in 1985! 6. America’s Food Craze Mozzarella and soda. On average, an American
drinks about 600 sodas a year. While soda guzzling managed to fall by nearly 25% between
1998 and 2013, mozzarella consumption in 2013 had tripled the 1970s volume! Americans consume about 100 pounds of chocolate
every second. 100 acres of pizza are consumed daily. Coffee is one of the most consumed
beverages in the US, but only Hawaii farms coffee in the US on a commercial scale. Another
surprise came with the discovery that there are more cows in Montana than humans, at a
three to one ratio. Little wonder that 50 billion hamburgers are sold every year in
the US alone. As for those chicken nuggets and all that chicken noodle soup? Eight billion
chickens lose their lives in the US yearly. An average supermarket in the US wastes about
3000 pounds of food per year. The government is taking notice, as it’s now a crime to
waste food in Seattle. While that law might sound absurd, it’s helpful when you consider
the fact that a binge-eating and food-wasting lifestyle isn’t sustainable. 5. Changes in How Americans Die Back in 1900, the biggest cause of death was
pneumonia and influenza. Heart disease now leads the gang of killers, followed by cancer.
Smoking still causes one in every five deaths in the US, and medical errors are the sixth
leading cause. Car crashes are big too, and every hour at least one person is killed by
a drunk driver in the US. However, that number is trending down, with a 36% decline since
1991. Suicide, meanwhile, is up, making the list
of the 10 largest causes of death in the country. In the US you’re twice as likely to commit
suicide than be murdered. In 2010 alone almost 40,000 persons killed themselves. That’s
more than the entire population of Liechtenstein. More US soldiers committed suicide than died
in combat in 2012, and one in 25 American teenagers has attempted suicide. Something to celebrate, however, is America’s
increased life expectancy. It was 55 years in 1900, and is now nearly 80. The United
States is still far behind other countries though, ranking 42 in the world. Number one?
Monaco. 4. Washington D.C.’s Educational Paradox Washington D.C. posts the lowest high school
graduation rates in the United States, yet also ranks as one of the cities with the highest
literacy levels. In 2011, D.C. spent the most money of any school system per pupil, approximately
$18,600. However, the city produced the worst results of any system. SAT reading scores
have never been as low since the 1970s, and four out of 10 pupils don’t graduate. On the other hand, D.C. has been one of America’s
most literate cities for about a decade now, ranking just behind Minneapolis and Seattle.
This means that D.C. has better used libraries, more people read online newspapers, and there’s
a greater use of bookstores. D.C. is actually home to the most circulated magazine in the
country. 3. 5000 Hours Of TV Time Before Kindergarten 5000 hours is more than enough time to earn
a college degree. It’s also the estimated amount of time a five year old spends in front
of the TV. How does this reflect on American adults? Well, there are more televisions in
the United States than people in the United Kingdom. More Americans are killed by falling
televisions than by terrorists, although that probably speaks more to an exaggerated threat
of terrorism than a constant threat of plummeting TVs. 2. Sick America 7% of Americans claim they never bathe. Based
on 2014 population estimates, that’s some 22 million Americans! Then you have medical
reports saying that the lifetime risk of developing cancer as an adult is 40.4%, and one in three
Americans are obese. The United States ranks number one for mental disorder diagnosis worldwide,
and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there are 19 million new cases
of gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia in the country every year. Finally, and in spite
of the high mortality numbers associated with smoking, 4000 teens smoke their first cigarette
every day, while 1000 of them go on to make smoking a daily habit. 1. A Nation of Singles It costs about $245,000 to raise a child in
the US. This cost might be partly responsible for the new dynamics in the marital lives
of American residents, as there’s been a 26% drop in married 20 to 34 year-olds from
1940 to 2010. In short, a lot more people prefer to remain unmarried. During that same
50 year period there was a 28% increase in 20 to 34 year-olds who’ve never been married. There are 45 major cities that are above the
50% mark of unmarried adults. That number keeps increasing, with the divorce rate at
100 divorces every hour. More children are born out of wedlock these days as well — four
in every 10 births come from unmarried women. The US teen pregnancy rate is at 22%, the
highest in the world. Shotgun weddings are presumably way down.

Michael Martin

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  1. I normally really enjoy videos from this channel but this video is full of so many statistical misconceptions and out right lies you pretty much shot your self's in the foot here.

    I would suggest in the future you do better research. Not only does this make the entire country of America look bad but you make your self look bad as well. Worst part is you are giving false information that many watching this video will take as fact.

  2. You really must hate Americans every video you make is about how bad America is how about England or France and Germany there are other interesting facts about other counties than the United States

  3. I would really love to see stats to comparable nations like UK, Russia, France, China, Australia. Is it just a US thing or worldwide thine this massive decline in the world in the things you mentioned.

  4. In "MY" feelings i don't find a lady for a simple reason….batshi* crazy feminazis who cry rape like the boy who cried wolf…..

  5. Junk food costs less than vegetables, and other healthy foods. At least in southwest Georgia. I myself live off $74 a month, for food.

  6. This video, is bias and stupid, clearly this guy loves to hate on America, I would like to debate him or anyone on this 10 fake figures.

  7. EH. incorrect. 50 million Americans live in poverty. You are off by about 100m. Besides have faith in humanity, things are getting better.

  8. #4 makes sense when you consider that the overall literacy rate is based on all residents. Considering that DC is the political center of the nation, there is an influx of lawyers, journalists, and otherwise educated people from around the nation. Thus, successful education systems export their students to DC.

  9. #9 is Ridiculously Untrue!! How can around 1-in-20 (or 32 million) American adults not be able to read?!? First, that would mean that there would have to be over 600 million ADULTs alone in the USA and adding kids would make the USA population closer to 1 Billion!! SOoo inaccurate!!! America only has around 350 million TOTAL people (kids included) so to say that 32 million American adults can't read would be saying that around 15%18% of adults can't read (or that 10% of the total U.S. population is illiterate)!! Where are these Wildly false and inaccurate numbers coming from?? Whose ass were they pulled out of?!? I think that illiteracy in America is –give or take- around 3%… And we must exclude children. So, it would be far more accurate to say that maybe around 5-7 million Americans are illiterate…and that's probably a stretch because many people classified as "illiterate" in America are not actually illiterate, they just have a poor level of literacy!! So at least get these numbers reigned in to somewhere within the realm of possibility!!! Now I have extreme doubts about the info in ALL of your videos!!!!

  10. Did you say 19 or 90 million people each year are diagnosed with an STD?  You spoke rather quickly, which is something one should not do when trying to convey scientific and medical information.  The numbers and percentages are critical in the scheme of stats.   If 90 million, then it would mean that you have a 25% chance of getting an STD these days.

  11. I am very happy that I am not an American.Your government doesn't doesn't seem to give a tinker's damn about its citizens.

  12. Perhaps people in Washington DC felt they don't need to finish FORMAL EDUCATION because they knew better than the rest of America, that having a Diploma is not a guarantee for a legitimate job.

  13. For the statistic of 32 million American's can't read, do you mean they can't read English? If you take into account people living in the US and not necessarily a US citizen, then the number could make sense. Many families have immigrated to the US or are living here where only one member of the family speaks English, and may not even be able to read or write English themselves.

  14. #10 – Half the people in America are low income, yet our politicians stubbornly convince themselves that there's all kinds of blood to squeeze from this turnip so the rich don't have to pay.

  15. The amount of illiteracy in the U.S really shocked me especially about the army recruits not been able to read operating manuals to a 7th grade level.

  16. The soft drinks in the U.S doesn't surprise me when I've seen the size of the cups of soda, they're the size of a small bucket and I dread to think how much sugar is in one.

  17. We're definitely pretty poor now.

    even the people that seem to be doing well rely very heavily on credit. I feel like we're a whole lot worse off economically than we'd like to admit, and the rest of the world isn't here to see it so it doesn't get much attention.

    P.S. I'm well aware that many other places are still much worse off. I'm just saying I feel like the rest of the world has a false idea of America.

  18. One comment about reading is that an important factor is reading comprehension. Does the reader actually understand what his being read and is that person able to demonstrate that he or she knows, in fact, what one is reading? Considering how many Americans easily sign up for things like gym contracts, credit cards, car loans and other things without really reading or understanding the fine print, I do believe that we do have a problem in this country. Just reading some of the comments and looking at the choice of words is a case in point. Some of those making comments operate on a truly juvenile level hence the use of curse words and other to try and bolster their case when all they are really doing is leaving room for others to doubt their intelligence and literacy levels.

  19. The average American drinks 600 cans of soda a year?? I don't think that stat is correct. I'm sure it takes total number of cans sold and divides that number by the American population. However, that seems highly inflated. That's about 1 soda per meal, including breakfast. Though, I can definitely see someone drinking two cans of, say, Coke with a heavy lunch or dinner like at a BBQ or steakhouse. And, that number you do mention has dropped to the current 600 cans per year level, there may be other factors that are inflating that figure.

  20. DC has one of the worst educational systems in the country, but it has the highest literacy rate because politicians, analysts, lobbyists, etc. all move there which confounds the data. It's not ironic or a mystery if you think about it.

    And, Americans don't bathe… because most probably shower in lieu of it.

  21. this is what the huge massive welfare state does the parasites are destroying our country. mostly women 77% of welfare is collected by women who claim they are victims when in reality they are worthless parasites

  22. the birth rates are low because men are refusing to take part in the syste m that privleges women and destroys the lives of men

  23. Don't forget that the number of poor was decreasing for years. It stopped when LBJ started the entitlement programs

  24. No big company has EVER paid any taxes, we do when we buy their goods. Corp taxes are a hidden tax on individuals.

  25. I am sure religion is declining. No one is going to keep believing what has no evidence of existing especially when they are desperately looking for answers that religion fails to give them.

  26. Some of y'all can't get over the the fact that these videos help shed a light on things most people don't really think about on a day to day basis. The truth is the truth, whether you agree with it or not

  27. This is The richest and most advanced country in the World?

    – The rise of Satanism in the US is baffling. its not even considered a cult anymore, its an integral part of American culture .
    – American Politicians appetite for endless wars, blood and destruction would even shock CALIGULA himself.

  28. PLEASE stop putting crappy background music to these vids – particularly trashy organ music. It's hideous and irritating as almighty hell.

  29. I wish blacks and Latinos weren't included in our countries statistics. They bring down all statistics which are positive and bring up all the ones which are bad. 😐

  30. I never meet someone that could speak English and couldn't read. Maybe can't write with proper grammar but definitely can read.

  31. Did you know 8 out of every 10 Europeans can't do basic math or successfully apply simple logic?

    I have this from the same studies that show a 40% unemployment rate among male Americans.

    Americans are also the least likely to own a computer, surf the Internet, drive a car or make blockbuster entertainment.

    Their military is the weakest. most under funded on Earth.

    Its people are meek and the unsure of themselves.

    Europeans can rest, safe in the knowledge of their obvious superiority.

    Americans will not have surprises up their sleeves for those people who, as they say, "rile-them-up".

  32. Question about the non-religious part. I noticed the careful use of language, does this mean that while the idea of organized religion is waning being someone of spiritual or theistic leanings is not waning?

  33. Companies should bring in more money than the government. Companies earn it. The government should be as small as possible.

  34. Oh cheese.. its weird, i live here but ive only ever met one adult who couldnt read, thats 1.5 sodas a day, did you get your stats from alabama? And if you dont bathe its because youre a gross idiot.

  35. There are 2 things I don't like about this, 1 a lot of these are twisted in a way that exaggerates these stats and it's either made of a least voiced over by an English man. British people tend to be somewhat witty down to earth people in my experience, but that goes out the window when he's making it sound like Americans are obese, suicidal, anti-religious illiterates! We're obese and have an awful school system, but a million illiterates are to be expected when the est. Population is about 325,145,963 and poverty is a problem. I'm sure it's a lot easier for the UK to teach 65,102,385 people how to read when almost all of them are English-first-lanuage

  36. No matter what you say, america is no longer what it was. No one can deny that. The u.s is going the way of ancient rome.
    This steady decline is just a fact that can not be avoided anymore.

  37. As knowledge and science advance the need for the stupidity of religious belief is naturally and properly lessened

  38. Love the apple stat, because apple is spiraling down the drain. Actions like sabotaging your own customers devices so they buy new to "create demand" 3 out of every 5 people i know that have apple saying it's time to change brands. Only reason they hang on is don't wanna learn new OS.

  39. Having a Bachelor's degree is in no way a guarantee you will live a prosperous life or even a middle class lifestyle.

  40. On the first point, it never specified how « poor » is defined.

    And the supporting point about many Americans not being able to afford their homes is kind of weak. If you make a upper middle class income, but you buy a 2 acre mansion, you won’t be able to afford your home, but you also won’t be poor.

  41. Having more money than the us government doesn’t mean apple is making more. It’s probably just because their expenses are way less.

  42. They said that there are more TVs on the US than people in the United Kingdom.

    Considering that we have 320 million people and they have 65 or so million, that’s kind of what I’d expect.

    There could be only 1 tv for every 4 Americans and the statistic would still hold true.

  43. I looked it up and the teen pregnancy rate is about 22 per thousand, not percent. The video as it is gives an impression that 1/5 American teens are pregnant, when it’s really about 1/50

    Also this rate includes 18 and 19 year olds, which is still pretty young, but not exactly what most people think of when they think of teen pregnancy.

  44. To "bathe" is to lay in a tub and submerse yourself in water, and usually requires some candles, and bubble bath, as a minimum. To "shower" is get under running water, apply soap to your body , scrub, then rinse off. These two concepts, and words, are not interchangeable in most places in America. Bathing is not showering, and, showering is not bathing. So the question do you bathe ? may be answered, "No, by those who shower. The questionnaire would have to have the question, "Do you bathe/shower? or it will skew your results drastically.

  45. "Living in poverty" in America means having so much to eat that you're obese. Our poor are literally fat.

  46. Wait just a damn minute there. You are saying 4 in 10 men are without jobs?? That's 40%, a figure not even seen during the Great Depression! Even during the Obama era (when this video was made) it wasn't that bad. Even if you don't believe current statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics which say the rate is only 4%, not 40%, it has never, in all the history of record keeping, been that bad. I'm about ready to say goodbye to this channel if you just make s**t up.

  47. The USA is a great but badly managed country. Some of the best doctors are there, but there is no national healthcare system. Some of the most influential and profitable companies were founded there, but an unacceptably high population of hard working people can't earn past the poverty line. Government-fueled American patriotism can sometimes inhibit citizens from looking at how things are done in other countries and considering that there are better options for the US.

  48. 7 million people in America say they do not bath… 6.9 million of them live in Seattle. Every ride a train in Seattle? Stinkville. Grunge bro-jack!

  49. Obviously most of these stats are wrong. Especially the one about people in the military. I spent 11 yrs in the US army (2000-2011) and can say that I never meet one person that couldn't read. It would be almost impossible to have a career in the US military and not know how to read.

    We can think liberal policies and liberals in general for why the economy was so bad but now that Trump has been president the economy is doing great. If people would actually get a REAL degree from college and not some liberal arts degree, then they wouldn't have any trouble finding a REAL job.

    I realize Simon is a bleeding heart liberal and beta male, that is why he tries so hard to make it sound like the US is some horrible place.

  50. "There are more TVs in America than people in the UK." Yeah, well the population of America is a lot higher than the population of the UK. A lot of these statistics are framed to make America look even worse than it is. It generally really like TopTenz videos but this makes me question the reliableness of all their content

  51. Illiteracy, and you can't simply blame schools. A lot of those who never learn to read do so because they have attitude problems, they're too cool, or too prideful, to learn in school and they certainly don't have anyone at home who encourages it. Many of the people who do go into the army do because they can't get jobs any other way; hopefully while they are in the military, they will learn self discipline and learn that being able to read and write is a useful thing and they will go back to school once they get out.

  52. America is a dumpster fire right now, and we have the democrats and Republicans to thank for running our country into the toilet!

  53. 3 in 20 people can’t read? I don’t know about that one, I’ve never met anyone born here who couldn’t read.

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