Top 10 Most Ridiculous Sports Press Conferences

when you sign up by me it's a celebration you ring back home you ring your wife baby we've done it well rich baby Conor McGregor made us rich sometimes the best action takes place off the field welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten hilarious press conferences in sports history the idea this game is to recruit football players and move them around that basket and get rebounds I should have played a little more muscle as I should have done for this list we'll be looking at sports press or media conferences in which either a player or coach does or says something that got people laughing a win is a bird and we chase around the end of the day number 10 they are who we thought they were Dennis Green you know I mean we just the Bears are what we thought they were what we thought they were after blowing a 20-point lead in losing a regular season game to the Chicago Bears Arizona Cardinals head coach Dennis Green took to the podium for one of the funniest and most memorable press conferences in NFL history we played him in the third game everybody played three quarters the Bears are who we thought they were usually genteel Green begins the presser in a state of disbelief but it quickly launches into a confusing and ill-advised rant about the Bears his strange almost incoherent flow is comical for a number of reasons the most obvious being the crazed look in his eyes as he shouts at a room full of reporters that's why we took the damn field now if you want to crowd them they crown their ass but they are thought they were although he apologized and his team showed improvement the Cardinals didn't let him off the hook for this one and green was let go at the end of the season if you knew who they were why didn't you stop them number nine awkward silence Chris Bosh like I said before I'm not gonna make any excuses you know it is what it is and you know nobody cares about it so that's how it's gonna be one thing is certain when you go from being top dog all the way to third some things are going to change such was the case for NBA power forward Chris Bosh choosing to sign with the Miami Heat put Bosh behind LeBron James and Dwyane Wade when it came to popularity so when a press conference was called after a disappointing playoff loss Bosh was forced to attend his press conference alone while James and Wade did one together the problem is we down two games the one that's the problem we got to figure out how to tie it up boss indoors long periods of absolute silence as it appears reporters have nothing to ask him as his expression turns from confusion to impatience to downright anger one can't help but chuckle at the absurdity of it all how'd you pinch your neck this morning I woke up you woke up with a crick in your neck yeah something like that yeah okay number eight you play to win the game firm Edwards vision was great across sports this is what the greatest thing about sports is stick to your guns following a loss by the New York Jets to the Cleveland Browns NFL head coach Herm Edwards stood before reporters ready to answer questions however he quickly launched into a tirade that has since achieved legendary San byte status hello play to win the game Edwards reaction a mix of anger and indifference is an example of what happens when a disgruntled coach has to answer questions day in and day out what makes this clip so funny is the look in Edwards eyes as he repeatedly says his famous line it's as if he's explaining to these reporters the late-breaking story that the sky is blue when you start telling me it doesn't matter to retire get out cause it matters number seven crying over another man Terrell Owens you can talk about the vacation and if you do that is really unfair you should never feel good for laughing at someone who's crying although this press conference may be an exception to that rule I care about the ex he wants to win he works hard I mean it's easy to like guys like that [Applause] when asked about the poor play of his Dallas Cowboys teammate Tony Romo the eccentric wide receiver can't seem to keep it together emotionally hidden by a pair of dark sunglasses Owens awkwardly tries to defend one of his fellow players while crying it's my quarterback if you guys do a trance I'm very nearly any other player in the NFL would have been hailed with praise for allowing himself to supposedly appear weak in a league defined by strength however based on Tio's antics over the course of his career many saw this press conference as just another instance of a man looking for attention we know he's an emotional guy but he's a sensitive guy very sensitive and it came out today again just kind of shows you how much he cares about this team number six cats and dogs David Bennett that thing just took off like crazy so I'm hopefully glad that things don't quit play in there as a college level football coach you need to find ways to motivate your players the press conference given by head coach David Bennett comparing his Coastal Carolina players to cats and dogs can hardly be construed as motivating a better word would be amusing what makes this press conference great is the way Bennett tells his story I'm trying to look there's a little kitty cat in our in our kitchen sauce ooh what are you doing in here a little kick it by that time turns tries to get back out that screen won't go that way the rapid-fire delivery mixed with Bennett's thick South Carolina accent makes it difficult to understand whether or not the story is meant to be funny or serious the entire press conference is a roller coaster of emotion with the coach using various voices to recount the tale of the cat and the dog hopefully his players got the message I told our players you need to be more like a dog we don't need a bunch of cats in here looking in the mirror I look good I got my extra bands on I got my other shoes Oh be a dog number five I'm just here so I won't get fined Marshawn Lynch hey I'm Jesse Eddie so I don't get far so y'all could see here actually are the questions y'all want to I'm going to answer with the same answer so y'all can shoot if y'all please constantly having to answer reporters questions is part of being a pro athlete however there are always loopholes for those who simply don't care NFL running back Marshawn Lynch has made a career out of running people over however it's his quiet reserve that has netted him the best sound bytes take this press conference in which Lynch answers every question with I'm just here so I won't get fine what makes this clip so hilarious are the reporters who continue to ask beastmode questions even after he's made it perfectly clear that he only brought one answer Lynch's indifference towards the situation makes the pressor both comical and memorable number four playoffs Jim amaura playoffs don't talk about it playoffs you kidding me contrary to popular belief former NFL coach Jim Mora did not simply repeat the word playoffs in an awkward voice for an entire press conference although he may as well have this infamous soundbite was part of a larger press conference about the play of his team the Indianapolis Colts in their most recent game coach there's gonna be girls at our party you think we should talk to him about the playoffs playoffs after lamenting the fact that they'd suffered five turnovers maura turned his attention to a reporter who asked whether or not he believed the team could make the playoffs more is strange delivery and immediate head cock gives him the appearance of a squawking chicken playoffs I just hope we can win a game another game number three leg biting crotch grabbing and more Mike Tyson it looks like um all free-for-all biting my leg anytime a press conference ends with you grabbing your crotch and letting loose a string of homophobic slurs it's probably safe to say it didn't go very well I'm like pushing the head realizing you know Tyson's bite my leg my leg back in 2002 Mike Tyson did just those things Iron Mike was set to fight Lennox Lewis for the heavyweight boxing championship but when a press conference was called in New York things quickly fell apart as Tyson rushed his opponent inciting a brawl not enough for the ear biter Tyson grabbed a microphone and began hurling insults at various reporters in attendance what makes this press conference so funny is Tyson's complete lack of restraint even his handlers appear to be afraid of him number two I'm a man Mike Gundy your child goes down the street and somebody makes fun of him because he dropped the pass in a pickup game or said these fad and he come home crying his mom screaming at the top of your lungs in a room filled with reporters is never a good idea such was the case with Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy you want to go after an athlete what am i a plate you go after one that doesn't do the right thing speaking after his team won a game against the Texas Tech Red Raiders he begins by bringing up a news article that was written about one of his players he boisterously voices his negative thoughts on the piece before launching into the infamous tirade about how he is a 40 year old man come after me the fury in Gandhi's eyes as he bounces around the podium quickly turns from scary to hilarious as he continues to scream and yell like a petulant child what's wrong with a good old-fashioned letter to the editor that's all I got to say makes me wanna puke before we unveil our number one pick here are some honorable mentions SLO frustrate you have no idea of frustrating that is to play a half a basket all we did and come back in the second half and just totally totally totally totally totally lay an egg congratulations congratulations I lost you lost yes oh okay so what what happened out there are you serious you know did you as much one of the seagulls follow the Chola it's because they see something will be stormed into the sea number one practice allen iverson we're talking about practice man when you come into the arena and you see me play you see me play don't you if there were a Hall of Fame for press conferences Allen Iverson's rant about practice would surely be on the first ballot after the Boston Celtics defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the playoffs the former basketball star begins by addressing a reporter's question about him missing a team practice I know it's important I do I honestly do but we talking about practice man what are we talking about practice we're talking about practice man not a game but practice practice what makes this press conference unique is the amount of self-awareness that Iverson possesses it's funny to me too and I mean it's strange it's strange to me too but we talking about practicing man he understands how ridiculous the situation is but he's gonna ride it out you're telling him not to practice so then he takes that goes back and hence the famous practice and I've seen the interview and I said no don't do that to me do you agree with our list we need more dogs what do you think is the funniest Sports press conference what else do you want to know for more entertaining top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to and competition the best man half the one who have to do everything we can I'm happy for him to give me a fight the payday was wonderful I really appreciate it and if you could be kind enough I love to do it again I think I could beat you if we try one more time you

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  1. "I'M A MAN, I'M 40!"

    Great tirade there by Oklahoma State Cowboys college football coach Mike Gundy. BTW Coach Mike, try telling that to those crazy a** pricks in the mainstream media who poked fun at Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes during her rough patches. Again, great rant by Coach Mike.

  2. I'm so sick of the media's "homophobic" cracks. Do they call racial slurs. Blackophobic? Or Hispanophobic? Ick.

  3. This Lady commenting on the clips is making it into a Hollywood type shit piece,
    we don't need to hear the Bullshit Comments.

  4. Mike Gundy's speech was awesome, not "never a good idea". He actually got applause at the end of it. You guys are clueless.

  5. Here are the links to each press conference without the annoying narration. You're welcome.

  6. For everyone complaining about the narration, could it be a copy rights thing? Like, if you don’t own the clip, are you only allowed to have so much audio before you have to pay for it? Just curious…

  7. WatchMojo, your selections looks a bit lopsided… questionable motives here. Doesn't look good.

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