Top 10 Most Odd & Unbelievable Couple That Prove Love Is Blind

people say love is blind these couples clearly prove that statement is literally true for some people these things do not matter because the most important thing for them is the love they feel toward their better half these couples don't care how their spouse looks or if they have any flaws they love them for their inner beauty so here are top 10 most odd and unbelievable couple had proved love is blind before we begin make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content baiu Canberra and Jennifer Brocklehurst Indonesian University student bail Canberra and his marriage to Jennifer Brock let her stay a Britain prove the endless possibilities when it comes to love the couple who the online world dubbed as Beauty and the Beast supposedly met in January of 2014 Bey who was an anthropology student from Andalus University while Jennifer was just visiting Sumatra they fell in love eventually and soon enough they decided to tie the knot they finally got married in August of 2015 Baio and Jennifer proved that their loved was more than their physical attributes despite of criticisms around them they both proved the flamin love that they felt for each other they have proven that nothing can hinder their relationship and prove to the world that love wins against all odds Arif Ibrahim and Amina had just under three and a half foot tall Arif Ibraham Tom had resigned himself to life alone but the 32 year old who grew up against a backdrop of extreme size prejudice has finally found love with a woman almost two foot taller than him he said I feel like God took something away and now he has given something back I have got a reason to live my life God has given me what I wished for his new wife Amina Ram 21 year old even agreed to marry him despite the threat of being disowned by her family and they have now taken their relationship to new heights by having their first child together the cup it in a mobile phone shop three years ago and both say it was love at first sight and with their newfound confidence the couple are more comfortable to be seen out in public together Hamden Hashem and Hadassah Hassan typically people look forward to a sweet and happy married life however for Hamden Hashem 30 year old in the hidayah Hassan 29 year old their 3 years of marriage has been met with some pretty tough times but that suddenly changed one day when Hamden developed pain in his eyes while working at a clothing factory store he was hurting and his wife rushed him to the clinic for treatment the doctor prescribed him my medication and pills to relieve his pain after the doctor prescribed him antibiotics his condition worsened and his skin appeared as though he had been scalded he was admitted to the iQue for a month today I was sad but she stayed strong for her husband handin was diagnosed with a rare serious disorder known as stevens-johnson syndrome the disorder also affected Hamlin's vision and he is now partially blind his right eye cannot be saved as there is a thin film membrane covering his eye today I said she received many negative comments on her husband's appearance some even told her to divorce her husband but she said she loves him with all her heart and will take care of him for a lifetime heal didn't catch RISM a girl become famous and heart of every young man because of its gorgeous beauty look she shocked every young man who would die hard fan of her that why she got married to such an old man she is a film artist now she is became a wife of an old man they changed their religion also and put their name as Kajal 'some catch risen married with an old man because she fall in love with him more than he loved her she also said that she is very happy with her old age husband they were very happy in their married life and don't want to work an adult-film again he'll did also loved his wife so much they become a unique couple of nowaday they are living together after marriage just like per couple teen couple in China the two teams who were first reported to be a 13 year old groom and a 16 year old bride have made clarification online that they both reached 16 years old and their marriage has won the blessing and support of their parents despite the legal marriage Abell age in China being 22 for males and 20 for females the couple from a small town in South China's guanxi Zoo an autonomous region claimed to have known each other for over a year both have dropped out of school aside from clarifying their rages in the online statement the two also refuted net ISM speculation that the marriage is due to the bride's pregnancy the groom said we fell in love and with our families support we held this wedding we just wait to get to a marriage' balay j– mcgill Restrepo and Mariah Garcia a former drug addict in Colombia has carved out a place for himself in the murky underworld of Medellin Miguel Restrepo has lived in an abandoned sewer with his wife and their pet dog for the past 22 years and though it may not look like much to some they have done extensive renovations to make the space inhabitable during their time there Miguel and his wife Mariah have installed a stove a fan and a bed they even have a television for entertainment Restrepo and Garcia are homeless and they live in the sewer in spite of the fact that at any moment the local government could force them out of the area because it is city property that said the space proves enough for the couple and their dog Jose Manuel wheeler and Martina Lopes a rolled man Jos Manila 103 year old promised his eternal love to Martina Lopez his ninety nine year old bride who wore a long white dress the wedding was held in the couple's garden where an altar had been set up the ceremony was attended by many of their rates children fifty grandchildren thirty five great-grandchildren and 20 great-great grandchildren the priest said they were the oldest Nili what's he had ever known he too had already got married in a civil wedding 49 years into their relationship but had not gone through a religious ceremony at the time miss Lopez said she felt very emotional at having her relationship blessed by the priest the family said the vows were followed by an entertaining party at the couple's home and Santa Rosa de Garay oddball couple here is one knot bull couple where the girl is pretty and the guy is what people considered too ugly for her Lynn mine GU Ian wanted to stop the stereotyping and shared photos of herself together with her boyfriend her fans and followers were shocked and enraged upon seeing her back quote underserving lover according to netizens she back quote lowered herself by having a boyfriend like him and that she deserves better than that but a reaction to their rage and insults was rather surprising for some she immediately defended her boyfriend claiming he is the best there is her boyfriend wasn't exactly good-looking but she claims she loves him all the more she didn't care about what others said because he was the most handsome man for her Tom Miller and Reba a polyamorous pastor with two sister wives has become a father for the 12th time after his 20 year old bride gave birth to a baby girl Reba Miller who married Thor Miller with his 44 year old wife Belinda's permission gave birth to her first child named Catherine Angelica two months ago now the devoted women and Thor 61 year old a devout Christian planned to raise the baby jointly with Reba calling herself mum and Belinda calling herself mama some said Catherine has added to the family she completes us we are all closer and she will be brought up with three times the love more added we have the right to have a child and we all three have the right to love her and be a family Vera nan de Patri and John we have always dreamed of meeting our very own prince or princess charming someone who would sweep us off our feet but it's not as easy as one would imagine of course but for Vera nan de Patri a 29 year old Indonesian she met her prince charming when she least expects did it when she went to South Korea to learn the Korean language she was infected with the K wave when she watched running man and decided to travel to CL to take Korean language classes at CL National University in mid 2015 she met her future husband Jang a graphic designer at the end of 2016 and their love started to blossom Vera never thought that she would end up marrying John as there were from different religious backgrounds she was also teased by her followers when she shared photos of her relationship on her social media accounts Vera decided to bring John over to meet her family in Jakarta where he officially proposed to her and they held a betrothal ceremony according to Indonesian customs the happy couple solemnized their union on the 28th of February 2017 and a rather unique ceremony which incorporated both men in and South Korean customs but if you like my video don't forget like and subscribe my channel let us 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  6. Perfect love doesn't mean that both boys and girls should be perfect and beautiful.This video proved that love is blind. .

  7. I feel so sorry for the guy who ended up blind that broke my heart. All these couples are beautiful. It shouldn’t matter how someone looks or if there a little older. Love is love.

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