Top 10 Memorable Movie Couples of 2018

love is in the air and at the movies welcome to Ms mojo and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 movie couples of 2018 2018 has been an absolute roller coaster of a year are you out of your mind click the link below to find our best and worst of 2018 videos for a look back at all the awesome and crazy things that happened for this list we're taking a look at cinematic couples from 2018 that shared the most honest humorous and romantic relationships since we'll be discussing the fates of these relationships a spoiler alert is in order you two look obscenely happy she has turned my frown upside down number 10 Max and Annie Davis game night all the dum-dums that have kids right I think about how much better our kid is gonna be than their kids it's gonna beat their kids at everything it's taking you this long to see that our baby is getting every other baby actors Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams go together like snakes and ladders in this comedy when two competitive people cross paths the result is usually a double-edged sword Max and Annie are perfectly in sync from the moment they meet however bonding over their mutual love of games we can travellingjen the star batter armies hey give warm alliances work for Hitler right you're high-fiving Hitler the to even play Dance Dance Revolution at their wedding although they seem unstoppable as a pair Max and Annie face several challenges throughout game night some of their trials are relatable like struggling to conceive others are more of the screwball variety like haplessly getting mixed up in a kidnapping plot even when their lives are on the line though they make for a winning team don't you start doing that no you're gonna make number 9 Ron stallworth and Patrice Duma black clansmen the US was largely divided in the 1970s and even today it can sometimes seem like little has changed Ron Stallworth was the Colorado Springs Police Department's first african-american detective which puts him in a compromising position when he for Patrese so nuts it's not talking about power to the people all powered other this right system the Black Student Union's president Patrese has encountered her fair share of racist cops including one who sexually assaulted her upon discovering that Ron is with the police Patrice feels betrayed and isn't sure if she can date a quote-unquote Pig no one else could know while it's an active investigation investigation in pre-trial how do you know that nonetheless Ron manages to use his position to protect her from the KKK when they work together the to form an iron fist the punches prejudice square in the jaw number eight Neil and Janet Armstrong first man this biopic depicts Neil Armstrong as the humble stoic figure who has trouble letting others in after his young daughter dies from a brain tumor Neil can only bring himself to cry in solitude although he hasn't gone to the moon yet you can already sense the distance growing between Neil and his wife Janet who's usually left alone to take care of their remaining children when a potentially fatal mission approaches however Janet refuses to let me go without giving his family a proper goodbye this isn't just another trip Neil you're not was going to work he said coming back while their relationship isn't perfect Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy paint a believable portrait of a real-life married couple dealing with grief unresolved conflict and a brave new world are you sure yeah be an adventure number seven Simon Speer and Abraham Bram Greenfeld love Simon the world has become a lot more accepting of the lgbtq+ community but coming out can still be difficult for young people even when their family and friends are generally open-minded closeted teens Simon isn't able to talk to anyone until a fellow gay student opens up online under the pseudonym of Bloo one minute I'm on top of the world and the next cement rock-bottom over and over all day long because a lot of my life is great but nobody knows I'm gay well neither knows who the other is there's an immediate connection between these two as they discuss their common interests and insecurities this creates a compelling mystery romance that culminates and Simon learning his secret pen pal was classmate Bram can I sit there I was kind of waiting for somebody yeah I know when they're finally able to share a kiss on a ferris wheel it's as satisfying as it is uplifting are you disappointed that I speak now [Applause] number six Bob and Helen Parr aka mr. incredible and Elastigirl Incredibles – oh I'm doing this I need to do this you know where my suit and ties are burned up when the judge orders the pars are one of the few couples on this list that we actually get to watch evolve over the course of two movies as long as we both shall live no matter what happens come on we're superheroes what could happen in the first film the retired superheroes try settling into a traditional life with Bob taking an office job and Helen becoming a stay-at-home mom with super staging a comeback in the sequel though the roles are reversed Elastigirl becomes the face of the costumed community going up against a villain named screen slaver mr. incredible meanwhile accept the equally daunting task of looking after their three children what about you we have kids I'll watch the kids no problem easy easy huh you're adorable well if there is a problem I'll drop this thing and come right back they may have superpowers but the dynamic this couple shares feel surprisingly relatable in a world where family structures are evolving number five T'Challa and Nakia black panther although they've broken up at the beginning of the film it's clear that there's still a spark between T'Challa and Nakia inheriting the crown of Wakanda after his father sudden death T'Challa still isn't sure what kind of ruler he wants to be Nakia on the other hand is ready to fight for what she believes in I've seen too many in need just to turn a blind eye I can't be happy here knowing that there's people out there who have nothing through her wisdom and bravery T'Challa is able to see the bigger picture realizing that he's not only in a position to help Wakanda but the rest of the world as well thank you between these two and ant-man and the wasp the MCU is full of power couples that no villain can tear apart ferb maybe Thanos number four Evelyn and Lee Abbott a quiet place a quiet place is obviously a very personal film four stars John Krasinski and Emily Blunt not only because they're married in real life but because they also became parents a few years ago this adds another layer of authenticity to their performances as Lee and Evelyn respectively who must ensure every parent's worst nightmare determined to protect their family as noise-sensitive aliens invade Earth Lee and Evelyn rarely speak throughout a quiet place yet their facial expressions alone are enough to tell us everything we need to know they're fiercely dedicated partners who will do anything to keep their children safe even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice love speaks louder than words number three Lara Jean and Peter to all the boys I've loved before okay two more rules you have to watch sixteen Candles with me because it's a classic Oh Netflix has become the go-to activity for date night and the streaming service gave us a few charming romantic comedies in 2018 while Harper and Charlie's relationship and set it up was certainly cute this film has left a greater cultural impact Lana Condor shines as large in an awkward highschool girl who loses track of several letters she wrote to former crushes to avoid an uncomfortable confrontation lauren jean enters a phony relationship with the hunky peter so how exactly do you know my sister again what I guess I'm her boyfriend as they get to know each other though genuine feelings begin to surface while their courtship touches upon a few familiar teen movie beats the relationship sets itself apart with wit warmth and diverse casting su something that you like I must really like yogurt number two Rachel Chu and Nick young crazy rich Asians we've been dating for over a year now and I think it's about time people met my beautiful girlfriend to all the boys I've loved before was in 2018 s only mainstream film that shined the spotlight on performers of Asian descent crazy rich Asians was the first Hollywood picture with a mostly Asian American cast in 25 years and at its heart was an immensely likeable romance [Laughter] rachel is an intelligent modern woman who built a life for herself despite coming from little while boyfriend Nick can see the value in her rachel has a harder time convincing his family who turned out to be as wealthy as they are judgmental through brains and determination Rachel shows the Young's that she's anything but a gold digger while Nick demonstrates just how much Rachel's worth to him wherever you are in the world that's where I belong before we get to our top pick here are a few honorable mentions as always you really do love me here tonight right I'm not like a ledee I'm taking a leave number one Jackson and Ally main a star is born no film released in 2018 better to find romance than this remake of a timeless love story Jackson Maine is an alcoholic country singer who finds a star and a kindred spirit in a nightclub performer named Ali because it's like almost every single person that I've come in contact with and the music industry has told me that my nose is too big and that I won't make it your nose is beautiful with Bradley Cooper and Lady gaga in the lead roles it's as if we're seeing this classic romance unfold for the first time the charisma sincerity and honesty Cooper and Gaga bring to their roles makes for what might be the best version of a star is born and it's hard keeping it so hard did mean we're swept away by their beautiful relationship from the moment we hear them perform shallow and our hearts break when Ali closes out the film with I'll never love again [Applause] do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from ms mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

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  1. What about Frank and Lindsey from Destination Wedding??? ❤ Lol they're relatable to all of us super cynics hahaha

  2. omg i hated t challa and nakia can the world stop saying black panther was perfect personally i didn’t enjoy it that much

  3. I was going to riot if Jackson & Ally weren't the top couple…that movie is so amazing, and needs to be nominated for an Oscar

  4. I am upset that To All The Boys I've Love Before and Crazy Rich Asians were 3rd and 2nd places. At least they made it on this list. Thanks, MsMojo.

  5. Very very great list I like it a lot and a lot of fun too and thank you miss mojo for putting love Simon on this great list I like it a lot and a lot of fun too

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