Top 10 Funniest F1 Press Conferences!

Michael Martin

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  1. Where's the one where Nico's mic was set way too high on the volume and then Mark Webber just asking for a sound check?

  2. To be honest, Vettel could have his own Top 10 best press conference moments. All hilarious! Make one please! He deserves that

  3. This is perfect. There had to be only one best moment at all the press conferences! And that was it. Kinda surprised i didn't see Kimi. But great anyway.
    So fun Lewis laugh also

  4. 8:32 Vettel: I have to start my car like a Computer its very complicated.
    Me: wait, is the one button Complicated?

  5. Hi, it's Nicki Lauder here, Liberty Media's favourite deceased driver. It's great to see you mention "Manse" who "has" a good moustache at 5:49 . I bet his friend Mansell is furious that he shaved his!
    PS big up to the bunch of iGeneration cock sucker intern "journalists" who make these videos.

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