Top 10 Craziest In-Game Events

these events are ones that you actually want to attend unlike your family reunion hey guys I'm Ricky with WatchMojo and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 craziest in-game events before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos we're looking at events and video games that caused quite the commotion from limited time game modes to major player gatherings these events all changed how we viewed and played our favorite titles now here's Adrian to tell us more number 10 League of Draven League of Legends Draven the glorious executioner Deb's love to mess around with their communities on April Fool's Day and Riot Games is no exception in 2016 the narcissistic yet lovable Draven had completely taken over the league turning everyone and almost everything into Draven for April 1st through 3rd champions heads minions and even Ward sported the mustachioed champions signature look welcome to the League of Draven has long been an in-game catchphrase of fans of the character but with this event we got to see what that would actually look like well the aesthetic change has yet to ever reappear for a few small days everyone got to be brave number nine scream fortress Halloween events Team Fortress 2 many videogames have something special come Halloween but Team Fortress 2 even over a decade after its initial release still manages to make this frightening autumn celebration of particularly special one for its players nearly every year since its inception the team at valve has carefully crafted a unique horror show of Halloween featuring boss fights new game modes maps cosmetics and even spooky themed lore to add to the world of mercenaries while longtime fans can find these events and custom servers official servers launch every October dedicated to bringing you the spookiest and creepiest experiences number eight Talk Like a Pirate Day Sid Meier's pirates woman's Ella Eyre be prepared to talk like a salty old pirate well apparently the developers of her axis felt so as they snuck this hidden little event to the fan favorite sid meier game every September 19th known as international Talk Like a Pirate Day since 1995 the game would read your internal clock and change around the in-game text to be more pirate fitting while not a drastic change it was still a fun little event for those who wanted to feel more immersed in their pirate lives number 7 holidays animals crossing series with the sim game like Animal Crossing it wouldn't be fair to not include players on our elf festivities using the system Spock all of the games holidays happen in real time offering up aesthetic changes to your town its citizens apparel and even offering a host of activities and celebratory merriment from trick-or-treating or costume filled October and gift-giving December 2 the sweetheart and chocolate filled February several major holidays make their presence known in the popular casual sim just remember to be patient as turning the clock manually will make a certain mole very upset number 6 snow day hockey rocket League what do you do for wintertime with the sport based on soccer / football why turn it into hockey of course well this may seem like a small change of first the shift from a buoyant bouncy ball to a heavy puck altered hell rocket league was played drastically the affecting physics forced a major change in gameplay as the puck had to be pushed around and couldn't rely on bouncing off or aerial moves while the overall mode was certainly more grounded it still offered a nice change of pace to the car based sports game number five summer games lucio ball overwatch great shot we weren't sure whether this was an homage or coincidental but Lucio seems to have taken a few pages out of another wildly popular football game either way the DJ takes a break from his music and his duties as a support to play his favorite sport using the knock-back ability two teams of lucio attempt to score goals using a rather large soccer ball you can see the similarities now we bent introduced as a game mode for the summer overwatch also includes a plethora of sports related attire for their cast of heroes getting them motivated to get some fresh air during this heated time of the year while you hopefully play them in air-conditioned rooms number 4 talkin unicorns battlefield 1 hey I said no guess what the Great War was a dark time with the world of conflict we almost forgot there were talking unicorn wait what as a special April Fool's Day event in 2017 dice replaced all the horses with unicorns that talked yep the lovable horses that you rode into battle now support a fabulous horn complemented with rainbow tails and a corny voiceover ashtray don't touch the home after only one day with this change however you can see why talking horses were ruled out in the first place they just don't ever seem to shut up especially unicorn's horn number three festive surprise Grand Theft Auto 5 most players of rockstars popular GTA entry from 2013 will easily identify Los Santos as being a fictional rewrite of La and most people from LA likely don't get many snow days however once a year a snowy miracle takes place as Los Santos becomes blanketed in the white stuff small joking aside it actually is quite impressive the snow leaves car trails changes the weather and even allows players to roll up and throw snowballs at one another criminal activity can be put aside to experience a light christmas in los santos just don't throw snowballs at the cops number two the gates of Ahn'Qiraj world of warcraft very few in-game events can come close to the legend that was the gates of Ahn'Qiraj introduced as a world event in the original Wow the set of events to open the gates to the new raid were insane and scale requiring the efforts of hundreds of players at once to complete with the long chain of quests completed a 10 and counted to 10 hour long war and suit which would then allow players to gain entrance to the insect filled raid the extremely time-consuming and player filled event would go down in history for wow MMOs and online games in general is one of the largest official events in a game ever established number one marshmallow plays live at pleasant Park fortnight Battle Royale yo what is up for and I went up but apart for tonight is no stranger to in-game events and this one is truly special on February 2nd players from all over gathered at pleasant Park to watch marshmallow performed a very first live fortnight concert the event saw decked out stage with the iconic DJ at the centre hyping up the crowd as he played the concert ran for 10 minutes with marshmallow performing hits like alone fly and happier while players danced jumped and flew around Pleasant Park according to Epic Games a whopping 10 point 7 million players gathered to enjoy the show and at the time of writing it has almost 32 million views on marshmallows YouTube channel [Applause] [Applause] it's so nice to see developers who care about their communities and create these awesome in-game events for everybody to enjoy alright guys thank you so much for watching this list please let us know what your favorite in-game events are down in the comments and if you like this video be sure to LIKE and subscribe to

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  1. Hawken had Marvin the Yeti hunt… and if you killed it you were given a nice Christmas repair drone skin… but it was such a hard boss that almost every player on the server had to shoot it in order to successfully kill it…

  2. three hashtags and their reactions:

    #VideoGames: okay, makes sense
    #Overwatch: o-kay that's a little weird
    #Fortnite: * vomits *

  3. Guys, i understand fortnite is dead but marshmello event deserves no. 1, it was cool and broke multiple world records

  4. Every time that a season ends in fortnite shows a trailer what would happen after the season ends from season 3 shows a meteor that landed in season 4 and then launches a rocket that went up and opened a massive portal or rift which ended season 4 and then season 5 when a cube was summoned in season 5 which landed in loot lake which ended season 5 and began season 6 and it has 2 events which is the husk invades fortnite and the flying house island is exploded and made a new loot lake and was ended when christmas came in and then a event came in on season 7 the snow storm which the husks comes in and invades the island and then the event for the marshmellow concert of course i was there and then when the event of the prisoner skin and the battle island is experiencing an earthquake that happens quite a while and then season 8 where the pirates and the prisoner and the ice king was searching for a treasure and thats it

    The events are the meteor which you can see up on the sky on season 3 and then the rocket launch on season 4 began on night time setting of the game where people get to watch the rocket flying which made a massive rift on the sky and then the season 5 cube event it went to loot lake and made the loot lake a bouncy lake and then season 6 trailer was the floating island where players can go to and then the husks event and also the battle bus crashes on the island and then the explosion of the floating island the season 7 trailer the snow storm the earthquake event and then season 8 trailer

    Thats it im done
    And the marshmellow event

  5. Imagine if someone used a pickaxe on the stage in pleasant park?

    Its douchebaggery but think about it what would happen

  6. Fortnite needs to die out because nobody plays other games that much but they need to okay it’s too much obession

  7. Not even gonna throw in the Rainbow is Magic/ Outbreak Zombie modes from Rainbos six seige?.. how much did they pay you to put there games in your list ?

  8. now if these events are meant to be only >>created by the game itself<< then disregard these but no mention of the player driven events of EVE where people literally lost items valued worth over $200k USD total (the battle of B-R5RB or its predecessor the battle of Asakai (worth about 15k USD) ) and events like these make it far more news worthy than some of the ones mentioned on this list or the WoW plague when Zul Gurub was unleased back in vanilla WoW (the Corrupted Blood Incident)

  9. Wait wait wait… Is this the first time VanossGaming has ever appeared on WatchMojo?
    Or is there an old WM video I have completely missed?

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