Top 10 Celebrity Wedding Dresses

on their big day these ladies truly dressed to impress welcome to Ms mojo and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 celebrity wedding dresses for this list we've ranked the most fashionable glamorous and most memorable celebrity wedding dresses in history to see number ten Kim Kardashian as one of the most watched women in the world of pop culture there was massive speculation over what Kim K would wear when Kimye tie the knot custom made by a close friend of Kim and Kanye's Javan she creative director Riccardo Tisci her soft lace gown included an entirely sheer back and a fabulous silk veil despite Kim's reputation for making headlines for what she's not wearing when she rocked this number she turned heads for what she was and rightly so number nine Audrey Hepburn the same the star of breakfast at tiffany's Roman Holiday and funny face it's the day you've been dreaming of all your life you're going to marry the man you love man who loves you Audrey Hepburn actually had three wedding dresses made to which were used and one the first which never reached the altar despite a year-long engagement to British businessman James Hansen the best of the trio was worn for Hepburn's first marriage to actor Mel Ferrer in 1954 the tea-length dress worn with ballgown sleeves high collar and elbow length gloves was an unconventional look but oh so chic and proof that Hepburn was a fashion icon off camera as well as on it isn't that I give a hoot about jewelry except diamonds of course number 8 Kate Moss Oh to get married when a supermodel weds the whole world wants to know what she wears and in 2011 Kate Moss didn't disappoint naturally setting the trend for blushing brides everywhere she went for a vintage 1920s style gown designed by John Galliano for her ceremony with The Kills Jamie hints the dress welled with a sheer overlay and fantastically intricate gold beading on the skirt the classic look was topped off with a lace cap fail as Moss effortlessly turned the wedding aisle into a fashion runway it was incredible it was so well done and everybody it was like so elegant so well dressed number seven Solange Knowles when Solange Knowles married Alan Ferguson in 2014 she truly stepped out from her big sister Beyonce's shadow Solange ditched the stereotypical stretch limo or Rolls Royce for her big day and arrived to be Wed on a white pedal bike wearing a jumpsuit designed by Stefano Ella it's plunging neckline and matching off-white backless Cape jacket were a perfect blend of subtle style Solange then changed into a stunning white gown designed by Umberto Lyon for Kenzo as documented in rob Walker's photos like her ivory jumpsuits Elisha's wedding gown is another example of a look both understated and unique broken out in hives and now everyone's staring at me because I look a hot mess number six Elizabeth Taylor if Mary's was a giant slalom I mean I'm a bronze medal winner Liz Taylor was a woman of many wedding dresses as the Golden Age icon tied the knot a remarkable eight times but we've plunged for her first dress dawn for her marriage to Conrad Nicky Hilton Junior heir to the Hilton Hotels chain Taylor was just 18 when she wowed in a princess like satin gown not too dissimilar to what she wore for a fictional trip down the aisle a few months earlier and father of the bride made by the legendary MGM costume designer Helen Rose and originally measuring just 20 inches wide at the waist a fetch 120 1875 pounds nearly 190,000 US dollars at auction in 2013 number five Gwen Stefani when rocker Gwen Stefani married the lead singer of Bush Gavin Rossdale in 2002 her outfit choice was just as gloriously unconventional as she is a dip dyed pink dress by John Galliano of Dior it was half princess half punk rock and an absolute show stealer the ombre effect was just on the right side of edgy and indicative of Stefani's bold individual style and taste as soon as her wedding photos emerged a brand-spanking-new bridal trend was set there's no doubt about that number four Portia de Rossi are you enjoying being married to me when Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres got married in 2008 it was a very private and intimate event held at their Beverly Hills home with close friends and family but the pictures of portions magical dress made entertainment news headlines the world over her backless halter neck gown was set off by scintillating floor-length tutu and what really was a fairytale frock it took three weeks for him to make and then ten weeks of work for me to pay for the Zac Posen design was like an overload of elegance was sparkled to spare and had us talking about the talk show host bride for a long long time I gotta say that was the happiest day of my life it really would be to number three Jacqueline Kennedy triumph born out of almost disaster Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress was very nearly never made at all created by an low it was hurriedly put together in little over a week after the original was ruined in a flood at Lowe's workroom the bouffant gown was eventually finished though made from silk taffeta and completed by the then Miss Bouvier's grandmother's lace veil in later years it was reportedly suggested that miss Kennedy didn't like the dress but the rest of us have loved it for over six decades number two Grace Kelly a spring cleaning in the tiny Principality of Monaco for that eagerly awaited occasion the wedding of Prince Rainier with film style Grace Kelly instead of many a bride that they look like a princess but when Grace Kelly married rainy the third Prince of Monaco she was actually becoming one and she really looked the part for what was dubbed the wedding of the century Helen Rose designed an elegant dress and a masterpiece of lace which was given to Kelly by MGM studios the long sleeve badas petticoats intricate head dress and veil became perhaps the most famous outfit that the fashion icon ever wore and Grace's classic look has certainly influenced many brides since including our number one pick before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions number one Katherine Kate Middleton I am beside myself this is such a fashion moment a coat hanger taking this countdowns crown is a royal wedding dress to savor many thought that Princess Diana's glorious gown would never be beat but when Kate Middleton married Prince William she took bridal attire to a whole new level the Alexander McQueen dress designed by the fashion house's creative director Sarah Burton was a heavily guarded secret before the big day details weren't officially announced until Kate arrived at Westminster Abbey with lace and long sleeves the Grace Kelly influence is clear but Kate's look is unlike any other a mix of vintage and modern classic and contemporary and it's sure to be a timeless trendsetter the 2016 news that an unknown designer planned to sue Alexander McQueen for allegedly copying the dress proves how enduring and iconic it is a morte a vision it's exquisite do you agree with our list which dress did we miss her more beautiful top 10s published daily be sure to subscribe to ms mojo you

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  1. 10 Seleberity weddings in top fashions looks to me are very happy exciting thankfully well Congratulations public sector voted 200k like each Cuples you are Amazing? Mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube. Mo?

  2. i love diana but i am very grateful that her voluminous wedding dress was not included and grace kelly dress was the most beautiful one.

  3. I am gona dislike for putting Kate as number one. Her dress was boring and had no originality. Grace deserved number one followed by Charlene, Princess of Monaco and Angelina for her doodle dress. RESEARCH AND POST GUYS…..

  4. Kim K. really doesn't deserve to be on the list. Like everything she wears, the dress's only purpose is to show off her behind. Vulgar as ever.

  5. Kim's should not be on this list, Cindy Crawford's should, and when are we getting a 3rd Top 10 Celebrity Wedding Dresses? 🙂

  6. Ok list is crazy, not one beautiful dress amongst them, Yoko Ono gets an honorable mention, now I am done with Mojo

  7. I heard something about princess di. One of the girls that held the train of the dress, said that at the reception, princess di spent most of it hanging out with her and and the flower girl. She even posed for pictures with the little girls. I saw the pictures, in the book about her that my mom gave me. She did not put on airs, and was a nanny before she got married and was great nanny. We lost a very sweet and caring person.

  8. Why is it no one ever mentions that magnificent Ivory satin number Sarah Ferguson wore to marry Prince Andrew?

  9. You,are so right about Princess Grace Kelly. She's so graceful ,beautiful , These days wedding dresses are by far horrible to risqué and it's not going to get better,since we're in a different era!!!

  10. I thought Kate's dress was very safe nice.but safe no real blow your socks off moment.but princess graces was totally stunning and iconic.

  11. Kate's dress is beautiful but since it's derivative of Grace's dress I think that one should have been number 1. I've always wished someone would do a film or documentary about Helen Rose's work, after all she's almost singlehandedly responsible for what we consider to be the ultimate bridal look.

  12. i was not a fan of kate middleton's wedding dress at all. it looked so boring and just made her look old too. more people were interested in her sister's gown and her bottom than they were about her forgettable dress.

  13. I hated Kardashian's dress – the upside down V in the front was ewwwwww Grace Kelly sooo beautiful – her gown was gorgeous! Kate Middleton was nice too but Grace Kelly topped that.

  14. Oh for god sake…. Really they had to put kate Middleton's boring lace dress, right ms mojo you usually get most things right but this NO. URGH don't go in to fashion:(

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