Too Bling For Germany: Baywatch Couple's $100k A Month Life

I don't call it holiday I call it holy life because holiday means just a few signal days in a year holy life means every single day is holiday Bastian and Maria yata are multimillionaires living large in California after their love of everything excessive forced them out of their native Germany the lavish couple have now found their spiritual home in a sprawling Beverly Hills mansion and spend an extraordinary 100 thousand dollars a month of her flashy lifestyle entrepreneur Bastian who runs beauty and software companies dreamed of a life in California after watching American TV shows as a child I saw Baywatch and I immediately fell in love with this kind of life the beautiful places the beautiful girls but incredible wealth has not always been the key to happiness for the couple and they were shunned back home for their lavish tastes and Germany was very jealous and when we are drivers oh great sport car maybe the Ferrari and they spit on the car when we were sitting in a restaurant people next to us talking really loud about the size of married boobs they said oh my god too big it doesn't fit to this girl I decide to leave Germany because I realized there are some things that I cannot change it's the first cerveza and the second it's a peeper after attracting the scorn of their fellow Germans the couple made the move to LA to live the American dream in California it's completely different people don't care about it when you are have succeeded and you're looking good people are friendly to you Bastian and Maria love to shop and can often blow huge sums in a single spree on exclusive Rodeo Drive when you shop in this high levels in these expensive stores you reach $15,000 but earlier than you expected hello and welcome to my will enclose it I make sure that every six months change my clothes I normally wear the dresses on for two times this is special edition that all knows is exactly fries that over 1/2 thousand dollar my car collection is worth about 1.3 million dollars it's my favorite one it's a Ferrari for 5/8 not many cars in the world who have recurse and sells better one the cuff will also spend their money entertaining their new friends and naturally no expense is spared watch your evening cut apart tendons yo stars but I don't care about surprise because it's a investment into happiness my close friends and although their tastes might seem ostentatious to some big-hearted bastion also gives half of his fortune to his own Charitable Foundation my charity work started in 2005 I was visiting Marrakech a little child was dying in my arms because it has a food and it was me a quite terrible experience and I thought about how can I solve some problems it's a whole amount I spend it in my foundation since 2005 is about 40 million euros despite the criticism they faced and the fact they've had to leave their home country Bastian and Maria could not be happier living what they call the otter life my first goal is to become a billionaire I'm on a good way and I need two more years and when it started I was thinking about them and now for me I make the vision come true I have created my own Baywatch I have a girl looking much better than thermal Anderson err and so I laugh the life

Michael Martin

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  1. She is so beautiful and if he works for it he can spend it the way they want to they are happy good for them ❤️

  2. say you want about the chick but the guy seems like a genuine guy, he dreamed of the american dream and made it a reality, he also donates to his charity so he does have a heart

  3. For them to spend that much money her purses in that closet sure look old/slumping in on themselves.

  4. That’s great and all but why does she try SO hard to walk sexy?? (The beach & 4:03) 😂 it’s cringey walk normally 😂😭

  5. So u interview 2 random unknown people flexing on us average income ones?
    Really producers…
    Anyway ricegum spend 100k on shoes n shirts every week so maybe interview him at least ppl know him lol

  6. Wenn ich derartige Kommentare aus Deutschland lese, kann ich echt nachvollziehen warum sie wegwollten… ja, ihr Körper , seine englische Aussprache das und jenes…und so what? sie leben ein selbstbestimmtes Leben, scheinen sehr sozial und zufrieden zu sein…..wieviele von euch könnt für euer leben das gleiche behaupten? Meine Wertvorstellungen unterscheiden sich massiv von denen dieses Paares, dennoch hüte ich mich vor Schikanen, abwertenden Kritiken u.ä. ….einfach weil ich ebenso unvollkommen bin…wie du auch…

  7. 0:18
    me: LIVING LARGE//??!!?!??!!?!!?!?!
    me: puts living large music. starts dancing
    fortnite: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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