Tony Robbins: Real Reason You’re Still Single ( Tony Robbins Relationship )

Is there a single guy here original you’re a single guy just a quick example single guys here and you’re single guy region and I got so many good examples here alright single guys single guys okay so how about that the showman right here stand-up circuit element given up the car what you did was it Jesse just gonna get your microphone Jeffy I bet you’re going to get this because Jeffy’s he’s a good kid you can feel them so I think you’re going to be answered so it probably anticlimactic let me just ask him just want to imagine that you’re driving in a car with a girl you’re getting yeah and as you’re driving she says to Jesse do you need to stop to pee and you know you don’t what do you think of that done anything but I don’t need to take whatever they think uh I don’t need to now ladies how do you feel when you have to god you need to peet’s coffee or a drink and he just goes know maybe make it sound of how that makes you feel make a sound up oh come on make it allows three years ago the whole time so I need off gift she needs to pay for the quick study here’s what you’re missing this is why you’re single when a woman out do you need to stop her drinking your key women don’t really mean what they say they give you clues and want you to be a detective and uncover what they need because this proves that you really care it’s quite complex the shit i’m going to educate your records so when she says you need to stop to pee your response never been no you want to be or you have to jump in here so i should always be honey do you need to pee and then she’ll say i don’t know because women need to talk to see if they have the pieces in a seat and then we have to do it and then what you should probably polish you go you know honey I think we should stop don’t make her say yes you just make it happen now ladies if you did that with more responsible you guys so is this man your really good young man you vs else it’d be nice if we could be kind he just doesn’t fucking know that women don’t mean what they say so he doesn’t have the right strategy so she’s gonna be pissed about how many guys have ever had a woman suddenly be pissed at Julie I did nothing gentlemen make some noise listen boys the change you don’t have to do anything they just get to change states so what you have to do is read the Keeley’s now to be fair let’s give Jeff a caregiver they have a fairly balanced it out where is a single agent here single lady region single women raise your hand I’ll come on it’s believed that pretty lady the ladies so many players choices so many situations ok I never had what’s your name or your problem it was pretty late the government’s argument here the IP blue ribbon beer ok so I’m going to give you a little test are you find a very attractive you’re very interested in you develop the courage to grow up killing start a conversation and then you say them a person would you like to have much maybe next thursday and he says know what does it mean honestly what is it was your duct-tape mean first he doesn’t know he was not interested in having 17 he’s not interested now she said no and then she made up a whole fucking story inhabit this is what women do what else did you tell you he’s not interested what else do you think he’s probably got a girlfriend fucking gay right Gary girlfriend one else if you’d be stupid okay i want you to notice why she’s single because all these fed was no I’m going to help you in the women’s world they see shit and you have to make it up what it means in a maze world we actually say what’d we fuckin mean it’s fucking crazy if a guy guys are ripping the guys there for me to have lunch on thursday and i think–not guys what is the fucking mean one of the day which means no it doesn’t mean I’m not ngu doesn’t mean i’m expecting someone else to be done today it’s just me no fuckin thursday how about friday so what doesn’t kill you makes you did you see how her story would get in the way of a strategy that would work yes or no can you see her strategy lack of understanding would make women make up a story about him attached after know so they all affect each other dumping but the glue that holds you in place is the story if you want to grow business I can teach you a million strategy change you overnight and if I get you to use a strategy and grow your business 30-percent like that you are going to get so excited that your story about your business will change wrote it you like I can rip this open i’m gonna make this thing a hundred percent more problem that’s why ed percent of people can grow 3230 percent because once we get into momentum people story changes and when their story changes the third most important changes their state because that’s what really changes at all that’s why when i first came in the audience is listening what you wanted why change all my contacts today to give you what I delivered that I realized that you want so many different things have a breakthrough the most important one estate

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