Tony Awards 2019: the pre-Telecast Awards Ceremony

please welcome David Henry Hwang Thomas Schumacher Charlotte st. Maarten and Heather Hitchens good evening and welcome to Radio City Music Hall and the 73rd annual Tony Awards I'm David Henry Hwang chair of the American Theatre Wing and I'm thrilled to be here to celebrate the 2018-19 Broadway season now the talent represented by the nominees here tonight is simply staggering and although we still have a long way to go this year's list of nominees brings us some exciting firsts in terms of inclusion and diversity so let's celebrate progress even as we renew our commitment to equality in the theatre we have a remarkable evening in store for you but before we begin I'd like to mention the long-standing partnership that makes this event possible the American Theatre Wing and the Broadway League have been producing partners of the Antoinette Perry Awards for the past 52 years and as every single theater person knows without cooperative collaboration towards a unified vision the show simply does not go on so I want to express my gratitude to our friends at the league for bringing their creativity their energy and their passion to the table year after year it makes this job an absolute joy and on that note please welcome me please join me in welcoming the chairman of the Broadway League my friend and collaborator Thomas Schumacher thank you David tonight we celebrate not just our glorious nominees but also our collective accomplishments as an industry over this past season with total attendance nearing 15 million this has been the best attendance season in Broadway history now that's a million more people than last year and it's our sixth year in a row of audience growth what's more these record numbers were reached with the youngest audience we've seen in nearly 20 years with more kids and teens in attendance than ever before in fact a quarter of all attendees this past season were under the age of 25 a large percentage of whom were likely watching it live on their cell phones but the simple fact we Robert horn wrote that joke thank you very much the simple fact we've been able to reach this ever-growing ever-widening audience base is thanks to all of your hard work and the diverse range of offerings you've put on stage when the final product is this good people obviously show up in droves so congratulations to everyone who took part in this season including the passionate members of the Broadway League represented in a hundred and fifty cities around the world who I'm so proud to represent and now it is my pleasure to introduce to you my dear colleague the president of the Broadway League my pal Charlotte st. Martin thank you Tom and hello Radio City tonight marks the culmination of a remarkable season of Broadway and as Tom pointed out we have a tremendous amount to celebrate and when you look at the long list of creative triumphs being celebrated here tonight it's not hard to figure out why that we continue to have historic numbers year after year and of course the international exposure from tonight's telecast will help us continue to celebrate that growth so for that I want to thank our friends at CBS especially Jack Sussman and Jody Roth for 40 years CBS has invited us to share the magic of Broadway with television audiences around the world and we couldn't be more grateful for their unwavering commitment to the theater the telecast yes thank you it's just amazing the telecast would not be possible without the alread the aridity leadership and producers Ricky Kirchner and Glen Weiss Glen is also the directing the telecast tonight to watch them pull out the impossible year after year never fails to astonish and we are all particularly excited about the return this year of James Corden as our host you know having gotten a sneak peek of tonight's show this morning at dress rehearsal I can't wait for you to experience everything that's in store for you this evening now please join us in acknowledging the recipients of this year's Tony Honours for excellence in the theater who we celebrated at a special ceremony this past Sunday Monday they are Broadway's inspirational bosses Michael McElroy find founder the Schubert organization's longtime vice president of theater operations Peter Intan Joseph Blakely Forbes and the FDNY's engine 54 latter four battalion mine or as we call them the pride of Midtown each of these worthy recipients has left an indelible mark on our community and the theater so let's give them one last hand and now I'd like to turn the mic over to my friend and colleague and the president of the American Theatre Wing is Heather Hitchens thank thank you Charlotte the wing founded the Tony Awards in 1947 by honoring theater makers working at the height of their creative abilities the wing has been able to help fulfill its obligation to promote excellence in the theater we continue that proud tradition happily this evening I want to say something to everyone sitting here tonight what you do matters it really really matters especially in a moment like we're living in right now when compassion often seems like it's in short supply there is a huge power in the communal of written the communal ritual of theater when in which audiences come together and jointly consider someone else's experience in the world I hope everyone here feels a sense of pride for taking apart taking part in the art form that unites us every single night and requires all of us to exercise empathy the power of what you all do just cannot be overstated so thank you in addition to the Tony honors recipients that Charlotte just acknowledged this past Monday we also had the opportunity to toast this year's special Tony Award recipients they are Sonny Childers and creature technology company recognizing recognized for their creational Kong and King Kong now we can plot the extraordinary jason michael webb awarded for his outstanding musical arrangements for choir boy and the three-time Tony nominated actress Marin mazzie who sadly passed away we sadly lost Maron in September and tonight we are honoring her not only for her artistry but for her advocacy and leadership within the theater community as a brave strong voice for women's health issues well there's nothing left to say except that Tom David Charlie wants you to want to congratulate all the nominees and tell you to have the time of your lives tonight thank you so much and now please welcome your hosts for the creative arts awards the stars of the upcoming musical Moulin Rouge six-time Tony nominee Danny Burstein Tony winner Karen Olivo and Aaron to Veit hello it's our pleasure to welcome you to the creative arts awards presented by City National Bank okay we've all heard the delightfully witty Broadway pre-show announcements telling the audience to unwrap soothing lozenges turn off cell phones and to refrain from taking pictures the performers in the room know that no one listens to those announcements and since no one does anyway we want you actually to take your cell phones out right now I mean seriously take them out and instead of turning them off take a selfie that's right take some pictures and tweet them out using hashtag Tony Awards let's see how quickly we can break the internet when we do go on the air please don't text take pictures or be that person who makes a desperate call for a reservation to bar central yeah people are there fully fully committed now some notes for the nominees these are a state of the art microphones so there's no need to raise them or bend them or lean down to speak you have 90 seconds from the time your name is called until your time is up so get up here as quickly as you can some awards will be presented now and others throughout the night we'll tape them during the commercial breaks so your acceptances can be played back on the air so since the show continues during all the commercial breaks please keep the aisles clear for the crew and for the winners to be able to make their way to the stage also please do not stand or gather in the aisles or in front of the big TV screen with the words on it while we look rehearsed we're not some of us are actually cold reading like right now most of all best of luck to the nominees we've met we have many important Tony's to give out and a very short amount of time so let's get started by giving a warm thank you to the presenting sponsor of tonight's creative Arts Awards please welcome the CEO of Citi National Bank Kelly coffee Thank You Aaron imagine seeing Beetlejuice without the eye-popping off-kilter costumes or not being able to venture into the industrial wasteland of Hades town or watching The Temptations perform their signature dance moves without the vintage lighting that evoke a different era the experience just wouldn't be the same not nearly as magical as we all know the work that goes on behind the scenes is just as important to the success of a Broadway show as as its wonderfully talented performers that's why City National Bank is delighted to continue our strong partnership with Broadway as the official Bank of the Tonys were once again supporting these creative arts awards and recognizing all of the designers choreographers and orchestrators who conceived create and construct the magic my colleagues and I also have a special appreciation for these artists we work hard behind the scenes too that's why we've become known as the bank of Broadway so on behalf of all of us at City National I'd like to congratulate our outstanding nominees your passion creative energy and your imagination enhance the experience and delight millions of theater goers each year here and across the country since 1976 the Tony Awards has recognized an outstanding regional theater that has displayed a continuous and significant level of artistic achievement which contributes to the growth of theater on a national level this year's recipient is theater work Silicon Valley here's a yes thank you here's a look at some of the fantastic work they do theater work Silicon Valley in Northern California is one of the nation's leaders in cultivating and producing new musicals and plays by emerging and veteran artists this season Theatre Works will present its 70th world premiere under founding artistic director Robert Kelley many of their productions have gone on to regional off Broadway and Broadway acclaim including the Olivier and best musical Tony award-winning Memphis which received its first workshop in world premiere at Theatre Works congratulations to Theatre Works Silicon Valley now it's with great pleasure that we present the regional theater Tony and a $25,000 grant made possible by City National Bank to Theatre Works Silicon Valley accepting our Robert Kelly Phil Santora and board chair Judy hi borer thank you I'm Robert Kelly founding artistic director of Theatre Works Silicon Valley and I'm Phil Santora executive director our thanks to the American Theatre Wing the Broadway League City National Bank and the American theatre Critics Association Theatre Works is honored to be this year's representative of the thousands of outstanding nonprofit theaters across America this award is for generations of collaborators who've grown theater works for 50 years we thank our board led by Judy Hebert our staff new works directors arts educators and the thousands of theater makers who have found an artistic home with us especially the playwrights and composers who brought 70 world premiers to our stage and developed hundreds of new works that have been produced across America and around the world special thanks to our donors volunteers audiences and our welcoming home cities of Palo Alto and Mountain View California this will be my final season at the helm of this extraordinary company half a century ago the cast of our first production gave me an unforgettable gift on opening night they filled my car with food tonight you've given Theatre works of priceless gift as well a glorious launch to the next 50 years thanks to you all carnegie mellon university is the exclusive higher education partner of the tony awards and co-founder of the excellence and theater education award each year the tony's and CM you conduct a nationwide search to recognize a drama teacher for his or her exceptional commitment to arts education to announce this year's Education Award winner it's our great pleasure to welcome CMU's president dr. Farnum Johan Ian the head of CMU School of Drama dr. Peter Cook and from the company of choirboy seem new alumnus John Clay the third good evening we want to begin by sharing our best wishes and congratulations to the five CMU alumni who are among tonight's Tony Award nominees Jaime de Roy Peggy Eisenhower Jules Fisher Peter Olinsky and Ann Roth we also wish to congratulate Michael McElroy Toni honoree and Judith Light this year's Isabelle Stevenson Tony winner your CMU family is so proud of you as home to the first degree-granting drama program in the United States Carnegie Mellon University is pleased to join our colleagues at the Broadway League and the American Theatre Wing to celebrate arts education by recognizing extraordinary teachers from across the country this is the fifth anniversary of the excellence in theatre education award and as a judge for all five years I can tell you the bar has been raised higher than ever this year's winner is a standout in her Charlottesville Virginia community and to educators everywhere theater director Madeline Michael from Monticello high school miss michael empowers her students to confront social injustice to address racial inequality and to bring those conversations forward with inclusive stage performances let's take a look at this outstanding educator the questions we asked her about a theatre educator who most inspired you Marilyn McCormick and Washington Laurie sales miss furry hi Fowler with strand she changed my life this drama department pushes boundaries this program always chooses to have a message it's art with a message and art with real people behind it art is really expression it's supposed to be free this program is not about me there has to be about them they're our future they are the kids that give me so much hope so making our world about them is the most uplifting thing that I could possibly think of we are honored to present the 2019 excellence in theatre Education Award to Madeline Michael I would like to thank the Broadway League the American Theatre Wing and Carnegie Mellon University for this award I'm proud to share this award with my students at Monticello high school I share this award with Josh Sain Hale who like everyone else in Charlottesville suffered through the white supremacist violence of August 2017 and like everyone else in the black community he was not surprised by it that fall he wrote the rap narrative one-act play a king's story set against the backdrop of that tragic summer I share this award with Courtney grooms who called by her classmates Confederate flag t-shirts wrote the play necessary trouble the title inspired by Civil Rights icon Congressman John Lewis I share this award with Kayla Scott who experienced racial profiling in our increasingly gentrified city from this came her award-winning play hash tag while black I share this award with fattiest Lane who thought he was exclusively a basketball player and now is an integral member of our city's Community Theatre I share this award with Alex Espinosa a dreamer who fell in love with in the heights and is now a college theatre major I share this award with Amaya Tye Asia Italia mo Asia who never saw girls that looked like them on high school stages and have now set the standard for all students in our community I share this award with Tyler Abigail will Zoe Laurel fervent allies of their peers of color who never asked the question what about me this award is for all of the students who have found their voice and who speak for themselves their families and their community through theater and playwriting I thank you all for allowing me to accompany you on this journey a journey that I invite everyone to follow on Instagram at Monticello drama 19 thank you let's have a round of applause for the teachers in your life who inspired you to be here tonight our creative arts awards presented by a City National Bank continues with the first of two Tony's for the designers who are more obsessed with how I look than how I am yes here are this year's nominees for best costume design of a play Rob Howell the ferryman Tony Leslie James Bernhardt Hamlet Clint Ramos torch song and Roth Gary a sequel to Titus Andronicus and Roth To Kill a Mockingbird and the Tony Award for best costume design of a play goes to rob Howell the ferryman [Applause] hello thank you very much it's a big surprise I want to congratulate the other nominees and this is Lucy this is my costume associate and anybody in the room knows that the our associates actually do all the work and no more so who knows so if you look at your brochure there's a as a page for another short time there's a page for you know costume designer thing and the Tony people Jackie Greene a brilliant person from Bali Bravo means said the Tony people they need a drawing I said I don't have a drawing so what do you mean you'll have a drawing so we I didn't draw anything two years ago and we did it all through pulling stuff like we know Lisi and I talked and so Lucy did all of the work without any drawings whatsoever until two weeks ago from today when I had to do a drawing only for the brochure for tonight so we started working on this three years ago we close in a month that's the latest costume design in Broadway history but I'm very proud we were very happy thank you and now here are the nominees for best costume design of a musical michael crass hades town William Ivey long beetlejuice William Ivey long Tootsie Bob Mackie the Cher show Paul Tazewell ain't too proud the life and times of the temptations and the Tony Award for best costume design of a musical goes to Bob Mackie Michelle Oh God you know like Ruth Gordon said at the Oscars several years ago this is very encouraging for an eighty-year-old thank you thank you so much creative Awards awards creative arts awards presented by City National Bank continues with a Tony's for our scenic designers here are the nominees for best scenic design of a play Miriam Bueller To Kill a Mockingbird bunny Christie Inc Rob Howell the ferryman Santo Lacroix Stowe Gary a sequel to Titus Andronicus yon verse favela Network and the Tony Award for Best scenic design of a play goes to rob Howell the ferryman [Applause] not too many I feel strangely balanced you should try this it's good right [Applause] so I've got to thank and want to thank Sonia Freedman Karen Ealing Sam Mendes where are you all there somewhere just Butterworth of course important important thing to say is that when we all said yes to this this play wasn't finished there's 20 minutes missing from the very end but we all knew it was an amazing play already and everybody signed up and Sonia and Cara raise the money and secured two theaters everybody to thinit's because everybody had so much faith in what jess had already written and he won't mind me saying this but it was that good that everybody including the goose said yes and I just love it as you will do to be part of a community of people who have that kind of faith in creative imagination I'm really happy and now we'll continue the creative arts awards presented by City National Bank with the nominees for best scenic design of a musical Robert brill and Peter new greenie ain't too proud the life and times of the temptations Peter England King Kong Rachel Hawk Hades town war jellinek Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma David Korins beetlejuice I'm the Tony Award for Best scenic design of a musical goes to Rachel Hawke whoa first and foremost first and foremost thank you to my family to my incredible mother who is here to my sister to my partner thank you to Rachel and Aeneas the incredible women at the helm of this piece to Mara and Dale thank you for standing with us so strong all the way through of course Meredith Reese Jessie Bonaventure Neil Mazzella the shop at Hudson the incredible artists at Hudson the amazing people at the Kerr and Todd Frank and this incredible time I could not be more proud to be part of a musical that preaches the power of love and hope and the power of community and standing together thank you so much now we get to recognize the design the designers whose work is as important to the theatrical experience as the contributions you can see on stage here here literally these are the nomination these are the nominees for best sound design of a play Adam cork ink scott lear To Kill a Mockingbird Fitz Patton choirboy Nick Powell the ferryman Eric's like'em Network I'm the Tony Award for best sound design of a play goes to Fitz Patton fire boy [Applause] thank you very much so a little group therapy this award has been living in London for so long it has a British accent I am really glad that they are willing to loan it back to us for a year I want to say that you know when you start it's about what you're doing and the longer you spend doing this you know it's about who you're working with that makes all the difference these two people here changed my life and I'm sure when Tripp Coleman and Tyrell McCraney met each other that was a moment that changed their life that year I want to say about trip if you ever want to work in a room of endless creative affirmation and expansion where every day is yes give us more we need more of you be bigger he's a guy to work with he's probably here should catch him free how other room thank you and now the nominees for best sound design of a musical Peter Helene ski beetlejuice Peter Helene ski King Kong Steve Canyon Kennedy ain't too proud the life and times of the temptations drew Levy Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma Nevin Steinberg and Jessica Paz Hades town and the Tony Award for best sound design of a musical goes to Nevin Steinberg and Jessica paths Hades town [Applause] hi time is short so I'm gonna be brief I'm gonna just talk about a few select women tonight the first room is my wife Paige who's here and I think most of you know her she's sitting over there Paige thank you for wanting this for me more than I even ever want to do for myself thank you so much for that I also want to thank Rachel and aeneas whose leadership and kindness and sense of humor is inspiration every day and then I want to thank my colleague Jessica Paz who's standing next to me who is the first woman to be nominated in this category and now the first woman to win Jessica thank you thank you there are so many special reasons reasons that are so special for being part of this production and the biggest one of them is nevin he's such an incredible collaborator and I thank him so much thank you to our sound team jarick Kraus Alex Huerta Conor Wang Alex Hwan and my quote chick their work is incredible thank you to my partner Corinne for all of her support and lastly I would not be the woman I am today without my aunt Annie who I know is like beaming down with so much pride right now thank you to her and thank you to all of you and thank you thank you thank you next in our creative arts awards presented by City National Bank the first of two awards honoring our lighting designers here the nominees for best lighting design of a play Neil Austin Inc Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhower Gary a sequel to Titus Andronicus Peter Mumford the ferryman Jennifer Tipton To Kill a Mockingbird yon verse favela and tall yard n network and the Tony Award for Best lighting design of a play goes to Neil Austin Inc [Applause] sadly Neil could not be with us tonight so we accept this award on his behalf thank you and now here the nominees for best lighting design of a musical Kevin Adams the Cher show howl Binkley 8 – proud the life and times of the temptations Bradley King Hades town Peter Mumford King Kong Kenneth Posner and Peter new greenie beetlejuice I'm the Tony Award for Best lighting design of a musical goes to Bradley King Hades [Applause] oh I lost my voice cheering for Rachel and Jessica um first to my family to Danielle my two girls Emmy and Rosie who I hope are in bed by now and my parents who are here tonight thank you this would not be possible without you my Hades town family led by Rachel Ananias and Maura and Dale I continue to be surrounded by such exceptional women in my life my family at the Walter Kerr – John – Alex – Bridget – Pat – Jimmy – Justin – Mitch – Paul – Vinny – our incredible stage management team that keeps that show looking beautiful night after night and now what I really want to say to all of us in the room especially the producers out there there were a hundred and forty-seven design slots on Broadway last year 40 of them went to women 14 of them went to people of color just six went to women of color we need to make Broadway less white less sis and less male thank you here are the nominees for best orchestrations Michael Charney and Todd sycophants Haiti's town Simon Hale Tootsie Larry Hawkman Kiss Me Kate Daniel Kluger Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma Herald wheeler ain't too proud the life and times of the temptations and the Tony Award for Best orchestrations goes to Michael journey and Todd sycophants Hades how [Applause] oh boy well speaking for myself I want to thank my friends and family in Vermont the birthplace of Hades town and yes and my daughters I didn't he's old for all their support and love and every band member who's ever played any of the dots that Todd and I wrote down for all the various Hades town orchestras and bands culminating with this beautiful one on Broadway when you sneak in through the back door like we did you don't expect to be welcome to like this so thank you and may this community only become more and more welcoming I want to thank our music team David Lee Cody Owen Stein Cynthia mang John Ginjo and our amazing musical director vocal arranger Liam Robinson thank you so much to my wife Alana I love you I'm proud of this show but I'm also proud of the work that we did together I think it shows thank you and now the nominees for Best Choreography Camille a brown choirboy Warren Carlyle Kiss Me Kate Dennis Jones Tootsie David Newman Hades town Sergio Trujillo ain't too proud the life and times of the temptations and the Tony Award for Best Choreography goes to [Applause] thank you oh my god I'm so lucky so much love in my life so many people out here who I love and adore and have have supported me throughout my career I've been to show up yesterday I've been here for close to 20 years so many people to thank but tonight my deepest gratitude to my a to proud family my genius director des Mackin of a true visionary my mentor my friend thank you my associate choreographer Edgar Godinho who's been dancing on my side for so long my cast who's getting ready to perform and my five five classic temptations who go out there and dance as if it was the last time they were ever going to dance our appeal men Tom halls Otis Williams Dominique Boras Oh Shelly Berger thank you for the love you've shown me over the past few years and to my Colombian family who had taught me to love music and dances I was a little boy mom yes – salut you could be papaya mere mono and and two more things my husband who have known who's been with me for 30 years in a so I'm very proud and has been with me through this whole process through the ups and the downs jack knows worthy I love you thank you one last thing I arrived in New York City over 30 years ago as an illegal immigrant and I stand here as proof for all those dreamers I want you to hear this that I stand here as proof that the American Dream is still alive you just have to keep on fighting because change will come but at all but at all they just consider us to Chando este momento quiero get 7kc Josie Rio Trujillo the CEO Cali Colombia pool you got a banana stable mental tu tambien Lopez I said ladies and gentlemen thank you so much now we recognize the fantastic writers who provide story structure character cliffhangers humor heart strong beginnings power-packed endings and so much more here are the nominees for Best Book of a musical ain't you proud the life and times of the temptations Dominique more so Beetlejuice Scott Brown and Anthony King Hades town Aeneas Mitchell the prom Bob Martin and Chad beg Len Tootsie Robert horn and a Tony for Best Book of a musical goes to Robert Horne Tootsie [Applause] oh my god we're good thank you American Theatre Wing and this generous community for welcoming me for this I've been working 35 long years for this and believe me what doesn't kill you we'll try again tomorrow Tutsi is about an actor who told he could no longer do the one thing he loves more than anything and as artists we spend our lives being told no so I hope this can inspire anybody out there who's told no but here's yes even if it takes 35 years do not give up any can be a sword swallower at least once thank you to my beautiful Tutsi family Scott Sanders Carroll firemen that my incredible director Scott Ellis my brother in comedy David Lee aspect this clown car of actors led by the incredible Santino Fontana I have to thank Mike my mom who's 87 years old and is here tonight who gave me a love of theater my beautiful twin sister who didn't hold on until tonight but I know is watching and my gorgeous husband of 20 years who's who is still okay that for every action I haven't equal and opposite overreaction every month with him at my side is Pride Month thank you thank you thank you congratulations to all our winners so far thanks again to City National Bank for presenting the creative arts awards we've got some more awards to present throughout the night so you're not done with us yet we'll be back James Corden is back to host the broadcast live in just a few minutes plus there are some special guests and surprises you didn't see if you're here for the dress rehearsal this morning so we're all in for a big night well see you soon it's my dad he's gone all the way from Australia I love you dad particularly Phyllis and Arnie and my mom and dad were excelling away in Florida thank you my mother for having me I have been praying my entire life for the opportunity to stand in front of the world and say thank you to my parents who are here tonight I have these great parents they've seen every show I've done since I was five my mother the anti mama Rose and the most amazing woman that I know don't do this you're making my mother cry thank you to my Nana who sold her engagement ring so that I could move to New York to be an actor my beautiful wife pauletta and the children at home go to bed my real Sycamore family thank you for being weird and silly and loving me unconditionally my sister Callie she did my hair you

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