Todd Palin files for divorce from former Alaska governor Sarah Palin

Todd Palin has filed for divorce from former Alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin after 31 years of marriage   Todd moved to dissolve his marriage in a document filed in Anchorage Superior Court on Friday, according Anchorage-based blogger Craig Medred   The filing cited an ‘incompatibility of temperament between the parties such that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife’ Sarah and Todd, both 55, have been married since 1988 and share five children.  The filing uses initials – TMP and SLP – rather than full names, but it was traced back to the couple through the marriage date and the birth date of their only child who is a minor, 11-year-old son Trig  The filing asks for joint legal custody of the child. The divorce will not be of legal concern to their four adult children: Track, 30, Bristol, 28, Willow, 25, and Piper, 18  Todd is being represented by Anchorage attorney Kimberlee Colbo, who has declined to comment  Colbo filed an official request with the court to designate the divorce confidential as it moves forward  Sarah Palin was elected governor of Alaska in 2006 and her family was thrust into the national spotlight two years later when Republican presidential nominee John McCain added her to his ticket as vice president    Todd, a commercial fisherman and oil field worker, became an instant media sensation dubbed the ‘First Dude’   McCain and Palin lost the election to Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and Palin resigned as governor the following year   Sarah remained a household name and prominent voice in the Republican Party. She was among the first politicians to endorse Donald Trump’s candidacy in 2016  Last September Sarah and Todd sat down for an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV at their family compound home in Wasilla, Alaska  They opened up about the challenges that had tested their 30-year marriage, including their daughter Bristol’s pregnancy at 17, their son Track’s battle with substance abuse and their son Trig’s Down Syndrome

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  1. He's tired of living the lie. What lie is that? The lie you'll never hear from the media because the truth is gigantic. Whole cover up leaked in my profile. (palin's at the center of the whole scandal)

  2. Can hardly blame the man. Anyone married to someone like Caribou Barbie for 31 years deserves sainthood. Sarah Barracuda appeared to be a witch on wheels.

  3. They all get bitchey around 50-55 what do you expect? It's called menopause. In the past a man could smack her in the mouth. She then quiets down and the marriage continues. Today the only way you can get peace is to walk away.

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