TMCC Dental Hygiene Pinning Ceremony – 2017

So, good evening family friends faculty
staff and colleagues. Welcome to the dental hygiene class of
2017 pinning ceremony. we are here tonight to honor eleven graduates who
have worked diligently and ambitiously to finally reach this point so let’s
please stand and honor them as they join us alright class of 2017 oh don’t sit
down yet okay so graduates I want you to just
come out in front of the auditorium just a bit and turn around Brittany I know
you’re so excited because I want to let everybody know I know that all your
family know right now but these students just found out they this last week and
just went down to Stockton to take their Western Regional examination board their
clinical board and they all found out that they passed so let’s give them and
that is no doubt there was never a doubt ever a doubt so we’re so proud of you
alright now everybody can have a seat this pinning ceremony and commencement
on Friday is the result of hard work commitment and perseverance these past
two years these last two years could not have been possible without the love and
support of your family and friends your families are so proud of you and
relieved at the same time that you have completed this program family friends
finally you’re going to be able to see them a little bit and have them be able
to be a part of your life so let’s give them a wonderful subscribe yeah we want
to thank all of the families for giving us the opportunity to educate your
graduate the past two years we really have truly been blessed with them we
also want to thank you the students for choosing TMCC dental hygiene program to
be the vehicle it gave you the ability to move forward with your goals and to
drive right on out of here with your a fdh degree we’re very proud of you I
would like now to recognize TMC C’s administrators and thank them for their
efforts and contributions in making TMCC such a remarkable College so joining us
tonight we have president Kuran Jill Gerson dr. Barbara Buckhannon vice
president of academic affairs is she here tonight I know she was not sure if
she was going to be able to make it okay and then we also have dr. Julie
Ellsworth interim dean with the Sciences Division the dental hygiene program
would not be the quality program it is without our faculty and staff and their
tireless efforts and dedication to the students in this program there are years
of experience and knowledge are the building block and framework that really
makes this program so incredible let’s start crying so I am grateful being an
effective instructor takes a great deal of time and commitment
eight instructor at what is what makes that lasting game for these students to
be able to succeed so what I would like to do I’m going to go ahead and
acknowledge the faculty so I’d like everyone to stand up when I call your
name and we can hold the applause until the end and then give them a real nice
round of applause so Julie stage Rosenberg Patti Sanford
David lund grade iseman Donna Hale Winkle Karen Clark
Judy cook lawn Q Kerry Custer Sydney Mackenzie Kimberly Rosario Deborah Scott
Veronica Thai noni and then our administrative assistant and clinic
manager Tony hipper who couldn’t join us tonight and Jennifer link so let’s give
them a round of applause yeah take 17 of us to continually be going and keeping
this great program going okay it is with great pleasure to introduce
our president of Truckee Meadows Community College dr. Karen Hill Gerson I’m just delighted that I can deliver a
presidential metrics to you today because you really are important travel
companion could end the family members friends brothers sisters supporters
confused the longer journeys I know this is a tough program why the most rigorous
programs with campus and it’s so great that the bezel of the students comedian
so here’s minor so the field of dental hygiene does anybody know when it began
and don’t forget this species okay now right back like this right but imagine
in the eighteen eighties when that was like random when is Jessica started
meeting health and then time for causes gentle nurses and one of a famous
business for no I think a better service business productive time nowadays as a
dental hygienist you’re expected to know the technology right
you’re expectancy firm but gentle right we also got to identify potential
problems like you got to know a lot how do we know important to you what I
wasn’t talking about you have to be a fireman you have to
show compassion for your dental patient you have to be interpersonally to get
through this and I have some personal experiences I have 31 year old son and
when he was 19 he got in a little run-in with a car
so the carbon and he’ll be along on foot on busy highway around a Thursday
evening terrible axles luckily he survived with the head injury
and half of his body is broken and the worst part the part that he never smoked
and what he did jaw wired shut jaw wired shut about oh I don’t six
seven weeks and when you came out of that first lot he was so focused in that
we push my Italian friends house and she made a favorite dish positive self be
like 14 of them which is almost obsessive uh but there’s no jaw wired
shut from that point on he was very scared to
go to dependency because of the head injury she somehow attributed dental
care having something to do with his jaw wired shut
enormous and accomplice that that causes life so about a year and a half after
that but headings reagent-x cleared off his body was back on the dating scene
today right but he’s girlfriends at the time known as horrible helpers that I go
visit man I think oh my gosh I can’t get the key from this shit
well what do you think it happened was that our graduate what happens because
the world inspection going on so back that is not important breath and she
broke up with it mama he covered covered evidence and insight so what did I do
I insisted that Patti dispossessed I bro them there he was so freaked out that
yet gets literally saved his life the dental – she’s literally coasting
got into her lack made him realize how to take care of this infection or he
forgot right I mean she really did such a wonderful
job you did it I mean first of all my kids Samantha
six-foot tall kid acting like a big baby at the dentist’s office who desire right
come on years old she did relax in Shikoku did you keep a lot of attaboy
right you can’t say you can do it that you can do it come on I’m know you can
use and it actually works it works about that to say pretty true is that on the
day to day lots appropriate analysis completed on
really to both world ever I’ve never experienced in my life and I wanted to
tell you to say that I hope you realize how important your work is how important
it really is you are well-prepared to contribute to
mental health you are your battery capacity factor but as dental hygienist
you also need to worry about the mental health the emotional element but for a
classical salesperson and I think you’re both here to die too
I really do people in our society are so much happier when I smile aren’t they
and you get to contribute to that and we didn’t make sure that the first positive
items so much other the dull is I’m not your enemy right your friend I’m proud
of my file yes be part of that so thank you thank you Frances
I was working hard thank you for building your skills
thank you for earning this degree we all know that it wasn’t even the dental
world meet and talking out of Community College we are so very proud of you
tonight I know that you’ve had great faculty and bridge that helps it along
the way and I also know that there will be differences will follow in your
footsteps and I hope that gets make them to something in your future and I hope
that you never took that opportunity Tom for calling you a lot of your class not
just career business perspective so congratulations graduates good luck and
good will in all of your personal and professional Thank You president Hill Gerson’s
those were some good good words of knowledge and advice definitely I see
the tissues coming out I’m glad I brought that box for my office you what
what you say okay so without further delay I would like to introduce the
class of 2017 fearless leader and class president
briana Clancy hello everyone everyone hear me okay so I just want to start off
by thanking everybody for coming and this is really the best thing that’s
ever happened to me and probably all of us right now I’m the class president for
our student American dental hygiene Association I’m here at TMCC that’s our
club it helps to raise money for our board exams and all of our exams that we
took so it is really an honor being the president and helping achieve all of
that I apologize in advance I’m the crier of the groups I don’t know who let
me make a speech but here we go so I just want to start off by thanking all
of you family friends peers and teachers without all of your unwavering support
patience and willingness to help this would have been a hell of a lot more
difficult you have been with us through our tears and our triumphs
through long nights and early mornings and our endless hours
of stress and homework you have helped guide us and shape us into the people
that we are becoming today we never thought this day would come
we prayed for its swift delivery crossed it crossed days off our calendars
counted clinic hours minutes and seconds and seconds and now that it’s here I’m
sorry it is sorry because it means leaving friends who inspire me and
instructors who have been looking over our shoulders guiding us for the past
two years it means closing the chapter on this
great big challenging adventure okay I’m counting on this big great challenging
adventure that will shape our lives forever as much as I have looked forward
to this day our day I have always disliked endings the last day of summer
the final chapter of a great book our parting ways with a dear friend but
endings are inevitable leaves will fall you close the book you say goodbye
sometimes it’s to a cubby or a unit a clinic or even a school today is one of
those days for us today we say our goodbyes to everything that has been
familiar everything that has been comfortable we’re moving on but just
because we’re leaving and that hurts there are those people who have become
so much more a part of us so much that they will stay with us no matter what
they are our solid ground our North Star and the small clear voices in that
special special place in our hearts that will be with us always I think I need some tissue up here
myself can I grab all right okay so the
students put together a really great video that we’re going to present to you
and it’s in the last two years pictures that they have taken throughout the two
years of their time together you I’m intuitive one for
the end of the world laughter and you are too and you are in your in the end ah they’re so thin you Oh you okay so what we’re going to do now we
are going to actually have the D H faculty present the student graduate
Awards so what these awards are we actually have five of these awards that
we are going to be having some of the different faculty present and basically
professionalism community service leadership are some of the awards that
we’re going to be giving and each faculty member will come up this
presenting the award and explain a little bit more about it and how we
actually choose the recipient of the award because you know from day one when
these students come into the program you know it’s two years that we are with
them it’s a close-knit family and as you can tell with the students and how they
have spent a lot of time not just in class and in clinic together but also
outside of school that you know that’s what makes it a real close-knit family
so with them oh someone’s phone subjugate the students though anyway so
I’m going to go ahead and we’re going to have long queue come up and he’s going
to present the first award and he actually was one of our graduates from
class of 2011 and now he’s here teaching with us good evening everybody can you hear me
okay sounds alright okay my name is lon Q and I’m here to present
tonight’s first award the community service award I myself as a student here
and the graduates I was sitting right where you were when Julie sage Rosenberg
presented me with this award and so for me to be up here is very special the
profession of dental hygiene began in 1907 when Irene Newman the world’s first
dental hygienist began providing preventive dental procedures and
education with children in public schools in Bridgeport Connecticut the
profession has evolved tremendously over the past 100 years and we hope our
graduates from TMCC will think of innovative ways to continue Irene
Newman’s original intent by providing preventive education and services in
their communities our community service award is sponsored by Colgate the
Colgate oral health advisor star award is offered to a graduating dental
hygiene student oh sorry I lost my place who has shown excellence and commitment
commitment to the hygiene profession by demonstrating true dedication to the
profession exhibiting extraordinary compassion in patient care displaying
enthusiasm and commitment to community service and demonstrating outstanding
patient education and motivational skills it is my personal honor and
privilege to present a Colgate Community Service Award to this year’s graduate
brianna Clancy I’d like to present the next presenter
for the Leadership Award Carrie Custer hello everyone my name is Carrie Custer
and I teach in the clinic here and part time in lecture classes and I had all of
these students in the very first class of the program and I remember when they
first came in and they were all really quiet and didn’t talk to each other and
they you know Shelby came in and she had her little binder in her purple water
bottle and I still remember she had her little pencil kit all set up on her desk
and Christina was right in the front row ready to go and and it was just it’s
amazing to see how far they’ve come from that day that first class to now and the
bomb that they have built has been amazing this class has worked so well
together and they have really done a great job at helping each other in
clinic and with pretty much every everything they’ve done a great job so
with that we need to have a good leader and as you all know dental hygiene
school is very rigorous and demanding of a student’s time and the recipient of
this year’s Leadership Award was able to balance her academics her school life
her job clubs and she always did it with a very positive attitude
and a very good demeanour always cheerful the student had a way of
guiding others to complete their particular task while motivating and
inspiring them at the same time the student was also always eager to help
with everything if we needed set up for an event she was there any kind of
welcome back fair she always volunteered she took on very a lot of
responsibilities but she also designated her time to the other students also this
student never asked for a pat on the back or praise she always did this I’m
looking at her thank you me cry um she always did this because she was selfless
and had no hidden agenda I don’t know if I can finish um she enjoyed her role in
sada and she helped guide the first-year and second-year students into a great
event for their full body event so I am really proud and honored to give the
sword to Brianna I was hoping I wouldn’t do that but of
course I did our next award will be presented by dr. Donna Hal Winkle good evening I’m dr. Donna Hal Winkle
I’m a part-time faculty supervising dentist in the dental hygiene program
and I first met these as this group of students in the anesthesia lab when
their first year students and then went on to supervise them in the clinic and
I’ve been chosen to talk about professionalism professionalism is a
choice it is a conscious decision to be the best that you can be in all aspects
of your life including your jobs and your relationships to be a professional
you must set the highest standards of performance make a commitment to growth
and take pride in yourself and in your work a professional doesn’t settle for
mediocrity or for the easy way out it is not an easy journey it requires effort
and conviction this year’s recipient of the professionalism award demonstrated
these traits in many ways in anesthesia lab
she overcame nerves and some pretty shaky hands to become a smooth pain-free
operator and and she was determined to do it and she did in clinic I have seen
her put her patients needs before her own needs as a student her compassion
and patience stood out so I have no doubt that this year’s recipient Johanna
Christensen okay she’s well on her way to becoming an
outstanding professional and now I would like to present to you mrs. Karen Clark
who will give the Sigma Phi Alpha Award I just want to take a minute to commend
your class for being such a cohesive class and so supportive of each other
along the way I just think it’s wonderful how much you listed each other
up for the last two years and I got to witness that so thank you I’m here to
introduce the winner of the Sigma Phi Alpha Award so let me tell you a little
bit about that award Sigma Phi Alpha is the National Honor Society of the dental
hygiene profession the Honor Society was founded in 1958 by members of the
section on dental hygiene education of the American Association of dental
schools membership is comprised elected dental hygiene educators and of
graduates from accredited dental hygiene programs with high scholastic
achievement only 10% of the graduating class may be considered for enrollment
this year’s candidate exemplifies the scholarship dedication and commitment
needed to advance the dental hygiene profession it is my privilege to elect
Christina Hines for membership and Sigma Phi Alpha the next award it will be
presented by Kimberly Rosario I can’t believe they’re really going let me talk
up here now you know that all rules are off anyway the words that I’m going to
give I’m very proud of the students is giving and I believe that she has earned
it I’ve been able to witness her since
anesthesia and then again like dr. Hill linkle in clinic and this student has
demonstrated natural ability and you could see that very fast in early in her
dental hygiene path and so the award that I’m about to present is the golden
scaler award they don’t make a silver and they don’t make a bronze there’s
only one and that’s this one in this ward honors one dental hygiene student
for their overall achievements during the program the word is sponsored by
Hugh fraidy chief radies a company that manufactures many of the instruments
that we use as dental hygienists the outstanding student has demonstrated
skills and organization professionalism with patients faculty and their
classmates the candidate has shown accomplishments with consistent
proficiency and information instrumentation skills communication
skills and overall of interaction with patients faculty and
classmates her ability to always assist her classmates and step in when needed
is another characteristic of trait that is worthy of this award this student has
definitely demonstrated all of this and made it look like she was just a natural
right from the start and the student goes is the golden scalar award goes to
a Lexie man Wow let’s give them one more round of applause you know and I want to
say you know even we have these five awards for these five students but I’m
going to tell you all 11 of them are absolutely outstanding we’re going to
absolutely miss you they have all shown high standards with their proficiencies
and skills of course we know that because they’ve all passed their six
hour National written board which of course is a written exam of all of their
lecture content for the last two years and then of course their clinical boards
that they just found out and several of them already know they got a hundred
percent ninety nine percent so I’m telling you they are amazing so all right so what we have all been
waiting for are the pins this is why we call this the pinning event because
they’re going to come up here we’re going to honor each individual each
student and we are going to give them their dental hygiene pin which is just a
representation of being able to make it through this two-year program every
dental hygiene program really in America does a pinning event like this which is
really really personable and it really does mean something so if I can go ahead
and have the faculty that’s going to be helping with the handing out of the pins
and then we’ve also got some roses and some gifts that we’ll be handing out one thing I do want to say as we do
start the pinning event there is going to be photo opportunity at the very end
when we’re all done where all of the family and friends can take pictures of
them up here so I just wanted to let you know that so you will not miss that
opportunity you know a few weeks back I did ask the graduates to choose a quote
that best describes their class and if you look on the back of the pinning
program that quote is won by Nicholas Sparks which states sometimes the most
ordinary thing could be made extraordinary simply by doing them with
the right people this class has been closed from day one as we have all
mentioned and as it was conveyed through their pictures of course in their video
in their time that they spent not only in this class and clinic but outside
they started out two years ago with eleven individuals and they chose to
become one interwoven team setting out to achieve their common goals that each
of them had they work together through the rigorous and challenging program
requirements enduring and lifting up each other to believe that they not only
could but they would succeed and they have so now I would like to present you
the dental hygiene class of 2017 and we are going to be starting off with Craig
Alan Gillen there’s more awaiting for you Craig lifteth Cardona yeah go ahead if you
want to yell it out go for it that’s what makes this pinning so fun first of
all yeah we love her too also as these pictures are coming up you
can see that each each graduate has chosen either a quote or one of those
kind of aha moments where something really just clicked or where it really
was a moment that they really remember so as the picture comes up read these
because these are really they’re they’re neat to be able to see a little bit more
insight with with each of the graduates jessica lynn bravo Johanna Christensen Brianna ray Clancy Britany cotton hey Brittany looks like you have a
little superstar up there with you where is she at wave your hand for us there we
go your biggest supporter Christina are Heinz Aleksey Rayman Amy Elizabeth Stagner Shelby warden Faye you hey say I want to know is that a selfie
you took of yourself that is good she’s centered right there okay so I want to
present to everyone the TMCC dental hygiene class of 2017 all right we’ll go ahead and let you you
ladies and gent have a seat you know I want to say one thing to as you’ve
noticed we have one male in the class that’s Craig
whoa grade that’s right and you know we always say is the faculty we love having
males in the class because it balances out the female hormones and I’ll tell
you Craig he has been in the center of this class he has really been the one
that’s kind of grounded everybody has he not guys yes so Craig you’ve been
wonderful and he always has a smile on his face
so anyways okay I would like to introduce a Lexie man to come up and to
give some faculty yeah do you see him forgetting all about the fun stuff ha
the best part okay faculty gifts that’s right so these are just a little appreciation
gift for our faculty because they’re so great and helped us along the way these
last two years we really appreciate it we all made them and they have our
little class picture in them so for everybody else there are little
succulents that we actually all planted they have our the group photo and then a
different group photo up there and the little tooth on it says holy molar it’s
over and then it says class of 2017 on the back so we just wanted to make
something for you guys because we appreciate you guys so much so for miss
MacDonald her husband Donald she gets a friend oh yeah we got them succulents so
that they wouldn’t kill them too because you only have to water on once a month I
don’t take much upkeep they’re too busy teaching all of us with everything we
need to know so miss stage I wasn’t supposed to say anything but I
have to I just want to thank all of you for all of your hard work and to tell
you what an honor it’s been to be your teacher so miss Sanford that’s a suit and she grabs the picture dr. lund yeah he got a really unique one I think he’ll
really like it dr. Eisemann we can bring them to you if
you want dr. Hal Winkle miss Clark miss cooks not here tonight
but we just want to really say thank you to her because she was our instructor
for those late night classes and she was awesome she made that class a lot easier
than it could have been so we just want to thank her so she has one but she’s
not here and then mr. Q miss Custer miss Mackenzie mr. sorry oh that one’s pokey
be careful the red ones are pokey so miss Scott okay I just want to what Julie said I’m
ten for sure missed Ione and last but certainly not least miss link you had to
put up with all of us and then I’m going to have my classmate Lexi come up and
give the closing remark hi everyone I’m Alexi and I’m a part of the graduating
class of 2017 and I just want to say a few things to wrap things up I want to
start off by thanking everyone for coming and more importantly thank you
parents family and friends for your continued support throughout the program
we’re thankful for your understanding at our commitment to this program and how
it’s taken a lot of time spent with you away I know a lot of you have been to
the clinic many many many times you are an essential part of keeping our clinic
days going when you were filling in for cancellations and just showing up when
we needed you all so we thank you for volunteering as tribute the very first
semester being our guinea pigs as our first patients so we were very happy to
have you along our journey educators thank you for constantly pushing us in
this program you have instilled the skills that we will need to succeed in
this career I feel truly honored to have been educated by each and every one of
you so thank you very much for your time and dedication and finally to my fellow
classmates you mean the world to me I don’t know how I got so lucky to be
accepted in the year as all of you and I’m not even the
crier all right I’ve never experienced being a part of a team quite like
spending the last two years with you my greatest memories through this are spent
with you working together struggling together and laughing until we try
together as excited as I am that we’re graduating I’m also deeply saddened that
we will no longer be spending every waking moment together I cherish the
friendships we have developed you aren’t just classmates to me you’re family and
I love you very much I hope you remain close for the rest of our lives this
experience has been very special to me one of the most special of my life as we
say goodbye to this school and to the program we’re we’re leaving behind with
an amazing education from amazing educators we will carry the knowledge
and that you have instilled with us forever so here’s to the next big
adventure as we release our released out into the real world
thank you I don’t think there’s a dry eye in the
house Thank You Alexi okay well guess what
this about wraps up this wonderful pinning event what’s in the tearaway I
just wanted to thank all of you for coming here tonight like I said for
sharing your you’re the graduate that we’re so proud of and safe travels home
and we’ve got some desserts back here cookies that were made by Brianna who
were these cookies made by if she here Bobby stand up please so when you’re
eating a cookie we can thank Bobby thank you and yes thank you I also want to say
thanks to Patricia and Patricia I always mess up your laughing bureau with Patricia B she is here from the public
information office and she’s one who’s been taking these wonderful pictures so
let’s give her a thank you also one last guest this here is Lancet VanGilder she
actually is a hygienist that has been gosh so dedicated here in our state for
years she’s been the state association president and our component president
she now is with future smiles and she actually goes out working in the
community goes through schools and screams these precious children that
don’t have access to care and what is so great we just collaborated with her
organization this year and our second-year students were able to go out
and be a part of that so lent that just stand up and want to thank her is there
anybody I missed okay so anyways thank you everyone for coming please help
yourself to the wonderful food we also have the photo booth outside for some
great photo opportunities and thank you safe travels

Michael Martin

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