Tips for Wedding Planners: Meeting With Clients

I'd like to meet somewhere that is casual and comfortable so usually that means a coffee shop that's one of my favorite places to meet clients and just you know get to work with them get more of their ideas out and just connect with them face to face module four now let's find out some great ways to meet with your potential clients tell me a little bit about the beginning processes with a client how do you get to meet with them do you go to them do they come to you and what's the process is it organic is it by phone in person tell me about that it's a little bit mixed of all of it it's in person over the phone but we really enjoy that organic growth in getting to know our clients so typically though outreach to us usually through our website or you know we've even had people find us through Instagram even Yelp and from there we contact them back saying hey this is what we offer and if they're still interested they'll will set up a meeting usually go to a coffee shop or something and just really get to know the person and see if we're a great match for each other learn more about each other and just connect from there so if I got your your email I'd reply to it I'd introduce myself give a little background those two what our company does and I'd provide you with our packaging and the description of what each package entails and descriptions of you know specifics on what we can offer you and then I'd I'd asked to sit down and meet with you face to face and hopefully go over the details of you know the day that you're planning so that I can get a better idea of what you need and how I can help you and then we kind of go from there so tell me if amber Vince doesn't have an office where do you like to meet your clients you were mentioning coffee shops for the initial consultation is the whole planning process like that what do you mean yeah I'd like to meet somewhere that is casual and comfortable so usually that means a coffee shop that's one of my favorite places to meet clients and just you know get to work with them get more of their ideas out and just connect with them face to face we've had experience with both we did have a community office space where it was shared with a bunch of different vendors and so we would meet our clients there there's also been times before prior to that that we had made at Starbucks it's just kind of dependent on the client where they're coming from I like to meet my clients halfway from where they're at and for more arm wrap I'm at sometimes they're really far so a mutual meeting point in the middle is like is what's easiest it's also based off of their schedule get a lot of clients that work until like 7:30 at night and they're not able to meet me in the morning or the afternoon so they want to meet at 8:30 at night it's it's kind of based on what's ever safest most convenient easiest I like Panera for my meetings it's nice and quiet in there if my clients hungry cert if they're taking off their lunch to meet with me then they can grab something to eat while we talk I I personally like a little bit like laid-back type of meeting space when you're in the process of booking a client just to backtrack a bit do you normally have a contract that you see that you show them ahead of time or does a proposal come later how's a legal paperwork work out so after our first initial meeting if we are both you know if we both click get along really love each other then I'll propose a contract of my services and if it's a go they'll go ahead and sign it and give it back or we can always accommodate services and kind of customize our package and how is the payment work does is a deposit up front or how yes it's a 50% deposit up front and 50% a month prior to the wedding date is that normal that vendors are paid before the wedding yes very normal because it makes sense to make sure that you are booking a reliable vendor you're putting usually it's about 30 to 50 percent of a deposit to book them and then after that the rest of the payments are up to a month prior to the wedding and what about the actual meetings with the vendors like the floors the cake maker do you go out to them or oh definitely so there's a formal prototype meetings will will actually set up a table scape and have a prototype flower arrangement along with the linens and all of that and a lot of rental companies will go and physically go together to see the colors and swatches and all of that to design our event so they actually see the tangible items for their wedding it's not just pictures online definitely tangible items in person feeling it out okay when you meet with your clients for say any of these meetings do you prepare and set up all these questions and things to talk about or is it just an organic experience I used to because I've been doing this really 2009 because 2008 was all bunch of free you know getting things together and working for free when I started actually having real clients in 2009 I become very prepared I would think about the you know I would just think about it for hours beforehand and you know get nert get the jitters and be so in my head about it but now I mean now because its second nature now I feel like now going to meeting is just pure fun and a learning experience and now I mean I'll have basic questions to ask all the time but at this point I know that I'm so dr. olin you know yeah study beforehand it's pretty much second nature you just talk about the wedding and get stuff done that's how it comes down to uh do you have a lot of clients that aren't local to your area cuz I feel like I do a video chat quite a bit do you well yeah absolutely my the first couple that I booked here in Tampa they actually live in Portland uh so there's a lot of communication via phone and Skype and when I go to meetings on they're behind because they're I'm their full-on wedding planner there's a lot of me taking pictures and sending to them and making decisions that way so especially but my other clients here in Tampa are all local but in LA absolutely it's very it's not uncommon to have your clients live in another la hmm let's continue and learn how to connect with vendors tell me a little bit about the vendor part of it do you already just have your group of vendors that you work with or do you got you got to meet them over time at events like how do you get to your your connected group of vendors I feel like the vendor list is ever-growing you have your vendors that that you love to work with but they're not always going to work for every client

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