Oh [Laughter] baby Gianna happy birthday eleven years old Gianna you were snoring your head off you were snoring the titi squad have heard you snoring now happy birthday young lady I can call you now who changes pajamas in the morning no I've just noticed you're a giant what are your Jolyon you're a giant [Laughter] Wow really [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] well you start your first your honor with alpha smelled Jana Hallows put a fall good boy strong [Applause] Jonah's used to open in these folks flying back somebody buying bags and over the years already beautiful speed Norte right there right there not hot yeah we got that makeup perfume did I hear right I don't like toys oh cool that's awesome that Luciana Wow make up again and it's get used to be all the walls falling [Laughter] jarmons Oh see Dante goes it feel like he's satisfied and I can see this awful war falling that's the game that's going to be fun yes again it's like a challenge isn't it marshmallow challenge fuck you yeah moxie down Z Oh mom's favorite lightens it oh and that you're known over them get a they look a bit uh know what you got there well let's see how long it takes your honor to see what this is or get what it is I'm gonna give you 10 seconds 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 a beam what kind of you going to do a test aren't ya when you pick you up oh look that is a heavy present as well 10 seconds to guess what it is again 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 sorry boss I think that's a dropper Dourdan to assemble that a bit later on that's got Jordans name all over it assemble me something to honor Tom's got a present to thank Tom for that present ok those Tom's got a sense of humor oh I think I'm getting a bit of a satisfying moment on this excuse me oh yes I don't know why we got you that load Jana you see you to give me a lot to plane on that you know means you're waking up with boxing gloves in my face whoa how do you you got one year at it [Laughter] make up again is that oh your jewelry makers you're doing make sure there's a diamond on it that's what you say Oh all this beauty stuff hey am I invited oh I love acrylic nails you can do them for me long ones nice a little long do jordans you'll see you Jordan sorry it's the latest thing yeah Shauna's a lady now Oh Oh make me one your mouse approach that wall oh you would never guess that 10 seconds 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 what's the prison no it's not anchor for a ship and it looks like one it's like an anchor for my shit Co and I'll give you another clue over there mean back gymnastics equipment not these legs look some Bob over a birthday made it now okay no you fuck the daddy squad no ball okay here we go rings are you planning on going somewhere Tiana this suitcase holiday house one it okay there we go [Applause] cease your speed you're into urine urine Oh Jonah you've got ten seconds to find your present inside the box ten nine [Laughter] you can speak while you go to talk and say something you know I think you know yeah it's the what is it the eight eight plus wobbly result it would go up if we've got another challenge coming up you like these that job oh wow Jordans favorite Jonah 10 no mistake well you got them to watch Rosie go Dee yeah whoo this galangal is that is really cool because you can customize your own it's like a pot like blue trainer and then when you're done you can put it in like a like a necklace thing and then you can tie it around your neck mmm it's really cute could even make clear of fluffy slime the mega packs are exclusive tip August and smooth toys dolls thank you kindly for sponsoring this part of the video where'd we go laughs OH it's like a science experiment yeah yeah two experiments upon educational no sleepover pauses I can over again for sleepover parties that's just an excuse to get all your friends to sleep over at the house crazy near that's what you need on your ears you catch things you need to put those on your here's Nevada there's what you need to put the end on there look yeah do it let's do it this one's Wow that must be tube in there right there Oh what's up the boss yeah are you been on the met gymnastics then see on a lot the boss if you're not first you're last let me see some moves as a poll come on I can do that you know circus go away from my family see what I love and family got you your professional boxer you should have gone through these makeup makeup wore makeup related all a to do for you Tiana is saved from numbers and you're gonna go fast five four three two one you're in it you're in it you're in you guys can't do scissors on your eyes your scissors and eyes you don't understand do you ladies really use scissors on your eyes that's a hazard it's not scissors it's eyelash curler scissors no scissors another mermaid and unicorns a that's what the the girls are like in these days notice it's not fair on me do you want us turning into a young woman and all this makeups coming up into the scene now yes you know you were eagerly on man I don't want all this good occurred again in the around all the time means Jana Groton played some football I should have got your football fever update on some football boots no birthday [Applause] you've gotta give co-op the Swarovski 25-pound I think it says they're from happy birthday so much Laura Debbie and Richard Charlie Watts be able to play marshmallow match so basically you said the rules are happy birthday happy birthday to Tiana happy birthday wish time wanna hmm amazing do you know what Tiana you are more than welcome you work so hard all year round and that's why we like to make you a very happy good yeah and Tiana has been doing awesome at school as well so they're really really good year guys so everything's going cool for Tiana at the moment happy days yeah feeling good and daddy is so proud of you let me tell you that even though me and you own will is about prank moments but guys it's all about family fun that's what we do back in this house we have fun all the time Tiana has turned daddy into a big kick butt oh yeah I love it it's the amazing guys and the TT Squad is awesome ten million subscriber journey is so close by the way and I'm feeling really good about this Lana I don't think you've noticed but I've checked on your sub camp today and I think you need 50,000 subscribers to reach 10 million all I'm going to say TT squad it's possible to reach 10 million subscribers on Christmas Day tomorrow I think it's possible fingers crossed fingers crossed guys keep it to yourself John has been going on about it so much guys about getting 7 million subscribers on Christmas Day I mean has that ever happened before I don't know anybody to get milestones like that one Christmas Day on YouTube I get 10 million subscribers I think she's right guys if your name reaches that milestone I think she'll be the youngest girl on YouTube to reach 10 million subscribers well so Tiana is going to be assembling the gymnastics equipment with Jordan later on no i'm bossk other things to do for you and then we're going to go up some food yeah with friends and family so Christmas Day tomorrow guys a video Colonel joins me again and you should see old Gianna's gymnastics equipment all assembled yeah I know I never go on the bars I think so there you go Tiana over to you darling

Michael Martin

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