Throwing a Thanksgiving Party : How to Decorate Your Living Room for Thanksgiving

So it’s Thanksgiving time and you’re going
to be having guests coming over at Thanksgiving. And you’re going to want to set the tone in
your house. You’re wondering, how do I decorate my living room for thanksgiving? Well, my
name is Lori Randall with Simply Divine Events. And I’m going to tell you how to decorate
your living room for thanksgiving. What you’re going to want to do, first of all, is tale
a look around your living room. If you have any like pastel colors or you know, any wild
colors that don’t really go with the whole fall thanksgiving. Look, you’re going to want
to put those things away. So if you have any pastel pillows or throw rugs. Go ahead, put
those away. And bring out any of the, the reds, the yellows, the more fall colors. Pillows
and kind of, throw them around. That way, so you’re kind of, putting that little look
to thanksgiving in your house. And then set in the tone for the fall. Also if you have
any like floral scents, may be potpourri or something like that. Or your fragrance air
spray. Get rid of all your floral scents, you’re going to want to bring out your more
cinnamon smells. Or even setting out a nice urn of hot apple cider. And having that aroma
kind of, in your living room. So it’s really set in the tone. That this is fall and this
is thanksgiving time. Also you can just put little pumpkins around on your coffee table.
Some gourds, pine cones. You can even get a nice topiary tree here. And put that maybe,
on an end table in your living room. If you have children, another thing that I see people
do. That we kind of, do is get the kids art work that they have. and post them up, maybe
in a window or something. Or it can be a bulletin board. You know, somewhere kind of, in your
kitchen or your living room. Put those up so it’s so you know, you’re displaying the
kids art work. As well as, you know, you’re kind of, just getting in the whole spirit
of thanksgiving. So those are some ideas on how to decorate your living room in your home,
for thanksgiving.

Michael Martin

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