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It was really important for us to go back
to New Zealand to have our wedding. Māori culture is something we were brought
up with and is how all our family were raised before us. Everything about the Māori culture I’m
proud of. In a wedding, people just do what they feel
is right. We’ll go with the flow. My dad’s from Whakatāne and his tribe is
Tūhoe. My dad was born in Rotorua and his iwi, his
tribe is Aotearoa. In the wedding there are elements we’ll
take from Christianity as well as from a Kiwi-style wedding with some Māori aspects. This is a bone carving. It’s called a manaia. The fish hook at the bottom represents safe
travels. It’s special to me particularly because
it was my dad’s and sort of represents a guardian angel. I want to have it in the wedding so it will
probably be around my bouquet. Mine’s a “pounamu” which is a greenstone. Greenstone holds a spirit so you can’t just
take it. Greenstone is only from the west coast of
the South Island of New Zealand. This is special to me because it came from
my parents, so it’s quite unifying for us. We’re just really looking forward to spending
the day with our closest friends and family and just creating an atmosphere of love and
whanaungatanga. Jesse proposed to me in Lake Tekapo. I was looking out at the lake when I turned
around and he was down on one knee and now we’re getting married at Lake Tekapo as
well. We went up on a hill with Aoraki in the background. Aoraki is New Zealand’s highest mountain. It’s one of New Zealand’s great ‘tūpuna’
or ancestors. It holds a huge amount of respect and significance
to New Zealanders. Jesse and Olivia, I now pronounce you husband
and wife. You may kiss the bride. We’re going to go back to an old woolshed
and have our reception there. Let’s say a big old cheers to Mr. and Mrs.
Goodhue! We’ve organized a menu with a local caterer. It’s local produce all from New Zealand. Before we eat, we’ll be saying a ‘karakia’
which is a prayer very similar to grace in Christianity. I’ve grown up as a Christian and felt that it
was really important to include that in the wedding but won’t take away from the Māori
culture. We’ll make sure that both are included and
represent us. Father, Son, Holy Spirit, faithful angels
and mouthpieces of God, support us forever and ever. Amen. In terms of Māori culture there may be a
haka – it’s a strong song with physical actions. People will do the haka to honor the people
getting married. It’s a huge sign of respect. One part of Māori culture that will most
definitely be in the wedding is called a ‘hongi’. It’s pretty much a Māori way of a handshake
but it’s got a lot more meaning to it. You put your noses together and you share
a breath. You’re sharing your life force. It’s a way of cementing the unity between
two people. Bringing all my tūpuna, bringing everyone
before me to where I am to get married next to Liv, that’s what I’m proudest of and
that’s not only just being Māori too, that’s being a New Zealander. Thanks for watching World Wide Wed. Subscribe to Refinery29 to never miss an episode.

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  1. How do you feel about mixing two religious ceremonies into one wedding? Share your opinions and experiences with us below!

  2. Beautiful I love the Haka traditions and seeing it being included in their wedding was lovely. God bless your union.

  3. Ive never seen this ever in my life, its great learning something new everyday!!! This tradition is beautiful❤

  4. thank you for adding those little language tips. really helped understand the experience. beautiful!!!! many years of happiness to them.

  5. SO beautiful! and so so so well done Refinery! thank you for bringing light to amazing foreign things to people all around the world

  6. Beautiful, special, cultural wedding! I love New Zealand so much and this was lovely to learn about Maori traditions and see indigenous culture being honoured.

  7. Kia ora, I'm from New Zealand and although I am not Maori I do embrace it as part of New Zealand culture and use different Maori words and phrases throughout the day as I teach little ones. This was truly beautiful and the aroha/love between the couple and their family/whanau and friends was very obvious and beautiful to see especially during the haka. Lets not forget that scenery though, makes me very proud to be a kiwi 🙂

  8. Kiwi here! My cousins did a haka for my husband and I on our wedding day. Beautiful, strong, and moving.

  9. Always invokes strong emotions and so beautiful to watch. Never stop honoring your culture and its traditions, and keep passing it down through the generations. Bless you on your marriage!

  10. This video was gorgeous. Usually when I watch internationally produced videos on Maori culture, you can tell they barely did any research and I find myself picking their 'facts' apart but you clearly did your research and everything is shown so beautifully and respectfully.

  11. This is beyonf beautiful and made me tear up a bit just seeing people standing on who they are and totally proud of their cultures. I am African and we where I come from we were brainwashed into white weddings and confetti. It's sad actually

  12. My sister in law got married at Stoneridge Estate in Queenstown, then got in a helicopter went to the top of some snow covered mountain and got photographs that money can’t buy. Honestly….oh. my. god. It is quite possibly one of the most BEAUTIFUL places on this planet. Every drunken iPhone photo I took looked like a professional shot, simply due to the amazing nature that is NZ. Truly magical. If anyone wants to do a destination wedding, seriously consider it because there is honestly nothing better.

  13. Cute!! Nice job on repping Maori the right way @refinery29 ! Usually videos about us and our home make me…uncomfortable. But this was just adorable!!

  14. Makes me feel so proud to be a kiwi. I may not be Maori but I love seeing the culture represented and honored. <3

  15. Why can't the native Americans and Australians be as proud of their cultures like these NZ natives? Why are the Native Americans and Australians not allowed to show their culture to the rest of their country?

  16. I don't know the deeper meanings behind a haka, and even though it's not a part of my culture, I always get so emotional when watching one – to the point of tears. I love it. Such love.

  17. This was in my timeline today (7/28/19). I am not Maori, but I swear seeing The Haka performed always stirs something within me. Brings tears to my eyes. Such power!! And they are a gorgeous couple!!💕💕💕💕

  18. New Zealand looks outstandingly beautiful 😭❤️ lovely couple, so interesting to see a part of Maori culture. Congratulations 💕

  19. New Zealand is by far the only country (to my knowledge) that I have seen embrace its indigenous roots despite colonialism attempting to take over

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