This is what intelligent customer engagement looks like

– Aktana, what’s my
first appointment today? – [Aktana] You have a drop-in
visit with Dr. McCormick, but road conditions
show a 40 minute delay. – Have marketing send an email. I’ll follow up after. Who’s next? – [Aktana] You have a
meeting with Dr. Patel. I suggest also visiting Dr.
Lewis in the same practice. He attended a Thyrafein webinar last week and ordered a biopsy yesterday. – Accept. Add Dr. Lewis to my calendar. – Okay, so let’s take a
look at the suggestions that haven’t been acted upon. Like here, Dr. Lichty. – He’s always so hard to reach. – But he should be more
receptive this time, because you can see here, he recently read two
emails from marketing. – [Sales Rep] True, thanks. – What about Dr. Bauer? You’ve dismissed a few
suggestions for email follow-up. – Her assistant screens all her emails. Stopping by is the best
way to get in front of her. – Great point. That’s the type of thing you should log so your suggestions get
better over time. – [Sales Rep] Aktana? – In sync. Intelligent. In step with the customer. This is how commercial teams work. Aktana.

Michael Martin

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