They Turned the World Upside Down

Announcer: The followingis a presentation ofTomorrow’s World.Nearly 2000 years ago a man named Jesus, and his followers, brought a message that we are told by their enemies, “turned the world upside down.” Yet today, Christianity is on the decline in most western nations and the world is turning Christianity upside down. Why? Why has the message of Christ become so marginalized and irrelevant in much of the western world? Part of the answer is that there is an all-out assault against the Bible by individuals who simply don’t want anyone telling them what to do, least of all their Creator. But there is another equally important reason. Professing Christianity is failing to articulate the great hope God has for mankind as explained in the Bible. It has failed to inspire and give reasons WHY people should desire to live for tomorrow and NOT only for today. It has corrupted and disregarded the true good news Jesus brought!And because professingChristianity is failing,so is our world failing.Look at our news.Tune into the BBC, CBC, CNN,or AlJazeera.Get out your smart phoneor tablet.Pick up a newspaper.What do you see?Consider the wars,the acts of terrorism,and the politicaland geopolitical unrest.Consider the economic problemsfacing nations and individuals.Look at the deterioratingstate of our relationshipswith nearly 50% divorce ratesin some countries;and it would be much worseif people they bothered to getmarried before they break up.It’s so bad,we can’t even figure outwhat gender we are!What WAS that message that changed the world? And what has happened to it? You may think you know, but don’t be too sure. Was it only, as most people think, a message about the death, burial, and resurrection of the man named Jesus? And if so, what did that same Jesus teach his followers for three and a half years prior to His death, burial, and resurrection? And who WAS Jesus anyway? Was he the effeminate soft-spoken weakling portrayed by artists? Then how was it that He stirred strong young masculine men to follow Him? I propose that you haven’t been told, just as I wasn’t told in the churches I attended growing up, but on today’s program, I’ll reveal the real message that turned the world upside down, straight from the pages of the Bible. I’ll be right back with the surprising, most important message ever announced to mankind. You will be surprised, because it is a very different message from what most people think. Stay tuned.A warm welcome to all of you from Tomorrow’s World and the Living Church of God, the sponsor of this program. I’m asking today, “Why haven’t you heard the message that turned the world upside down?” Why hasn’t modern Christianity told you about the TRUE message Jesus brought to mankind? Do you realize that message was not about heaven, but about the ultimate solution to the problems we face right here on planet earth. One of Jesus’ most famous quotes is found in Matthew 19:24 where He said: The focus that some place on this passage is that God has it in for the rich. They’re going to figuratively “get theirs” in the end. But there are three things about this passage that are almost universally overlooked. The first is that the reaction of Christ’s disciples was not what most people think. One would think that they understood this simple truth that the priorities of the rich prevent them from entering God’s kingdom, but that was not their response. Note it in verse 25: In other words, they thought the exact opposite of the way most people today understand Jesus’ statement. They thought a rich man had an advantage! Now this is understandable because God blessed many of His past servants. Abraham, the father of the faithful, we are told had great wealth. As it says in Genesis 13:2: The Bible reveals that the patriarchs Isaac and Jacob were very rich, that the man, Job, was extremely wealthy and the proverbs tell us that the diligent will prosper. It’s understandable that the disciples would think that wealth was a sign of righteousness and God’s blessings, and wonder: But there are two additional points about this passage that are overlooked and I have to ask again, why hasn’t modern Christianity focused on what followed Jesus’ statement about the rich? You’ve no doubt heard a “health and wealth gospel, ” or a gospel about the person of Jesus, but what about HIS MESSAGE? In addition to the disciple’s shocked response to Jesus statement, we find that this prompted another question. Verse 27: Now to put it bluntly, Peter asked, “What’s in it for us?” “Why are we doing all this?” “Why are we giving up our families, businesses, our comfortable lifestyles, to follow You?” I’m sure that Peter was looking for something greater than riches in this life, but he did want to know specifically, what his reward would be. And what was Jesus’ response? Rather than rebuking Peter for what some would consider a selfish concern, Jesus answered his question in a way that likely you haven’t heard. Oh you may have heard the words, but has the answer been explained and has it sunk in? Verse 28: “So Jesus said to them,‘Assuredly I say to you,that in the regeneration,when the Son of Man sitson the throne of His glory,you who have followed Me willalso sit on twelve thrones,judging the twelvetribes of Israel.'”Now what in the world does that mean? And what does it have to do with you? It’s easy to read right over passages such as this and think, “These are nice sounding words, but what do they mean?” What did Jesus mean – “sitting on thrones and judging?” Most assume that when we die we’ll go to heaven for eternal retirement. That’s a common assumption, but is that what the Bible and Jesus actually say? Did Jesus tell Peter that his reward was to go to heaven where the greatest joy would be to stare into the face of God for all eternity, sort of a celestial LSD trip! Many believe that. Others think they will “get their wings,” and sit on clouds, either playing harp music or eating dishes made from Philadelphia cream cheese. But where do these ideas come from? NOT, from the Bible! Why haven’t you been told the true biblical message? Let’s go back to that passage in Matthew 19 and read again Jesus’ response to Peter’s question. Verses 28 and 29:‘Assuredly I say to you,that in the regeneration,when the Son of Man sitson the throne of His glory,you who have followed Me willalso sit on twelve thrones,judging the twelvetribes of Israel.And everyone who has lefthouses or brothers or sistersor father or mother or wifeor children or lands,for My name’s sake,shall receive a hundredfold,and inherit eternal life.'”Here we see that Jesus promised his twelve apostles what can only be described as positions of rulership. Each one would rule over one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Now that’s another thing you’ve likely not been told, except on this program – that all twelve tribes of Israel will be in existence when Christ returns and sets up His kingdom. The significance of this is that the Jews are only one of the twelve. Who the others are I’ll reveal shortly, but right now, you may be thinking, “Okay, twelve Apostles are going to rule over twelve tribes of Israel, but what’s that got to do with me? If Peter could ask the question, why can’t I? What’s in it for me?” The answer is, far more than you could imagine.And I’ll tell you what that is,but first I want to offer youone of the most importantpieces of literatureyou could ever read:“Do You Believethe True Gospel?”As you can see,it doesn’t have a beast onthe cover, and no,it won’t tell youthe meaning of 666,but it WILL reveal to youthe message that Jesus Christbrought that turnedthe world upside down.“Do You Believe the True Gospel?” gives priceless knowledge, but it will be sent to you ABSOLUTELY free of charge. IF you simply ask for it. Just call, click, or write for your free copy of “Do You Believe the True Gospel” to discover the message, the neglected and forgotten message of Jesus Christ, and discover what you haven’t been told. Don’t assume you know. You may be shocked, surprised, inspired, excited, and changed by what you learn!Announcer: To receivethis program’s offerabsolutely free, or if youwould like more information,call the number shownor visit our websiteonline at you can write usat the address shown.Announcer: With this offer,you will also receiveyour free subscriptionto “Tomorrow’s World” magazinefull of timely articlesand unique insightson today’s important issues.“Tomorrow’s World” magazinekeeps you up to datewith world trends,Bible prophecy,and the very meaningof life itself.“Tomorrow’s World”…Call now!The Jews of Jesus’ day knew that He brought a message about a coming kingdom and they expected Him to set it up at that time. As He neared Jerusalem He gave a parable to dispel the idea that it would be set up then. You can read this parable in Luke the 19th chapter. Let’s begin in verse 11: Notice that the nobleman, who represents Christ, would go away to receive a kingdom. This actual event is described in the book of Daniel, chapter 7. There we read of a coronation ceremony where the Son of Man, Jesus the Christ, is given a kingdom by His Father. Daniel 7, verses 13 and 14: And Zechariah 14 and verse 9 confirms that the Messiah, Christ, will, and I quote: So we see something remarkable about the biblical message. Jesus is to return and be king, not up in heaven, but on the earth! And at that time He will give His twelve Apostles thrones to rule over 12 Israelite tribes. Now what does that mean? Most professing Christians, to say nothing of those who have never read the Bible, have no idea. They’ve not been told! As we have shown on previous Tomorrow’s World telecasts, and in our literature, these 12 tribes are not extinct. How could they be if Peter, James, John, Andrew, Philip and the others are going to be given thrones on which to exercise right and compassionate rule in the future? Think about it! Did Jesus lie to his Apostles? Or is there part of the message that is missing? These twelve tribes ARE in existence today, and they make up much more of the world than the tiny country called Israel. They occupy some of the most significant real estate on earth and are major players on the world scene, just as predicted nearly 3500 years ago in Genesis 49 and Deuteronomy 33. This is what the Apostles were promised:The United StatesThe British IslesAnd their descendants in:Australia, Canada, New Zealand,and South Africa,Other Israelite tribesexist in:Belgium, France,The Netherlands,The Scandinavian countries,Switzerland, and Iceland.And we must not forgetthe tribe of Judah in thecountry today called Israel.Let’s notice God’s awesome promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob’s descendants, the tribes of Israel. We read this in Genesis 22:17-18. Further, we can read in several passages of scripture that, ancient King David will be resurrected to a position higher than the Apostles and will actually rule over the entirety of Israel. Ezekiel 34:23-24 tell us[that is, the twelve tribes],The Bible is explicit about this. Jesus will be ruler over the whole earth, David will rule over that portion we know of as Israel, and the twelve Apostles will rule under Christ and David over each of the 12 tribes of Israel. So how do you fit into all this? Earlier, I started reading the parable of the Nobleman who went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return. The Nobleman is Jesus the Christ, the long awaited Messiah. He gave each of His servants (meaning true Christians) a unit of money (symbolic of His Spirit), and He instructed them to do business until He returned. And here is what the parable tells us happens upon His return. Here is a glimpse into the future being offered to you. Here in a nutshell is part of the message that turned the world upside down. Luke 19, beginning in verse 16: This can be your future! This is the message Jesus came to reveal, the message He preached for 3 and a half years. He would return to be king over all the earth. David would be king over Israel. The apostles would sit on twelve thrones ruling each of the twelve tribes of Israel. And you and I are being offered the opportunity to govern cities. The gospel, which simply means good news, certainly includes the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and that cannot be minimized. Yes, that’s important, but Jesus preached a message of hope for 3 and a half years prior to the end of his physical life, and that was a message about who is ultimately going to rule this world, and you can have a part in it. Consider what that means. Our current world is one of war,terror, and brutality.It’s a world ruledin too many cases by corruptofficials who stealfrom their own people.It’s a world of betrayaland infidelity.Children today grow upin poverty where they arehungry and living in filth.YOU are being offered by your very Creator the opportunity to change all this picture! Now compare our world with that described in Isaiah 35 Now that may sound too good to be true, but that’s only a small portion of how the Bible describes a new world to come, but it won’t happen because of a United Nations mandate. It won’t happen because men sit down at the negotiating table and lay down their nation’s weapons. It will happen because the One, and the only One,with the power to makeit happen, will do so;and He will use His servantsto help bring it about.The coming ruleof Jesus Christ isman’s only hope for peaceand prosperity.This is the message Christbrought the world,so why isn’t this taughtin most churches?There’s an answer and I’ll give it to you; but first I want to remind you of today’s priceless offer that can be yours absolutely free of charge. “Do You Believe the True Gospel?” won’t tell you about seven headed beasts, but if you read and understand it, it will set you apart with knowledge of the most important announcement of the last 2000 years. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by discovering the message that turned the world upside down. Order your free copy of “Do You Believe the True Gospel?”Announcer: To receivethis program’s offerabsolutely free, or if youwould like more information,call the number shownor visit our websiteonline at you can write usat the address shown.Announcer: With this offer,you will also receiveyour free subscriptionto “Tomorrow’s World” magazinefull of timely articlesand unique insightson today’s important issues.“Tomorrow’s World” magazinekeeps you up to datewith world trends,Bible prophecy,and the very meaningof life itself.“Tomorrow’s World”…Call now!The message of this kingdom of God is all through the writings of the New Testament, but especially in the four gospels as they are called. After performing some astounding miracles in the city of Capernaum, Jesus declared to those who didn’t want Him to leave: We are told in Luke 8:1; When a man professed he would follow Jesus, but first he had to spend time with family and friends, Jesus told him bluntly in Luke 9:62: The word OF in this case refers to possession. It is God’s kingdom and since God lives in heaven, it is heaven’s kingdom. With all these clear statements, and believe me, there are many, many more, WHY haven’t you been told about this message. There is an answer and it comes straight from the Bible. The apostle Paul had been traveling in Macedonia and Greece and was rushing to get back to Jerusalem to keep the Feast of Pentecost. Rather than stopping off at Ephesus, he chose to meet the elders from that region at a more convenient location, and his words to them were sobering. Paul knew that the message of Christ would be corrupted as outsiders infiltrated the Church. He also knew that some within the Church would corrupt the gospel so that they could merchandize off the people of God. In his second recorded letter to the church of God at Corinth, he chided the people for being so broadminded as to accept a different Jesus and a different gospel. 2 Corinthians 11, verse 4: Later in the chapter, he explained WHY a different Jesus was being preached and WHY a counterfeit gospel was being promoted. Verses 13-15: Jesus predicted that many would be deceived by ministers claiming that Jesus was the Christ. They would use Christ’s name, but in the process would deceive many. Matthew 7:21 and the following verses: The New Testament is full of warnings about a counterfeit Christianity that would corrupt Jesus’ message. That message is an exciting prophetic message about Tomorrow’s World and the part that you can have in it. The question is asked sometimes, “What would you do to change the world?” THAT’S the opportunity that Christ holds out to you! And it all begins by discovering that amazing truth that turned the world upside down. You can’t just sit in an easy chair and do nothing. You need this knowledge. AND, you need to act upon it. So be sure to order your free copy of, “Do You Believe the True Gospel.” Don’t put it off. Do it now. Don’t squander your opportunity to help a hurting world! Be sure to come back again next week at this same time and station, when Richard Ames, Wallace Smith, and I will bring you more good news about Tomorrow’s World and the part you can have in it. See you next time. ♪Announcer: To view theTomorrow’s World telecast,or request today’s free offer,visit us onlineat to find us onFacebook, and be sure tofollow us on Twitter.Announcer: The precedingprogram is produced by theLiving Church of God.

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