The World Series of Poker Main Event Day Two

a big shout-out to Dylan David Lee on
Instagram for stopping by my table and dropping off this nice t-shirt and
dreamcatcher thanks buddy the World Series of Poker
$10,000 main event day – we made it but not quite far enough we're gonna have to
get to day eight or some shit so plan is to bag and tag around 300,000
chips today that is my intention I threw it out into the universe the universe
always listens tables super soft we're gonna go with a min raise strategy small
C bet big turn bet playing max pressure implying a river shove in all spots so
close these guys don't want to lose a huge stack they want to play tight they
don't want to regret their place so unless I run into a monster
I should chip up effortlessly let's bag and tag around 1 a.m. and we're here with a viewer the vlog 37
year old Caucasian male hey guys roofer Boesky is the man coming in today
– if you had an average stack around 80,000 chips no rush no worries just
play casual you know you don't have to force anything plenty of time to
accumulate chips and find good spots and make big lay downs people aren't gonna
be bluffing very much in the main event all depends on what type of player
you're up against of course but in general play tight solid poker and you
should be able to chip up without much resistance to make it to day 3 you know
you can't play to nitty but you can't play to lewis either you know you have
to play the situations as they come to you
just like in poker it's all situational but stay focused stay disciplined
there's value in min caching and there's value in getting the biggest stack at
the table right before the min cash because then you can raise pretty much
any two cards and just profit other people like me I failed the min cache 14
years in a row so I'm used to that pain so I'm playing to win no to become a part of history only at
the Rio only at the World Series of Poker with blinds at 400-800 I'm under the gun
with Queen at 10 of clubs 35,000 chips 8 handed and make it 1,600 the plan is
to men raise all day apply post flop experience advantage
table soft we got to chip him down button calls he's the only other real
competent player at the table with almost 200 and cave winnings flop comes
9 8 3 rainbow we don't have back to her clubs unfortunately but we're still
gonna see bat 2,200 he quickly puts him to call the turn is a king a good card
for our range we could be see Betty with king queen king jack ace king or we
could still have aces we're here to represent aces
I bet fifty five hundred eighty quickly calls this is a problem we're pretty
much shutting down unless the river specifically a Jack the river and the river is no flush draw as
possible we got the stone-cold nuts we unblocked all two pair combos you
might have been slow playing a set we have 27,000 behind the pots about 20,000
we're gonna bet an amount that makes it look like we can still have a little
tournament left if we are in fact bluffing we bet 20,000 he goes deep deep
into the tank I try to give nothing away maybe look a little scared and he
eventually puts him to call he claims he had King Jack I think he
had jacked Hannity he rode regardless we now have 65,000 chips on first break
feeling great tables good we're here with Ben CB owner of razor-edged comm
and bringing us the good luck and had callers like multiple caller all in yeah with blinds head 500-1000 under the gun
plus one opens to 2500 there's a call in middle position I'm in the small blind
with ace Queen offsuit good three bet but we're going to respect this 65 year
old Caucasian males early position open I put in the call for three ways to a
flop the flop comes jack 10-4 rainbow we check to the razor and it checks around
a nine hits the turn we could rep a lot of hands here two pairs King Queen I bet
fifty two hundred original RAZR calls fifty two hundred we're heads up to the
river and the river is an off suit King bingo bango bongo Vince we got the nuts
question is what should we bet or should I just go for the check race if he has a
queen he's never checking behind if he has a said he might bet for value or he
might have some random block I decide to check planning to check raise big I
check and he bets 13,000 I can hardly contain myself I have about 65,000
behind and I go for the check raise big 45,000 I don't think he's ever folding a
queen to the size cooler in our favor he thinks about it for a while and
eventually folds I'm guessing he didn't have a queen and we're now on second
break with 95,000 going to 1,200 big blind feeling great this year generated in 5569 entries for
a net prize pool of 80 million places been cash this year of course is going
to be fifteen thousand flat and for one lucky individual will makes it all the
way through July 16 because we crown you with the WSOP the main event bracelet up
here on the stage stagger the breech only by Tiffany over the last few hours tables really
appreciated me buying them all dinner they have made some folds they probably
shouldn't have because I bought them dinner so the
equity paid for itself along with the generosity always by your tablemates
dinner good things can happen it's only money they'll appreciate it it's the
sentimental value of reciprocity it's a real thing
businesses do it companies do it free presents free samples
free ice cream that's why the first bite is always the best make them remember
the generosity that you gave them and they will reciprocate hundred thousand
going to 800 1600 big blinds let's stay aggressive I did make a
couple tight folds with East 9 I didn't open it in early middle position I
didn't 3bet from the small blind with blinds at 800 1600 folds me in the
cutoff I looked down at ace Queen offsuit make it 3200 Asian male aged 30
to 60 makes it seven thousand on the button we've been playing together all
day he hasn't gotten to two out of line but our hands a little too strong to
fold we put in the call the flop comes Queen Jack Jack two clubs I check and he
checks I think he has ace king here a lot when it turns an eighth time to go
for value I bet eight thousand he puts in the call there's now two flush draws
on the board and the river is an off suit ten Ace King got their pocket tens
got their everything got there I still have top hair I check any checks behind
he shows pocket kings and we lose a decent pot with blinds at 800 1600 I'm
under the gun plus one with King ten suited raised up to 3,500 action folds
to the big blind long time online reg with a hilarious Twitter account puts in
the call we started the hand with about 70,000 the flop comes East Jack nine
rainbow he checks sport hits our range very well so I put in the seabed of
3,000 he puts in the call he could have a lot of we cases Jack X 9x some
straight draws pretty wide range we got him dominated range wise when the
turn is an ace he checks to us and it's time to rep the ACE we got the King high
never really going to be good here unless he has like Queen ten or ten
eight so we bet six thousand which we would do if we had trip aces he
eventually puts in the call doubt he's continuing with Queen 10 or ten nine he
might be calling us down with Jack high the river brings a queen we make a
straight he checks to us and I think he's got an ace bad kicker time to go
for value we bet fifteen thousand he tanks and tanks if he shoves it's gonna
be pretty ugly but eventually he puts in the call we show the straight and we
scoop a huge pile we now have one hundred thousand chips blast break of
the night two hours left to play one thousand two
thousand coming up let's finish strong and I've begged 106,000 chips coming
back to 1200 2400 tomorrow day three of the World Series of Poker Main Event sure I got lucky and hit a couple
straights but I survived I resist the temptation to spew it all off in
numerous spots kind of regret that you know might have worked but here we are
slow and steady wins the race day three stay tuned for that vlog it's going to
be great

Michael Martin

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  1. I'm going to begin drawing up plans on how to make chip washers a thing in casinos worldwide, since you know as I do that roughly 86.99% of 'muricans hardly keep up on handwashing, especially after touching everything in the restroom, and then picking their nose or pulling out a few pesky nose hairs at the sink before exiting with dry, microfeces particle covered hands. If golf balls deserve a bath, so do the battered, dirty, grungy, potentially infectious poker chips of the world by golly.

  2. Nice! Hoping great things for ya Jeff. Having a great time watching and getting to know your style and personality. Feel like I've infiltrated some boys club 😂…looking forward to watching the deep run.

  3. So, all the pots you won here were runner runner straights and a middle pin straight made on the river. Are you suggesting that this is good poker??

  4. BOSKI!!!!….u are STILL the UNDISPUTED UNDERVALUED UNDEFETED POKER VLOGGER IN THE WORLD!!…keep grinding the way I got a new YouTube name used to be Joe12347291087…some shit with a word on the end that YouTube gave me…EAST COAST LOVE!!!

  5. Why do I suddenly have the urge to register for …. BTU (Bag&Tag University) and take the Boski: Master Class😎

  6. Fuck me you got mega lucky Bro!! But you gotta get the breaks to win tourneys!! hope youre still in there battling mate!! regards from the UK

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