The Wedding Song ( There Is Love ) – Peter, Paul & Mary ( with lyrics ).wmv

Michael Martin

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  1. In heaven the love between two mates is eternal and feels like new love forever In all its excitement and heady elation, it is new every morning just like God's tender mercies are to those who truly repent of sin and follow the Saviour. When I offered to deliver you from the evil being living inside you there were actually 3 people who asked me not to go in and help you Axis was one, my gramma was one and your mom was one Your mother loves me more than she ever loved you

  2. I have been married for nearly 200 years. 160 years ago, this beautiful song caused my wife, and myself to renew our vows in Barbados, where our first wedding was enacted.

  3. It’s been 31 years Lindsay since we were one, and it’s the memories of that still gives me life

  4. Many years ago my youngest sister asked me to sing at her wedding. I couldn't really learn the song she wanted in time, so I remembered this one and it so beautiful. I hope she really liked it. I guess she did. I was very proud to be asked and I was very happy she and her husband were pleased by this song.

  5. Very beautiful song, always thought it was perfect for a wedding. Takes me back to my very early childhood in the late 70's and early 80s. I can remember hearing this song being played on the radio all the time back then. Wish I had been older, LOL.

  6. I'm old fashion and believe the man should ask the Father of the woman for her hand in marriage….if possible.

  7. I was in an junior high mixed choir. A friend, of our teacher, asked if our(35-voice)choir would learn this and, sing it, at his wedding. We did-and, we did-and, it sounded fabulous. 'Made the groom cry, just, like his bride!


  9. #LYRXLUVR πŸŽ›οΈ#NationalPrayerMeeting #WhatMenWant

    "Love is not an object holding people going in different directions like #Phoenix Airport when you need to be "lifted," MmmKaay!?!

    'LISTEN' & make a CONNECTION!πŸ‘

  10. I'd heard this over the years & have Always just Adored this version of it sung by SUCH a talented, & SWEET, + legendary group…but when I heard it played in a plainly instrumental-version at my best friend Debbie's wedding THAT made it even MORE special!!:<3)

  11. My parent wedding song in 1980. Their love and devotion separated them briefly my father 3/20/13 and my mother 9/14/14 may they rest in love and peace eternally.

  12. I lost the love of my life in Oct. 2017 after 19 years of marriage. She was my Angel and my soulmate. I will never stop loving her!

  13. When I was singing at weddings, this was the most requested song. Unknowingly I sang it at a wedding Paul Stuckey attended. He said I did it well. A major compliment from the writer.

  14. Peter Paul and Mary the wedding song exchanged the truth God is really there touching them when they wrote this song and now they share that Joy with us

  15. This is one of those "I need a good cry right now" songs. Achingly beautiful and tender. I always think of The Wonder Years episode where Karen gets married in her hippie ceremony and this song is playing. Just phenomenal.

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